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  1. me three I've tried using normal Wurm client and steam client, the result is the same for both. I've tried updating to latest Java. I've tried restarting my PC.
  2. Why does this even need to be a community thing? Just pick some generic RP name like with all the other servers. PvP can be Hades, Oblivion or Niflheim etc and PvE could be Eden, Elysium or McDonalds etc
  3. I like most of those changes, I'm actually surprised that a dev has even paid enough attention to PvP to be aware of some of the issues. My feedback - I dont see why tomes need to be removed from unique drops, they are very rare and fairly negligible but interesting power boosts. I find them fun. Although I can see the logic of not wanting mechanics where the strongest get stronger in ways that new players cant ever hope to reproduce. - I personally, as someone who only ever plays PvP, dont mind when people can cross over from PvE with all their stats. I know its been complained about in the past but usually PvPers are just happy to have new challengers enter the arena and mix things up, its not like PvE players are ever a real threat. - The "starter islands" feel really redundant and unnecessary. Siege weapons do less damage and 2 hour time limit? Thats a great place to have a secure base to store your valuables. I realize a big kingdom isnt going to want to live in a 21x21 but I can easily imagine smaller groups abusing it to grief / troll from.
  4. "if all the new players go to steam then who am I going to flex my $300 10-year old account on? I demand compensation!" - Everyone in this whiny boomer thread
  5. "Periodic" could literally mean every 100 years though. I didn't specify a time frame, if it was too frequent like challenge then it would be stupid. I don't think it should even be a routine either. I just think common sense should be used when deciding if a server has run its course and in my opinion it's usually pretty obvious when that is the case. If I had to put a fairly modest time frame on it, I would say any server thats over 6 years old is pretty washed up and not likely to be getting any new players. Occasionally deleting washed up old servers and adding new ones is a system that I think makes a lot of sense and would probably increase the overall playerbase. Characters can just be dumped on the main cluster so they dont need to be lost. Similar to how Path of Exile's 'challenge league' system works (which is a very good/successful system).
  6. Zibens I dont think you understand how sandbox games work. They pretty much all (every one I can think of) periodically release new servers, or have server wipes. They don't reinvent the wheel every time they do it, they just do it because its necessary. I'd argue Wurms problem is it doesnt do it enough if anything and it keeps the old ones around out of fear of upsetting people, like some kind of hoarder that refuses to throw out trash. Sure you might have a point about slow content updates and lack of new things but challenge was not a great example, challenge was rubbish. Wurm is not really the kind of game where you should expect anything new and exciting. Usually if they are working on something new it'll be about 5 years before you even see it, like when they added boats and horses. At this point I'm pleasantly surprised whenever I see any kind of sign of life from Wurm. It's like looking at a corpse and going "omg it moved!"
  7. I think buried in your life story is the reason why this is actually a good idea. New releases of any kind, even re-release of old content on new servers give players the excuse they need to come back to a game or to create hype to encourage new people to try it. I can think of countless examples where this is the case. If you weren't already invested in your WU thing you would probably feel the same way.
  8. Priest restrictions is a terrible, unfun mechanic, no one thinks its good or that it adds anything to the game. Which makes you wonder why is it in the game? The answer is obvious- the more accounts people are forced to make, the more money devs get. There is a reason why basically every WU server gets rid of the dumb priest restrictions. The advantage of being a priest in PvP is absolutely huge. So you are forced to choose between being useless in PvP or being useless in PvE. The way to balance it is what every WU server owner has already figured out- let everyone become priests. You shouldnt be doomed to being useless in PvP just because you want to actually be able to play the game. I know some people who quit out of boredom after becoming priests because they could barely do anything if they werent out PvPing.
  9. I actually knew about this already because I watched an interesting video about a battle between a colonial British battalion armed with heavy artillery vs a few hundred Maori.
  10. That feels weird to you? I've always thought it makes no sense that the better your tool is, the less XP you get. I'm not really a fan of the epic curve tbh, the less confusing it is the better imo. The only change I'd like to see from default Wurm is removal of priest restrictions. There is a reason why most of the WU servers went that route, I think almost everyone prefers it. Having priest restrictions not only restricts the priests but it restricts everyone else from ever becoming priests. The restrictions are way too harsh, priests can barely play the game. It objectively makes the game less fun for players.
  11. I mostly listen to Joe Rogan podcast and political stuff in the UK like LBC or channel 4 news. Peter Robinson on the Hoover Institution channel is good and he has a lot of interesting guests. The 'fresh out' prison talk channel where they talk about American prison stuff, Wes Watson is also a good channel for that. Mike Tyson has a new podcast that is decent.
  12. I mean, of course you're going to disagree because you're running a server lol. I gave Wyvern as an example because it was the #1 server for a long time, there have been plenty of others. I don't see how you having to split your server in half because of internal conflict is a good example to refute the reliability and consistency issues I was talking about . How can you "guarantee" character transfers since most servers are very different and have different rates of XP? and at the end of the day you're still just a player yourself so how is a "guarantee" of reliability is supposed to impress someone who's never met you? At least from a company it has weight to it. You know they won't just get bored and leave one day as WU server hosts do. I'd still play any decently populated WU PvP server for sure, I don't necessarily have any issue with losing my progress once I've stopped playing but I can easily see why a lot of people would. It's always been one of the main advantages WO has over WU.
  13. Player run servers will always lack the reliability and consistency of 'official' servers and throwing random names out won't change that. Wyvern used to be considered the 'main' WU server with the most players until it randomly shut down out of the blue.
  14. Any reason why PvP will be disconnected? Having played the original "home" and "wild" servers and a lot of WU servers with similar setup it seems to be a mostly appreciated thing. PvErs like to entertain the idea that when they get strong enough they could potentially go to PvP and PvPers like the idea that they might see potential new faces to mix things up. The only time I ever remember this setup being criticized was when some PvE villages would sail over, raid, then take the loot home to PvE afterwards. However pretty sure that was easily fixed. I also remember sometimes on one WU server we would sail to PvE to join in some of the PvE events like unique slaying or impalongs which was fun.
  15. I can't fathom why a game company wouldn't want a cash shop. You want to make money, players want to give you money for cosmetic ######, its literally win win. Imagine if you could buy capes for instance, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that everyone would buy them, no one would want to be seen as being a cape-less noob lol. You could add all sorts of skins for furniture and various things like that, which has the added effect of improving the look of the game. As long as you don't go overboard with it, there is basically no downside.