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  1. Hi Aleck, yes restlessness is restored simply be being logged out. The sleep command is not necessary to qualify for restlessness reduction. The natural sleep bonus decreases have remained untouched, only the extra decreases provided by caffeine is unaffected by CCFP. So to answer your question, 200% of the default rate with CCFP completely ignored. The Alt Meta is a very deep and long subject that we probably shouldn't get into here. But in short, I don't think caffeine would be abused anywhere near to the extent that other mechanics are currently being abused by alts. With only 5 hours of caffeine grind a week, I feel like it is still quickly overshadowed by something else, like limitless sleep bonus usage for example.
  2. Restlessness will follow over to epic and back
  3. The intention is that people can continue to play after using caffeine. You do not need to log out for 1 hour afterwards to continue to play. The 1-hour thing is the minimum time someone needs to sleep before they can qualify for sleep bonus and restlessness removal. (Mentioned here
  4. Apologies for the confusion, restlessness is paid back only when logged out. This is regardless of whether you're in a bed or not.
  5. That's correct, simply having sleep bonus and caffeine active at the same time produces restlessness regardless of whether you are performing an action or not.
  6. Keep in mind that with the old system, burning 100% caffeine would cost x4 fatigue, there was a 1-hour cut-off, and a non-linear thirst filling system that would make it increasingly more difficult to use up that fatigue. It wasn't simple, and you'd have no idea how long you could use caffeine for. Yes, as you pointed out, regenerating will take longer. Is it a buff or a nurf? Depends on if you're the target audience or not.
  7. That's correct, Restlessness is a buff that can be found in the Spell Effects window. It follows the player between servers and clusters.
  8. Did a quick test. The tick size is independent of weight involved and is not 5x bigger
  9. Restlessness removed is directly proportional with time slept, regardless of bed. There is also a 1 hour minimum sleep time requirement, same as sleep bonus.
  10. The number you have in your fsb will stay the same, they will simply be a different weight when they come out. The Ibrik volume is staying the same, but with the caffeine potency and hold duration changes, people will need less than half the kahvesi they did previously. So in practice, you shouldn't need to make as much of it. I think so, yes, it would make sense to hold on to your coffee beans until after the update when the size of the coffee beans has become larger
  11. I really liked the fatigue system because it targetted caffeine very exclusively to people who don't play often, and as you said - you can still do stuff even when completely out of fatigue. Restlessness still targets this demographic by being available to players who don't play a lot, and less available to players who play frequently. The change to restlessness however means we can both remove the fatigue-scaling water modifier and allow people to continue playing normally after recklessly using 100% caffeine. Players should also now be able to estimate what % of caffeine they need, and not lock themselves out from playing tomorrow if the day suddenly becomes available. So in short, changing from fatigue to restlessness allows play after use. And the system provides an incentive to return on the weekend. These extra freedoms to play when suitable should help to prevent burnout and maybe even increase player numbers on the weekends.
  12. I personally don't feel like caffeine is the fix we're looking for to how these skills currently work, and that something larger needs to be done with them. We have had several internal discussions on this, but it isn't something we can look into with this update. Also, ideally we don't want caffeine to be absolutely needed when travelling, or something players feel burdened to carry around with them. For these reasons observed, we have decided it would be better to leave meditation, lockpicking and shield bashing skillgain as it has previously been.
  13. That's my mistake for forgetting to update the changelog from an earlier build. Restlessness does in fact go down when sleeping regardless of bed, but will only do so after 1 hour minimum sleep
  14. Hi Thalorane, Thank you for reaching out. I have run tests using coffee from foraged beans vs coffee from coffee cherries. Both seem to give me the same affinity. I did however notice that when making coffee using whole coffee beans vs ground coffee beans, I would get different affinities - which is intended. Please let me know your thoughts on whether this could explain the different affinities, or if there are other variables at play here I can look into. Hope all is well, Bawat
  15. Rest in peace Bashur. Thank you for Ashuria, the good times and the friends we all made
  16. I was able to consistently recreate the issue. When using a bridge that is attached to a multi-story house, if you go from a higher floor to a lower floor (or ground) the passenger will get launched into the air upon disembarking. This doesn't seem to happen to the commander, only passengers. I'm getting this fixed, but it is still possible there are other causes.
  17. Thank you Wilczan and Elentari, I really appreciate you both for taking time out of your day to show me how to consistently recreate the bug. It seems caused by being in the passenger seat when using bridges over deep gaps. I'll look into this further on the test server.
  18. Please let us know how often this occurs. Is anyone able to make this happen on demand?
  19. Hello Skatyna, Doesn't seem like a bug, the event log says [15:58:49] This creature is eating out of a feeding trough. [15:58:49] This creature has no food in the bucket. This means that the creature has food in the feeding trough, and is eating out of it. There is also a bucket nearby, which the creature could eat from if the bucket contained food. Hope this helps, Bawat
  20. Attempted to address this issue with the following patch. Please let us know if the situation has improved and can be closed.
  21. Hello Middi and Tedzogh, Thank you for the informative pictures. I have managed to recreate the situation and suspect it is a hangover from a fixed dirt spike. Once unhitched, and the creatures brought down to the correct floor, the issue shouldn't occur again. For any horses that can't be reached, please submit a request using the in-game ticket system. A member of staff will be able to assist by summoning the creature. All the best, Bawat
  22. Incentives to live on PvP servers Nobody can take your coc tools and you don't need to worry about keeping an eye on local. Skilling equipment on PVE is better since there is a larger population producing these items and a pure PVE player's time isn't being contested by the need to level combat skills. Why travel 10 minutes each way to the forest/mine to skill grind when you can take the portal and instantly be there with your skilling loadout Problem: PVE is the better place to grind skills Possible Incentives: Dramatically increase the duration of temporary affinities from killing in pvp and award multiple temporary to increase the change you get one you can actually grind PVP Journal Path Cheaper village upkeep costs might encourage PVE people to live on PVP servers Account bound PVP only rewards Off Deed Mines Please make Wrath of Mag and all siege damage mine doors. Or make them lockpickable. They're a bit op right now and have become the base entranceway meta. Roaming Incentives I'd definately head out for sleep powder, the problem with roaming is that once a faction dominates, they aquire lots of backup gear from full loot pvp, lots of moonmetals, rare bones, skillgain affinities. The rewards are a great incentive, but is it worth risking a full gear set and two horses? Spawn ointments of armoursmithing, weaponsmithing etc - stuff that will make it easier for us to go out and fight more rather than sleep powder that incentivises skilling inside deed for an hour. Raid Windows The 2 hour windows I've seen feel fair. Priest Balance Especially in the early game, the priests felt unfairly powerfull. Being able to resurrect champ creatures that we can't even 1v1 and bring them into battle is simply unfair and needs balancing. Being able to heal myself with a massive success rate using the 10 favour Focused Will was an instant game changer for hunting and fighting. Cotton doesn't even come close to that in early game. Didn't need to work much on shortbow because I could just Flameheart someone's horse. Flameheart even works well through bardings unlike arrows. But hey, it's nice being of the winning side of combat encounters for once, feels good. While your at it, probably worth getting rid of the karma menu on a player's body entirely. Last I checked none of those spells work on Defiance. Shield Skill/Creatures Not being able to gain shield skill has shifted the meta more into 2h weapons. Why level 2 skills when you can level 1? There should probably be some compensation for this - both for the people who have specialised into 2h weapons because we thought this was an intentional pvp change, and for the people who have desperately been trying to level their shield skill. Battle Camp Hota It's annoying to go to a battlecamp and see that it's already been looted by someone else - I would like to see a notification in death tab when a battlecamp is ready to loot again. And perhaps in the Settlement -> Info -> List of battlecamps, information that tells us if the camp is currently on looting cooldown and how long until it can be looted again. We're aware that we can build fences and things around battlecamps, but that's kinda toxic. And nobody wants to bring a large cart/wagon all the way out there. It'd be good to put a notification in death tab when a player starts capturing a battlecamp rather than after the 5 minute timer to get enemy villages to respond quicker. These changes will hopefully encourage more pvp at the battlecamps.
  23. Hello Darklords,

    I have sent you feedback regarding the upcoming Epic changes.They're in your PMs from 4 days ago.

    Hope all is well.

  24. Like Age of Empires, except instead of 5, queue all the actions! Shift + left clicking on the Select Bar’s buttons to queue as many of that action as possible.