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  1. It's down.
  2. Sunday was tough as I needed to shoot and study for school and a midterm on Monday. :L
  3. Pristine is down.
  4. Bought some land I guess. Maybe he will cut the trees around and make a little house. Maybe make some furniture for it.. plant some crops..etc..
  5. 3s for a Mask of The Returner? COD me BrandonSF
  6. Fantastic idea. When does this go live?
  7. I will most definitely be there, though unsure in what capacity given that I am currently enjoying the priesthood. Decent channeling if I am still priested. Good general crafting if I am not.
  8. I agree with Finndar. Only sell if you really need the money. Otherwise, wait it out, or start a completely new adventure in wurm. Remember, think logical.. never emotional.
  9. I wandered into Nads place just mucking about Exo last week and was super impressed. Would most definitely suggest taking a look, Cecci.
  10. So there's going to be two Christmas the same time? That's like trading in a Cadillac for two Hyundais, no?
  11. Me as that dude that got beat up and kicked off United airlines at this springs Bay to Breakers race. We didn't have any asian friends. Our consumes were so good, we even made it on the news lol
  12. and least we forget. The One Whom Was Foretold.
  13. Hows a little electronic country?
  14. Here is my friends fuzzhead.