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  1. This is irritating and would prefer this fix for the upcoming later version of Wurm and Wurm Unlimited. When using your Farming skill feature - Harvest and Re-Plant -> 3x3 or 5x5, farming goods are created into Piles of xxx. My issue is that when putting into food storage bin that should have shows the farming good and not "pile of xxx". This may seems like I am trying to take away Pile of xxx feature which can probably stack to 100 which not at what I am getting at. As I haven't got that far yet. But, I am really asking the developer to fix it where Piles of xxx get converted to individual in food storage bin. It doesn't make sense to view and withdraw pile of "1" farming good when it is actually 1 farming good in general. To me, this was unintended and over-sighted and hope that this can be fix for further triggering details minded Wurm players. Edited: I was confused with the installed mod so might have to retract this post. Fix: Depositing 1 farming good will convert "Pile of xxx" into individual farming good
  2. Sold. It was sold for 140 Euro. Thank you, Bittereinder.
  3. SOLD. Please lock the thread. Selling 38 Silver Coins Have Verified PayPal account Thank for reading!
  4. 1. AD 90 Nimbleness 51 Frostbrand 23 CoC, 73 QL, Longsword 2. 77 Nimbleness 53 CoC 82 QL, Willow, Longbow 3. 66 Nimbleness 62 CoC, 83 QL, Willow, Bow 4. 87 Blessing of the Dark, 99 QL, Mountain Lion Pelt 5. 95 Wind of Ages, 89 QL, Iron, Large Anvil 6. 90 Circle of Cunning, 33 QL, Iron, Hammer 7. Rare Needle - Low Quality, Iron 8. 95 Wind of Ages, 69 QL, Iron, Horse Shoe Location: Deliverance 7 x, 41 y Bridport
  5. SOLD! Please lock thread! Skills dumped at Mar 12, 2014 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 28.878782 Favor: 28.878782 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 28.513725 Tracking: 6.9668493 Milling: 13.850172 Coal-making: 18.163025 Prospecting: 30.81615 Thatching: 11.1290455 Polearms: 1.0 Halberd: 1.0 Long spear: 1.0 Staff: 1.0 Hammers: 1.0 Warhammer: 1.0 Religion: 14.988894 Prayer: 28.366423 Channeling: 12.639335 Preaching: 4.172402 Exorcism: 1.0 Artifacts: 1.0 Clubs: 1.0 Huge club: 1.0 Healing: 17.976551 First aid: 35.60496 Archery: 6.0658174 Long bow: 1.5329281 Medium bow: 4.490132 Short bow: 1.0 War machines: 7.093603 Catapults: 11.448119 Thievery: 7.16631 Traps: 1.0 Stealing: 1.0 Lock picking: 9.803981 Climbing: 12.326773 Shields: 6.9244285 Large wooden shield: 1.0 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 4.4120183 Small metal shield: 1.7962176 Small wooden shield: 1.0 Medium metal shield: 7.5174375 Axes: 27.349802 Huge axe: 5.6183486 Large axe: 1.0 Hatchet: 36.795666 Small Axe: 1.0 Swords: 20.383688 Two handed sword: 2.830629 Shortsword: 1.0 Longsword: 41.11818 Knives: 24.754875 Butchering knife: 33.51805 Carving knife: 19.272245 Woodcutting: 56.08775 Mauls: 17.59463 Small maul: 1.0 Medium maul: 39.127 Large maul: 1.0 Carpentry: 59.174698 Fine carpentry: 27.086939 Ship building: 26.49495 Fletching: 24.699432 Bowyery: 6.729818 Toy making: 4.364851 Nature: 26.969822 Gardening: 19.915882 Fishing: 10.617591 Papyrusmaking: 1.9467992 Animal husbandry: 26.24834 Meditating: 21.301525 Milking: 1.7757436 Farming: 45.083252 Forestry: 23.217588 Botanizing: 10.141128 Animal taming: 10.090742 Foraging: 15.835139 Cooking: 36.962643 Dairy food making: 1.0 Hot food cooking: 70.628426 Baking: 13.153056 Beverages: 6.032548 Butchering: 25.346632 Fighting: 70.12574 Shield bashing: 2.4727788 Taunting: 1.539424 Normal fighting: 46.39423 Defensive fighting: 4.905697 Aggressive fighting: 10.854718 Weaponless fighting: 2.283788 Toys: 3.5581076 Puppeteering: 8.618384 Yoyo: 3.976454 Alchemy: 6.935582 Natural substances: 17.383411 Miscellaneous items: 61.380405 Stone chisel: 32.4521 Hammer: 56.559563 Sickle: 18.075693 Scythe: 6.2055826 Repairing: 36.05386 Saw: 20.723608 Pickaxe: 73.98473 Rake: 33.87604 Shovel: 54.63629 Pottery: 16.623148 Firemaking: 20.151564 Digging: 67.81935 Mining: 71.258705 Smithing: 39.843014 Metallurgy: 7.940922 Jewelry smithing: 30.246292 Locksmithing: 27.190968 Blacksmithing: 71.57063 Armour smithing: 12.098177 Shield smithing: 26.858934 Chain armour smithing: 19.987906 Plate armour smithing: 7.3577576 Weapon smithing: 16.733223 Blades smithing: 20.082449 Weapon heads smithing: 20.057598 Ropemaking: 20.210217 Masonry: 64.40884 Stone cutting: 37.88405 Tailoring: 20.51071 Leatherworking: 42.215385 Cloth tailoring: 30.378756 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 26.62118 Soul strength: 27.856451 Soul depth: 25.296305 Mind: 32.034046 Mind speed: 21.002474 Mind logic: 38.66153 * Body: 38.06325 Body stamina: 30.291994 Body strength: 35.814392 Body control: 27.532917 Vynora follower Warm of the path of love 20 titles owed Location: Deliverance Asking for 140 Euro + international transaction fee of 2% PayPal verified / want to deal with PayPal verified user Welcoming all PM offer! Thank for reading!
  6. I lick mine. You can't have my tower now. Hehehehe!
  7. don't bother talking to DDoS, not worth your time and effort. I am not telling you not to write it just saying that it is pointless otherwise to talk sense. If they hate IP data center or Wurm Online so much, they won't be able to read your hate message to full extent. What they hate may not make sense to your definition of hate.
  8. -1 Freedom to suicide when not taking damage from enemies +1 Can't suicide if you are already taking damage from an enemies
  9. And this!
  10. There should be a better solution then shutting down a server that is being DDoS. This ISP data center failed hard because the data center is using an ISP that shutting them down beside you as a customer. I believe Talios is on the right track. If server is setup on some kind of cloud network that mimic DDoS, they would have to. But, I don't think that limiting network packet would work because the game design have to accept and send regardless of network packet. When limiting the server network packet on the port, Wurm Online server may stop working. The dev would need to improve network side in Wurm Online to think smart about network packet, developing things, suches as, invalid authentication and your MAC and IP address is temporary suspended or block for X amount of minutes. Every connection have to required an authentication, with or without Wurm Online. The sky is the limit if you develope something to counter-act with the DDoS. But, who am I to say, it is not Wurm Online that being DDoS, it is the data center! Darn it! Every suggestions are just, another one of those saying, you are preaching to a choir. Grrrr!
  11. Well, it does make sense because trade ships were very important back then before the time of steam boat and railroad age. When railroad came into the picture, people weren't using wagon. They were using railroad. I don't believe wagon was meant to be faster than large cart. But, the fact that it can haul more loads than large cart is a godsend to what we hope for.
  12. I wanted to make sure that the people who donated get their money back. If there anybody that donated, please have a heart and return the money, SunTzu.