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  1. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    So sad news today. I didnt know her personally, though we were hunting together on some mass Rift-events,, but from my starting days Tich was one of the familiar names around. Condolances to her family and the Wurm team.
  2. Hallo Broc, once again we are to be Neighbors.  :)  Good to see you again.


  3. I failed........ to describe what i was doing??? sitting behind my laptop nosepicking while waiting for wurm to load? you really wanna know that? But thanks to Samool the problem is solved, Wurm graphics even look better now.
  4. Fanart Competition - Tapestries!
  5. Valrei International 006

    thanks for mentioning our celebration of 5th anniversary of Black Pearl (s16 Exodus). We have plenty of booze (i hope). Since for some reason i havent been able to discover the secret of beer for long, there wont be much beer to drink (sorry for that). After the party and after cleaning up, lets have a go at this awesome looking alchemy cabinet.
  6. message for you about booze in black pearl

  7. Black Dragon Hatchling Slaying- PUBLIC

    Thanks for the event. I think over l75 ppl were in local... huge lag.....
  8. Black Pearl on Exodus (s16)

    Thanks Nordlys. There is food yea, but its called stir fry, and Always a surprise to what it does to you..... I guess this ones warms ur heart a bit
  9. I recently finished a building intended to become a crypt (underground, below another building on the surface). For deco reasons i added some iron fences and gates. Some of these gates dont open at all, others open to let you in, but you cant get out (i got trapped). Even adding locks to all doors and all gates (so i could manage all permissions) didnt work as intended. The gates are on the same tile, opposite from each other, one on east side of the tile, other on west side of the tile. The gates on the east side cannot be entered, the ones on the west side can be passed, but you cannot return through it, so you get trapped. This is a know bug, that fence gates in underground houses act weird?
  10. The Red Dragon Hatchling of Wolf Mountain

    And you all thanks for the help killing the beast.
  11. The Red Dragon Hatchling of Wolf Mountain

    There will be a delay of 15 minutes, coz of the server restart and bugfix
  12. Dear and Brave Wurmians, As leader of the South Pearls Alliance on Exodus i was alarmed by a message from one of my Alliance-members. His deed was under siege by a dragon. This was at an very untimely hour, low was the number of skilled dragon hunters available, so a famous one was called from far far away lands. With some local assistance the dragon was trapped and immediate danger was no more. But once again we call upon the Wurm Society to assist us in killing the menace, hidden and trapped now below Wolf Mountain on Exodus. A call to all Kinsmen, Allies and their banner men. I ask you to honour age old treaties and come to aid of our people. I call you to war against a beast that would feast upon the peoples of Stonewall. The king sent strange cloaked men to Stonewall. I had no ill will against them or of their master, so welcomed them. They used arts unknown to us to break rock and borrow into Wolf Mountain. Seeking something we knew nothing of. After two days they parted swiftly. A day later emerged the red beast. Not seen on the slopes of Wolf Mountain in an age. Obviously hatched from an egg of our fow the great dragon Mislag. Driven away in days of old by our forefathers. A great dragon hunter came to our aid and trapped the beast. Many thanks from the people of Stonewall to Whykillme and his kinsmen. The time has come to slay this beast. We people of Stonewall honour you brave warriors. Andromas, The King of Above and Below. May the 2nd of January of the Year 2017 become a Glorious and Joyfull one to all (except the dragon) Brocules, South Pearl Alliance on Exodus. Summary: Public Dragon Hunt with Private Loot at Stonewall (Wolf Mountain) Location: P9 ingame map of Exodus. Travel advise: This is reachable by boat, also its possible to anchor on the west side of Wolf Island and cross over the island using the road south of Wolf Mountain.
  13. To people of Exodus

    Not me, but my deed is very far to the south, so this is far away from my place. So you have my blessing. But pls wait for the locals to comment. Always good if ppl decide to invest in Exodus.
  14. White Dragon Slaying

    Thanks for inviting us,
  15. White Dragon Slaying

    I wil be coming with a small party too.