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  1. This happens to be like once a month.
  2. Like one of these people, but like well over 20 years older. Not gonna say which one though, to protect anonymity and such.
  3. I personally think Wurm has had an awesome run. It IS well over a decade old though. That's ages in game life. Any changes that would have to be pretty substantial to really revitalize the game to previous numbers.
  4. I closed it all down and am trying it again Edit, Same outcome.
  5. Update doesnt seem to want to complete. Said graphic update failed.
  6. I have no idea what any of you are talking about lol.
  7. Logged on for an hour ror so, but didn't seem playable. Hope its resolved soon!
  8. I gave it another try. a catfish absolutely destroyed by rod and my line and then it jumped the hook. Worked for way too long to get a good reel and the good ql on my rod, bought a braided line....for nothing. Sorry but I feel like maybe this update just wasn't executed very well at all. :(. It is terrible.
  9. All my lines took a bunch of damage in the tackle box.
  10. Ahh. Well, I'm personally not into it. I do like that folks are still working on improving the game though!
  11. 98 fishing. My pole took 78 damage on a salmon that jumped the hook. Lame, and makes fishing not that fun.