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  1. I have been looking at the screenshot a bit longer, i start to understand that way of playing. It can indeed be satisfying. Thank you for that new perspective. However, we still must consider Wurm as a whole, and think not only of ourselves but of the people we play with. All those that use ways like these can't possibly think that they are set in stone and will never change. Changes like these are called balancing for a reason, leaving those "features" inside the game creates huge gaps in the long run. And while it is nice to be on a power trip inside a game, you are, in essence laying waste to the playing field. For the past decade and a half I have been part of many launches, new servers, kingdoms feature introductions and what not. And it always follows the same pattern, stuff that just works too well for the benefit of a select few is always an accelerator of population decline. I have been there, i used to love abusing every exploit or advantage i knew of and yes, i was playing the game but i also was a parasite, to me, I was a 0. I know how hard it is when suddenly something that used to work does no longer. But it is no reason to make the devs life harder for it.
  2. Bravo, you have your stuff figured out, must be really satisfying to be you.
  3. All you guys playing this game using all possible methods to get ahead no matter how ridiculous they are should be ashamed of themselves. People like you kill this game, take your 20 accounts and log off permanently. Heck, I would pay you for your lost money if you could guarantee never to show your face again, but you can't, because to me you are nothing more than a 0, and a 0s guarantee means exactly as much as it, 0.
  4. These arguments... heh. I am speaking from the new players perspective and from information I've gathered from actual new player experiences. You do not seem to understand that, but it is ok, not everyone has the ability to try not to look through his own eyes. All I was suggesting was to increase the truly wild and untouched land experience for new players, some way that does not involve making another server. Either way, I've said what I wanted to say, so go ahead and display more of your intelligence if you wish, the thread is yours dear citizen.
  5. True, they do decay, but dirt will not go back to its former state. I do understand the urban explorer thing. I am one myself, but I also do know that abandoned urban exploring is not something everyone likes. In fact, I would say it is a minority of people that like walking over old decaying stuff. You said it yourself, countless abandoned ones you've visited, would it be so bad if we restored some of the land to its natural state so people can actually not stumble upon the already worked on pieces of lands wherever they go?
  6. A big part of the new player experience is claiming a wild piece of land and shaping it to your liking. Many people, especially new players, are put off after seeing all the abandoned settlements. Not only do these places take away potential spots for new people to settle, they also give off this "desolate" "abandoned" feeling, which many people do not like. When watching new player experiences, for example on youtube, one can see their frustration about all the human trash left behind. It also shows that people do like to leave this game, which of course is a part of life, but lets not make it too obvious. You can clearly see the spikes in player numbers when new maps are released, with slowly declining numbers afterwards. It would do no harm to hire someone, to take care of at least part of the long abandoned places, restore its former wild state. That would be removing all these awful slabs and cobble, collapsing mines and restoring veins, regrowing trees etc. This is a better solution than creating new maps, which spread the community and make the very rewarding social aspect of this game less satisfactory.
  7. It's too late, the wall of red seems nigh impenetrable. And judging by all the ratings of the negative comments the player losses are in the thousands. However, some people might actually take it as a good sign, that this game is so great people are basically fighting to log on!
  8. Parents: "Oh hey guys we've decided to let you help in naming our twins! Give us suggestions pleaase!" Family: "*a whole bunch of suggestions*" Parents: "Brilliant! This was a hard choice you guys so many interesting options! We're gonna call our son Rumble and our daughter Heartland!"
  9. You forgot this little fella right here. Rumble won't do theres copyright issues right here. Gotta give Riot a call real quick.
  10. Out of all the wurm maps created ever, these two are by far the worst named . Then again maybe that's precisely why we don't like them. They're just so different from what were used to. Edit: In my disappointment i totally forgot to say that i do like the art! It's very "fitting"!
  11. Eyesgood: of course I remember Ah yeah, well I can still dream can't I. Guess I'm in the minority of people who prefer destroying instead of building eh? I do feel stupid for not taking more time and writing out exactly what i meant. Am getting kinda emotional thinking about Wurm lately, can't help it. I had to try though, that's how i feel. About the tutorial: Just saying, I know you can run through it, but as a new player I would not. I would try to complete it to know some stuff. By mentioning the tutorial I tried to point out that new town and how crowded it used to be all around used to be tutorial enough, a better one at that. The wurm I love is gone anyways. The game into which you logged on to escape of modern life. The wurm where you played to survive, to build communities together. The brutal game which wanted to make your life hard, the game where you had to travel without horses or boats for days to reach the other end of the map. A simple game, where you could evolve but not to super large castles and great cogs that obstruct the view of everything else. It's gone. I guess thats normal, not the first time, not the first time.... I knew I'm not going to achieve much by just posting my thoughts like that, i guess i just needed help with trying to crush my own dreams. Gotta get rid of that nagging hope ... Right, good that you pointed that out Keenan, can't really fight when you put it that way right? The power of the devs eh, you guys make the game, you guys watch it fall. I'm the one who's going to have to move on then I guess(as hard as it might be). Rolf's policy? Really?... People nowadays.. so attached to their "work".
  12. Retrograde: Well, in my case it really is "close servers I don't play on". I expected resistance, it is always there, and of course those that really did "work" the most will be the ones opposing the strongest. People fail to see the bigger picture here, Wurm Online is an MMORPG, thats what it should be about. A lot of the current stuff that has been built will be lost, but it always can and will be rebuild, if not by you then by somebody else. What is the point of all the stuff we create if there is nobody but ourself that'll look at it? It is not meant to last. Again, look at the stats , if nothing gets done you'll be alone in your sandbox. Nomad: No, of course moving everybody to Xanadu is a bad idea, i just pointed out the correct way of thinking Ether: What solid evidence? I can't look into the future only at whats been happening over the years. What is clear though that there are way too many maps, and far too little players. With very simple deduction you come to the result, too much space for too few people. Is this an MMO or an offline game? Instead of trying to do something that might actually work you want to wait for a slow death untill its too late for even a unification? The chance of a death is very slim by the way we had many resets in the past, before your time and never did they really cause major player loss. But you're right, can't really know in the end.
  13. Thats the right way of thinking Sila, some will leave, but most will return either way, something has to be done.
  14. That's fair enough, a lot of people will be thinking like you. The skills are what keeps most of us attached to this world. I also did my fair share of grinding over the years and yet wouldn't mind letting it all go for the sake of reuniting. Also, Wurm has reached a certain advanced level, many changes have been made to the system, many bugs which you probably don't know about from the past have made some of us advance quicker than we really should, all those things have to be evened out sometimes. And yes, wurm unlimited might be the answer for those who oppose but in the end, after a crash there will be a rise, unless of course you don't mind enchanting items in an empty world.
  15. Hi there! Not many might recognise me nowadays but I've been a long time Wurm Online fan and untill the release of epic roamed on pretty much most of the maps that have been out since beta around the around 2005/2006. I grew up with MMORPGs, the games i played are what defines me, and sandboxes were usually the MMOs that kept me gone from "real life" the longest. I do consider my general experience with MMOs quite fair Please. keep reading, ill make it interesting dont give up Very often I find myself thinking about Wurm, the times I've had, all the fantastic trips into the wild and most of all the people, who I believe were equally divided into the ones that hated and liked me :P. Wurm is in my heart, no doubt I am in love with it, no man or woman has ever had that royal place inside of my thoughts. And yet, I can't get myself to play it again. I do remember the first day in wurm, last map before gold(wurm release, 2006) first log on, not knowing what to do, just a bunch of felled trees, logs, wooden huts some sand and clay, back then of course a lot of the textures were lacking and the game just seemed... simpler, which was good. Now I joined wurm because of a group of friends from a different MMORPG, Face of Mankind(My second love, dead, unfortunately). I knew where to go, they told me, they gave me my first task in the game, to join them I had to travel quite a long distance to the white light, then along a road etc etc. So all pumped up after getting to know the interface I started my first journey. It felt real, the game, even though everybody looked the same, it had that feeling of an alternate reality. And it wasn't that difficult at all to get started back then, the game had a lot less stuff in it, but still enough, enough to not make you all confused. Equipment list, skill table, can't get any simpler. After a bit of walking towards the white light, in a forest i came across a boar. I wanted to kill it of course, so I equipped my pickaxe... attacked it... and it totally owned me. I played around a bit, joined that village (Tiergarten) learned the basics and since the map too was already a bit used up just decided to wait for the big gold 1 release, where everyone began from zero again. Anyways, while typing this i realised that I could probably write a book about my personal wurm history, which is not the point, as I believe many of you could pretty much do the same. I just want to point out a few observations i made over the years, trying to put it together with the experience I gathered while playing other games, watching them rise and fall and the patterns that became clear once thinking stuff through. The first thing new people see nowadays is the tutorial map, I don't like it. I didn't like any of the tutorials, they seemed like work. My brain hurt after going through it, it was too much, its confusing it discouraged me and discouraged the person i wanted to show wurm to. The beautiful thing about wurm was its starter area. Wurm is a community game, soon after logging on and not really knowing what to do the first thing that comes to mind is to of course use the chat to get help. And help always came, readily. New Town and its area around always had people who were willing to show you around, teach you the basics, recruit you. And thats how you got into the game, making your first friend, getting that living anchor that makes you log on again in that cool new reality, not learning how to do all the things in one go, battling a headache on the way. It was so simple, If you're a loner, you could also just take the tools you were given at the beginning, and make your own way, and hell, it wasn't that hard to get into the game back then, because there were always folks around. I do believe a lot of the simplicity came because of the simplicity of the game itself. Wurm is too flashy right now. It used to be a darker game, darker textures, simpler buildings, less sophisticated stuff all around. It was appealing, i mean we have so much stuff around in real life nowadays why would we want to play games to, again, have too much? Why is wurm trying to become so modern and advanced. we just can't battle newer games by adding more stuff, sometimes less is MORE. Another thing I want to point out is the lack of refreshes. What i mean is, there used to be a period in wurm where maps kept getting reset, chapters ended, players returned, people reunited taking up yet another story which they could fill with their own experiences. Maps, player accounts, they used to get reset. All the beta maps, the first wurm gold map(memory failure, reimbursements were given out for that, i still believe it all turned out for the better), then the home servers. Stuff moved. Let things get static and people will leave because of boredom. Adding yet new maps and releasing unlimited only tears its community apart. We are a small community, living on a very vast planet, spread across so many Wurm Online maps(12 now? not counting wurm unlimited). Most people dont wan't to lose their 'work' they put into the game, their accounts, their settlements. But isn't the best part creating new stuff not piling it up? The monetary worth of skills is one of the reasons people are so against map resets. People will be sad, but it doesnt have to be that way, the reimbursement systems worked fine, and even the op items that were given out made this game slighlty more interesting but definitely not reason enough to quit the game. So much terrain, so few people around. Many are opposing the idea, but i firmly believe that after a FULL reset(including epic), fewer maps, just like the gold maps, one home server, one wild server, thats it, and the community will come back, it will stick together. Be a home server person and build great things yet again, or go to wild to form alliances and battle each other. Adding new maps was the answer for people who wanted something new, but the ones that were too attached always stayed behind, making the servers empty. Wurm is a wasteland, lets make it green again so we can begin a new chapter. We have Wurm Unlimited now, for those that want to let their imagination run free without boundaries, but Wurm Online is a community game, a MMORPG, it doesn't work without its players, Wurm Online: 2 maps, no tutorial map. just a home server, where everybody starts out,, and wild, where people cross over to step into the PvP world when ready.