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  1. Auctioning off 4914,01 ql of assorted gems. Will be sold as one batch. Located on NE Xana (F25), not far from Opelika. Pick up preferred, but delivery can be discussed. Starting Bid: 39,3s (0,8c per ql) Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 73,7s (1,5c per ql) Reserve: No Private Bids: No Private Buyout: Yes Snipe Protection : 1h Auction ending saturday evening (EU time)
  2. Bridge screenshots

    It's not the biggest or most amazing bridge, but it is my first. finally
  3. I voted yes, because I want the GM team working on bugged out players and proper griefing, not "was-this-theft-or-or-not-he-said-she-said" There is systems in game to properly secure your items. Even for a free player. Yes they can be rough on new players not understanding or bothering to read up, but they are there. New permission system will (probably) make this even easier, so lets see it ingame before we demand further action. And like in the past, present and future, lets shame those stealing from neewbies, and help the newbies understand how to secure items and get back on their feet.
  4. It's far from done, but I liked this picture, so thought I'd share it
  5. I have a deed on a mountaintop. It took me 5 parts of forever just getting up there with a refresh Fo priest, a tent and dieing a lot. Bringing clay up there is just not a good option. Luckily I had a builder alt I wanted up there too, so I loaded him with clay before using the one time teleport to deed. The funny thing is, I really don't need alot of clay up there, just enough for a forge, a well looks better then a fountain, and maybe a stone altar. It wouldn't destroy regional trade letting me use some hard, time consuming way to make a few "crude clay" or mud kiln. Dried straw, mud and water are used as building material in most part of the world, please Rolf, don't force me to build a road from a 4k mountain top, just to get a few clay every blue moon. That being said, we can make gold out of rock with a transmutation staff, why not use the same mechanic to make clay out of sand/dirt, at the ridiculous expense it is today, for those rich enough to not being bothered with a long haul.
  6. Thank you very much. Perfect troll killer, letting me kill those Venerable Fat Raging Trolls, finding their mound, and bashing it. Victory, and a free bump.
  7. Gratz, and thanks. I'll send you a PM here on the forums
  8. My heart is warming from the interest in this jewel. Auction will end 1 hour after last bid. I'm on an airport right now, so will contact the winner when I get back on the ground later tonight, or tomorrow.
  9. large Maul => N97 L88 C76 M73 => 10.70 silver Please CoD to Throndr Add human demise if it for free and doesn't replace anu other spells