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  1. Super happy about the new racks! I hope by the way, that the alignment of the saddle becomes centered on the rack. In the screenshot it seems to be a little bit too much to the right? Also hoping we will get the various wood types supported for both these and the hitching post. Looking forward to the trader changes. Even though it wasn't mentioned in this post, I saw it mentioned elsewhere that with these changes also comes the possibility for Xanadu folks to get traders for the first time, right? I've never had a trader, but will definitely be getting one to ease up the huge settlement costs I deal with! Also very happy to hear about the QoL improvements to newbies trying to build stuff. Beginning in Wurm is brutal and discouraging enough as it is. It was just overkill to have items actually break, just from trying to build with them!
  2. So wonderful that you're enjoying Wurm and I'm thrilled that you're streaming this so actively! I warmly recommend Michio's streams!
  3. Ah thanks Cecci It was absolutely fantastic that you had left them open and also the fact that the towers on the outer edges didn't have any fences, so I was able to climb down the mountain and plant my sign! Aaah so you weren't an old UO player. Yeah see Ultima Online has castles that look similar, but of course like you - they have probably also based the design on a classic keep design as well, hence why they looked similar.
  4. Hey Kriet! Very kind of you to offer! At what coordinates is San Fazenda?
  5. Aw no worries, we figured out a way to get me some water in the end! I honestly don't know why I hadn't thought of just mailing myself a barrel with an alt until someone mentioned it. *facepalms at her own stupidity* But if I ever swing by there again, now I'll know what to do! And again, your place looked absolutely lovely!
  6. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!
  7. Happy new years everyone! Just finished restocking. As usual, you can check the current horses on sale by pressing the button below!