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  1. Game won't load up

    Yes. No wurm for us tonight.
  2. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    White dye on wood fix plz.
  3. Wurmiversary 2018

    Yaah, like 5 years ago I found some around the JK lands. Used to be you could dual for kingship I believe.
  4. Wurmiversary 2018

    Was this every solved? The set found?
  5. Patch Notes: 20/SEPT/18

    White dye on wood fix, pls.
  6. Valrei International. 068

    My 2ยข that these changes seem a bit entropic to me. I mean most players will likely priest up now, right? It looks at 1st glace to me that it's going to make the game less diverse.
  7. Client update: 22/AUG/18

    White dye on wood fix pls
  8. Change SotG to be default on Chaos

    What's the point of working for anything when everything is just going to be nerfed and balanced towards everything being equal?
  9. Client update 19/JUL/18

    White dye on wood pls
  10. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    White dye on wood pls.
  11. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    I've no opinion of this and don't know you well enough to wish you luck.
  12. Patch Notes 05/JUL/18

    White die on wood soon, pls. Thanks!