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  1. Yeah when I was meditating the other day, I had a visual glitch that "revealed" that there is in fact underwear already existing on our characters (as Oblivionreaver pointed out before) and was very excited to take some screenshots as well! Apparently male characters also have male underwear. After asking about this, I heard that this is an old thing and has been there for a long time. However no-one was able to tell me about the history of why exactly our already existing underwear was covered up! It seems that the texture is missing from the bottom of the little skirt, but if one were to imagine that being there, I feel that this underwear would be perfectly demure enough to not feel like people are naked. Also, for those bothered by seeing too much flesh, perhaps there could be a setting.
  2. Horses have been restocked and the market is bursting with many new baby foals.
  3. Thank you for your input Spolmit. You are of course talking about Mystic Highlands. I used to watch quite a bit of Valiance's streams back in the day. I really love what you guys have going on over there! As for the stream, you can see the export of it here:
  4. What wonderful responses everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to give your ideas, thoughts and input to this thread! Thanks for chiming in Elminster. I absolutely love what your village has going on, and I hope to see more of it in Wurm! I think the huge amount of attention and interest that your guy's "secret cult village" has generated so far, only goes to prove how utterly parched we've been for some RP in this game and shows the potential for more of it. It's no coincidence that you guys have everyone excited with what you're doing! Yes I agree! If I think back to all the years I played WoW and whether or not I would have played as many years of it without those roleplaying servers, I doubt I would have spent as much time there without them! Some of my most magical player interactions I've ever had in an MMO happened on those RP servers. Absolutely! The new overhead speech has been wonderful! Same here. Even though I consider myself a roleplayer, I certainly have days where all I want to do is log on and play the game. Roleplaying requires emotional effort. And it's not every day we have the emotional reserves or strength to engage in it. Goodwin I know I know how you feel. I have to wonder just how many else are out there who would love to do it sometimes, but feel nervous or wary to do so because they can't know who is and who isn't a roleplayer. It would be very cool if we had some way to show other players that we're up for some RP. Nice to hear that when you played on RP-PvP servers in WoW, that the PvPers there actually roleplayed as well! But yeah, I guess since we don't have dedicated RP servers in Wurm, it explains why there has been very little visible RP. I see people RP on the PvE servers once in a while though. If Wurm every became a larger game, maybe then at least one RP server might be an idea, but until then, obviously not. Oh that's wonderful to hear! Just goes to show that it -is- out there, even if in small doses. Which makes me wonder... if someone set up a deed and advertised it as a RP hotspot, I wonder how many would flock in for a good bit of roleplaying? Most likely, to avoid griefing, it would have to be a locked area and only set permissions for access through the front gate for whoever is actually there for the right reason. Almost makes me want to try something like this! I agree wholeheartedly! I guess the only minus side to this, is whether it would also attract griefers to come and crash those parties. And does Wurm staff have the resources to deal with those situations... That is such an excellent point. It does feel bad to "spam" others in the local range with RP chatter. It really would be nice to have a smaller proximity range textual chat. Yes! It was such an excellent point that Faerran reminded us of in that stream! Using IRC to create a chat just for an event or for RP related situations was a great idea! Haven't seen it used that way. I think I will try this with the kingdom city once it gets finished. A great idea, that would be so awesome to give a little bit of flavor to our characters. Thanks for chiming in with your input Platyna! As for /me, I do believe that works in the Wurm chat tabs. To be fair, only tried it in local and alliance. Not sure if it works in the global chats etc. That's an excellent point! It would be cool if you could choose a certain path. Just like we have journals customized for a normal character versus a priest, have a few more that offer journal tasks more matched to the route you want to take in Wurm. I like it.
  5. Cheers:D

    Thank you for creating this wonderful game Rolf. It's brought so many people joy for so many years and it surely must be a proud moment to see it flourish and grow like this! The game has always had it's devout fans who believed strongly in the vision of this game, but now it feels like we have finally reached that critical mass of new people who have fallen head over heels for Wurm and will ensure that it will continue to grow and thrive! The best of luck with your current and future adventures and keep on Wurming!
  6. I absolutely agree with this. Since Wurm does not have separate roleplaying servers, I would hope that anyone trying to roleplay with just normal players understands this fact and is willing and able to be flexible when encountering people who don't want to play along.
  7. Yeah exactly! This is the sort of thing that takes absolutely nothing away from players who don't care, but gives a lot to those players who would make Wurm an even livelier, magical and more immersive world to be in. Same here Goodwin, I've always played on the RP servers of other MMOs. But in Wurm, since I've not seen a strong RP presense, I keep it to a minimum, staying "lightly" IC when interacting with folks as long as they seem to be enjoying it. I'd guess that any RP events would be up to the players to organize themselves. Thankfully, we have all the tools needed! Yeah I saw them too! You're talking about elminster right? They seem like a fun bunch! Another roleplayer who has recently started streaming wurm is Lochabar, who has been heavily involved in the RP scene in other MMOs. Also, during my own streams, there are a couple of old wurmians who stay in character even while chatting on stream, which is always cool to see.
  8. Hey guys, Roleplaying in Wurm: Does it even exist? Do you think Wurm would benefit from more of it? Do you play Wurm IC = "in character"? How often do you see other people roleplaying? Would you like to try, but just never do because you don't see others roleplaying? Do you think we've been seeing more RP after Steam launch and if so, why do you think that is? What things do you think the dev team could do, to promote roleplay more in Wurm? More emotes? More animations? More outfits? Do you think we should have a section in the forums dedicated to roleplaying? So RP:ers could find each other, agree on events, RP hotspots etc? Should we have an optional RP chat tab that could be turned on and off from profile settings? (much like the new international help channel) Should we have an optional voice chat system that could be used for roleplay? Should we have an optional [RP] tag in our names, to make it easier for roleplayers to recognize each other? Should we have an optional panel, where we could write our backstories + other info for other roleplayers to read, similar to the RP addons you can get for WoW? These are just some of the questions that Faerran and I will be discussing in tomorrow's Sunday Factional Fight stream. Yes indeedy, you read correctly! Since Adam is away on holiday, Faerran invited me (some of you might know me as KatsPurr) to join him as a guest. Since we are both are RP inclined, we thought this would be the perfect topic to discuss together with you guys. We already have some things in mind to talk about, but we'd love to hear what YOU guys have to say on the topic! So please do share your thoughts both here and on stream, and let's discuss! Factional Fight on Twitch: PS: The questions I'm posing in this post, are purely from a player (not a dev) perspective.
  9. I love it! I could totally see myself doing this! Perhaps there could also be a slot for either: 1) paying for the service, that by default could be set for 0 coins if you want to cut their hair for free, but could set it to say 5 copper as your fee or 2) A possibility to leave a tip from the receiver's end Definitely something to keep in mind for any possible future character system overhauls!