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  1. Hello Darklords,

    I have sent you feedback regarding the upcoming Epic changes.They're in your PMs from 4 days ago.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Like Age of Empires, except instead of 5, queue all the actions! Shift + left clicking on the Select Bar’s buttons to queue as many of that action as possible.
  3. If you don't have roughly 8+ empty spaces in your inventory when making bait out of wheat/corn, then you will get this message. [18:59:29] You make 0 grain of wheat from a wheat. A more descriptive message about lacking inventory space would be less confusing.
  4. Figured it out, guess one of the keys I dropped must been for the chest. Dropping the key temporarily acts as if you don't have permission to see inside of the chest.
  5. Should have taken a video of this, but at first I thought I'd accidently dropped the items somewhere. I've played the game for over 5 years and never experienced this before. Nor can I recreate the issue. Chest contained 100 lockpicks inside my inventory. Most of them had just been made and were glowing hot. Went to imp some weapons in the forge. Did my lockpicking tick. Went back to imping weapons in the forge. Went to do my lockpicking tick. Chest looked empty. Confused panic. Decided to drop the chest on the floor to see if it'd fix it. Chest looked normal and contained all the lockpicks. Problem solved. But the mental damage still remains.
  6. Posted in the Wurm Unlimited bug section by accident... How do I move this to Wurm Online bug section?
  7. Oh I posted in the Wurm Unlimited bug section by accident... How do I move this to Wurm Online bug section?
  8. I'm in Wurm Online - Epic. This shouldn't be normal, it's either a hack or bug that should be corrected.
  9. This happened to me this weekend. Somehow I managed to use up 1 hours worth of fatigue in under 45 minutes. [00:48:47] You have 1 hour left. [01:30:04] You have 0 seconds left.
  10. When a deed decays, the buildings and walls dissappear, but the terrain, the terrain remembers. After a server has been out for a while, after villages have come and gone, the dirt walls, pits and plateaus stay. One of the reasons I love new servers is being able to explore new, fresh land. Being able to find untouched land to build my new house. My suggestion; Any tile that has been raised above the height of when the map was originally created, should decay it's excess height over a long period of time This would remove dirtwalls This would not remove mountains unless they were player created Deeded areas should not decay Decay should not occur arround structures Walls/fences are structures Paths are structures Areas around water should have increased decay Water is erosive Land bridges - Reminder: Would still need to be undeeded AND not paths/fences to decay Raised dirt in the water would decay and allow ships to pass again Dirt tiles should have increased decay Stone tiles should have reduced decay Areas around "Should not decay" areas have a less likely chance of decaying governed by a function of distance Prevents jarring edges at the border of "Should not decay" areas The excess dirt should erode to a new location to fill pits
  11. Login issue

    Thank you Steveleeb, worked perfectly