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  1. Update 4 - Parkour, Sand, Cotton & Doors :), not long till the demo now, in theory lol PARKOUR CHALLENGE! COTTON! SAND! DOORS! - Making Everstead Update 4! - YouTube Thanks, Stay Safe, Nytician!
  2. Making Everstead Update 2 - New UI, Storage, Beds, Squirrels, Waterfalls and Campfires! - DEMO SOON! - YouTube A new 90% shorter update and overview of the game at just 3 minutes if anyone's got a moment :). Stay safe all! Nytician!
  3. Hah thanks, seems we both like the sandbox genre, I can't get enough lol! All the best
  4. Years, okay wow thats cool, well enjoy the development process then :). Looking great!
  5. Commented on your YouTube but love the look of this, will you be releasing a version at some point?
  6. Evening all, hope you're well! Finally finished editing my first full overview video log for Everstead, hoping its okay and might interest some! Making Everstead Dev Log 1 - Overview - YouTube
  7. Clever idea, bit different from the lets play concept.
  8. Hey just logged in to see your responses, thanks really appreciate it! :) And thank you also whoever deleted that message from that guy! More than open to constructive criticism but that wasn’t that! :D I love Wurm and have spent many years playing, just decided to try my own stuff that’s all. Thanks again! :) Will try to update the post from time to time.
  9. Yeah same ;), I think Exodus springs to mind as my longest standing server account but not sure. Thanks for checking this out though, and your comments :). All the best with the future of Sklotopolis! Nyt.
  10. Hah thanks really appreciate that! I guess we all have different interests but hopefully it will appeal to a few! My current action plan is to keep working on it each day and see how it comes together in the long run and hopefully when I release a test version people will no doubt give feedback on their experiences etc :). Thanks for your time! Nyt.
  11. Hey Sklo! I think we used to play WO at the same time, used to be called 'Timecatcher' but anyhoo, your question: I use the Godot engine :), I like coding from scratch but with 3D there's no point in reinventing the wheel. Love what you've achieved with your WU server by the way! Nyt.
  12. Evening all! Some of you may know me, I played Wurm Online from 2008 and then more recently Wurm Unlimited. In short after years of playing games, like Wurm, The Sims, Minecraft, Ark etc all the same kind of genres I decided that I'd like to give it a go at making my own. So I want to present the teaser trailer to my new project 'Everstead'. Been working on it for about 2.5 months now and starting to taking shape gradually. Everstead Teaser Trailer FEATURES: -Explore the world of Prosperity and survive in its environment. -Construct buildings to enhance your world and progress from just surviving to thriving! -Collect Prosperity fragments around the world which give a variety of perks to your character. -Manage a variety of simulated player stats (Hunger, Thirst, Energy, Joy, Health etc) So yeah early days and in the new year or towards the end of this horrible one I'm hoping to start doing development logs on my YouTube, be cool if you guys could give it a moment of your time. I appreciate not everyone will like the simulation theme but hopefully I can offer something a bit fresh doing survival with simulation, and trying to offer creative options for players to make their mark on the world. Thanks for your time. Have a safe end of the year! Nytician.
  13. Found a village thanks.