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  1. Kind of sad they didnt make this happen right as well as leaving the Santa graphics all messed up.
  2. Not very step by step there.....so... do we have to edit only the reimbursed thing? or do we have to go in and edit the entire time thing? and server time should be the computers time right? deleting xmas......hmm sounds interesting....clarify in a simple way maybe? UPDATE PLAYERS SET REIMBURSED=0; where? opening that with SQL gives a huge list of choices.... do i just go to execute Sql and type that in?
  3. From what I noticed if I say 20k and 85% aggressive I get a ton more non aggro mobs then I should.
  4. cooked meat drop kind of dumb...just saying.....lol. searing maybe.....or hell meat or something....
  5. I have made a single player bridge 3 tiles wide 36 tiles long. could barely find the range pole but it did work with regular viewing....after that distance I never found the range pole. If you plant it you'll have to wait a RL day to plant again, so just move it around using push/pull if you have too....I did not try Summon though.
  6. Just letting you know the setting doesnt work if set. I have tested and counted and retested the percentage set is not what is spawned. way to many passive mobs spawn compared to what you set. if you set 85% you should get 85% aggressive. maybe there needs to be a setting for passive mobs/non aggro's like horses,cows,hens etc....waaaaayyyy to many chickens.......
  7. k thx i got it to go. wonder what else you can change in that file :P.....
  8. So some of that but you dont know the rest makes it give 5 hours sleep bonus... Thanks??? Wurm.ini file? where? Edit with text editor? SQL? etc..... Anyhow I'll find it and give a whirl...
  9. Is there a simple way to say give everyone an item and sleep bonus all at once?
  10. Zoom in should zoom in where im pointing.
  11. longsword is too high qlty but the rest isnt too bad.
  12. I made the santa claus and the graphics are not looking right.
  13. FYI summoning santa and he has bad graphics loading.....anyways to make the right graphics for him?
  14. This would be a nice item to put things in for players and give at xmas time.
  15. Since there is a problem with suggestion things here for WU I think WU needs its own suggestion forums.