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  1. This happens to be like once a month.
  2. Like one of these people, but like well over 20 years older. Not gonna say which one though, to protect anonymity and such.
  3. I personally think Wurm has had an awesome run. It IS well over a decade old though. That's ages in game life. Any changes that would have to be pretty substantial to really revitalize the game to previous numbers.
  4. I closed it all down and am trying it again Edit, Same outcome.
  5. Update doesnt seem to want to complete. Said graphic update failed.
  6. Ahh, and there has been no warnings or anything of that sort.
  7. Lot's of 90 skills on this and that. SotG level...(whatever level you can teleport around and recall home on) Not saying that I am going to sell for sure, but I'm not really playing anymore as I've gone back to school and am generally busy with other things. If I have left any info out (and I likely have) please forgive me. I am quite out of touch with the game and what's important in it Edit: If I sold, reckon I would give my armaments and stuff to an old friend. There is no prem time.
  8. I have no idea what any of you are talking about lol.
  9. Logged on for an hour ror so, but didn't seem playable. Hope its resolved soon!
  10. I gave it another try. a catfish absolutely destroyed by rod and my line and then it jumped the hook. Worked for way too long to get a good reel and the good ql on my rod, bought a braided line....for nothing. Sorry but I feel like maybe this update just wasn't executed very well at all. :(. It is terrible.
  11. All my lines took a bunch of damage in the tackle box.
  12. Ahh. Well, I'm personally not into it. I do like that folks are still working on improving the game though!
  13. 98 fishing. My pole took 78 damage on a salmon that jumped the hook. Lame, and makes fishing not that fun.
  14. Will there be any point or purpose to grinding fishing? I mean I can make a fine meal with a butchered cow meat...
  15. White dye on wood fix plz.
  16. Yaah, like 5 years ago I found some around the JK lands. Used to be you could dual for kingship I believe.