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  1. Ahh nevermind. Pls close
  2. The market is set by the seller. As people sell things more and more on the cheap, downward pressure to other sellers occur, and you get the market we're at now. The Wallmartization of wurm!
  3. Potion of Mining ql 94.98 (4s) to BrandonSF pls
  4. I wish we could somehow have shield walls. That's how battles went down in the times wurm is supposed to be. Can't see a way that could be set up though.
  5. Llisa was on our alliance chat last night speaking gibberish. Seemed a mix of drunkenness, childishness (like toddler at they keyboard) and just general craziness.
  6. It's lame for sure. Halve the FS I say.
  7. It's down.
  8. Sunday was tough as I needed to shoot and study for school and a midterm on Monday. :L
  9. Pristine is down.
  10. Bought some land I guess. Maybe he will cut the trees around and make a little house. Maybe make some furniture for it.. plant some crops..etc..
  11. 3s for a Mask of The Returner? COD me BrandonSF
  12. I will most definitely be there, though unsure in what capacity given that I am currently enjoying the priesthood. Decent channeling if I am still priested. Good general crafting if I am not.