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  1. Price regulation? No thanks, it's a terrible idea in any economy, real or digital.
  2. Or just make it so if you click, it reels it in. Don't click within 5-10 seconds? Gets reeled in anyway at the old rates. Paying attention, you'll catch more fish per hour and get more skillgain as reward for being active. Not paying attention? No problem, just a bit slower. 'Fun' if you want, afk if you want - choice is up to the player. I don't see the harm in that, everyone gets what they want from the update and all issues are solved. (At least as far as afk/active is concerned) Want to use the new baits, lines, floats? Great, even more skillgain and catch success. Don't? Ok, no bonus but no loss either. Everyone benefits again.
  3. I don't know, but Wurm is a click and wait type game, outside exploration and PvP. It's getting off-topic, but I don't see how you can deny Wurm only requires about 1-5% attention - something I like about it.
  4. Right now I can go mining and thanks to the action queue, I can minimize Wurm and come back in 1 minute, while my character continues mining. You can even auto walk. I'm certain I could play this game just fine, with only having the window open 10% of the time...and that's being generous. Some activities, 1% of the time or less. The whole entire game is afk, based on timers and the action queue. Why not just remove the queue entirely? Then everything would be more 'active'. (I'm being facetious) I'm not directing most of this at the fishing update, but rather your responses to what was said earlier. Obviously this update isn't that bad, but to say Wurm isn't afk and is an 'active' game is about as 100% wrong as can be. Case in point, I'm writing this whole response without missing anything as my actionbar is full.
  5. What game have you been playing? If that was the case everyone would have 100 fishing, given the mechanics largely remained unchanged for a decade now. I didn't say to make anything faster or easier than what we've had... just not to make it more awkward. (and slower going by the skillgain and fishing failures everyone posts about) The priest thing was just an example, I know myself and others fished on an alt as it was something easy to do if your attention was required elsewhere. Why make a skill more difficult and tedious to train as time progresses? That's the complete opposite approach. Then again, Wurm has always been a game of windows of opportunity, glad to see that hasn't changed. *That's 99% a joke*
  6. Boosted compared to the old system? From other people's reports on here it seems to be much slower overall. Afk skillgain is hugely desireable to many players...almost everything is afk to some degree, the whole game is based on timers and wait periods...players even get rewarded with a more afk experience with higher mind logic. It enabled people to fish while doing other things or playing other accounts, as can be seen with the huge number of priest alts with 90+ fishing. I actually like most of the new system and idea behind it, it just has some very major drawbacks.
  7. As long as it spawns 100s of spiderling babies and traps players in webs while we fight it! Like the idea of the spider silk armour too
  8. Wait what? So everyone who isn't already 100 fishing and with FSBs loaded with fish should have to do double the work..? The new items and mechanics behind the 'modular' rods are great... if they were a bonus to the old system rather than a replacement. Improved catch rates / quality / speed for using all the extra stuff, without the change in 'twitch-reaction catch' mechanics and it would be a great update everyone loved. Like how we get affinities with food... use the right lure/reel and get a bonus 1-20% depending on quality, over what otherwise would be the case. Improvements like that.
  9. Wurm Online is free to play if you all want to try playing together. (If you like it you can then buy WU knowing you'll enjoy it or get premium on WO)
  10. New system would be fine, if the sudden increase in complexity and attention required is reflected by higher skillgain, not lower. Not asking to make the game faster...just asking not to make it slower when people already have 100 fishing. **and resulted in the same weight of fish being fished per hour. How it is now, more effort for less result isn't a fun transition.
  11. Hilarious Typo, haha. Might want to fix that, if you want to attract any players
  12. Used to use the old system while doing other things, while being a very simple way to get some meals made with a new character. Forage a piece of cotton and find a single tree and it was good to go in a couple of minutes. I'd like the new system to be a buff to the old system, rather than a full replacement. Used to be relaxing, now it's a chore. Would be a fun system for catching unique/special fish, like on the special tiles or a way to boost quality. Would be interesting to see how skillgain compares, when accounting for all the extra prep time including creating/imping tools and gathering supplies.