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  1. I've had a few people ask me what I envision for the be honest I have no idea. I just want a place to play with the mods I want but, with other people. The only way I can see to do that is to create my own server. Regardless of whether or not other people play I am going to keep the server up and after I get it running the way i want I am going to add a pvp server to the cluster. I don't like the pay to play thing or the pay to advance. So I will not be accepting donation. I have been around awhile and was hoping some of my old friend would take up the gm role but, most of the seem to have retired:) Sklo probably does't remember me but, we used to fight all the time back in my KOS days. After Ace went to basic Lando and I where pretty much what was left holding it together but, after the split I just got frustrated and left for awhile. I would love to have something similar to Sklotopolis but, there has obviously been a lot of time and effort put into that server and it will be a long while before I get anywhere near that level:)
  2. Valid point Sklo. but, I wasn't planning on paying people. What I was looking for is people that have free time to be online to help players. I will manage the coding and maintenance of the server. I am not doing donations on the server so there will be no income, however if someone wanted to help we could discuss some type of in game payments. Even if I don't get any staff I will keep the server up and running but, will only be able to GM on weekends and some evenings.
  3. I have decided to professionally host my own server to allow me to play with the mods I want on the map I want. However, I do not have time to manage it. I am looking for a full staff of knowledgeable people to help me. If you are interested please pm me.
  4. Online Map Viewer

    Ok I was all excited I got it working locally by the above advice then I transferred it to my hosting server and kept getting connection refused. After about an hour I changed the listed in the config.json to the ip listed in the Server Internal IP Address and it worked again.
  5. OMG guy’s I finally found a hosting service that works perfectly. The people there are really nice and the server setup was done in less than an hour. I got Windows VPS with 2 gigs of Ram but, they have Linux for you more savvy people. 1 gig of ram will work fine for hosting 1 server but, if you want to link servers you need at least 2. In addition you can do whatever else you want with the server ie web hosting ect. I tried a few others and they were all limited in what I could do. The firewall setup was a bit confusing at first but, if you go with this service message me and I can tell you what ports to open and how.
  6. Online Map Viewer

    Hey Nappy, I had the same problem as you with the RMI password. Not sure exactly what fixed it but after I added USE_INCOMING_RMI=true to my wurm.ini and set the Intra server password and server password to the same then listed that in the config.json it started working
  7. That is an awesome tutorial TNG...Thanks alot
  8. I'd like to figure this out as well. I have 2 servers Freedom/Epic. Freedom is my login server. I'd like a way to choose a faction when heading to epic as opposed to staying Freedom. I think the epic portals would allow this?
  9. Sorry if this has already been requested. I like to travel around with a wagon and setup temporary camping sites. All the crafting items can be loaded in wagons and with tents you have a spawn point the only thing really needed now is a loadable altar. Thanks to anyone that can do this.
  10. I'm not sure if they do or not but, I want to create one in a particular spot.
  11. Does anyone know how to make the Birchwood lairs spawn creatures? Or is there another item to place that will create a spawn point for mobs?
  12. I took vacation for the release. Off Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun. Man I'm gonna hate monday
  13. Please help

    Ok I put a support ticket in and after 4 hours got tired of waiting. I don't even know where to begin. My village was a member of a PMK. An enemy PMK was allowed to place a kingdom in my local, which prevented my villagers from using epic gates. I accepted that that was something that was allowed so I joined them to allow my villagers to travel a bit more safely. However, after allying with the new PMK my village still thinks it's the old PMK. There is a tower for each of the kingdoms on the north side of my village. NE is one PMK and NW is the other. Apparently there is and invisible guard somewhere which prevents me from capping it. So I though since it is in my Perimeter I will just expand my deed a few tiles. But, I am too close to another kingdom. So a whole new kingdom can be founded but, I cannot expand my deed to encompass an enemy tower in my perimeter? I play on a prem only server, so I pay to play. I cannot logon any of my alts because of spy prevention even after joining them to the main capital. I find it hard to believe this is intended in the code. The support ticket was 120790. I have 5 character which I prem to play here not counting villagers. I have to wait 5 minutes between characters to log them in. Which defeats the purpose of having alts if they can't login at the same time.
  14. Moved to Elevation hit me up if you need a place to stay

  15. Armor and saddle received. Higher QL than promised. Very happy with transaction as always. Highly recommend!!! -Forgotten