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  1. Change SotG to be default on Chaos

    What's the point of working for anything when everything is just going to be nerfed and balanced towards everything being equal?
  2. Client update 19/JUL/18

    White dye on wood pls
  3. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    White dye on wood pls.
  4. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    I've no opinion of this and don't know you well enough to wish you luck.
  5. Patch Notes 05/JUL/18

    White die on wood soon, pls. Thanks!
  6. How is the Current State of Wurm?

    I'd been on for a while and I would honesty say its evolving quite well.
  7. Zorako's Burial Service

    Man, this really is being most excellent human beings. A fantastic read.
  8. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    A friend and I have been mucking about there this past week.
  9. Patch Notes 14/JUN/18

    Working White dye soon plz
  10. Wurmiversary 2018

    Supposedly most of the clues now seem in the April Fools weather post by Enkie. 12 Paragraphs btw
  11. Wurmiversary 2018

    I give up. Enkie, where's the set?
  12. Wurmiversary 2018

    lol lord. they're spread out? I'm mucking about Indy giving a look.
  13. Wurmiversary 2018

    I don't get it lol
  14. Valrei International. 060

    Awesome! Ohh and if you could pls make white dye work on stuff.. would be awesome too. WHITE DYE!
  15. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    I can prolly make it Can do some Shield smithing, BS, Carp and the like. I'll mine y'all some ores as well