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  1. Time Warps

    So yeah Malicarth gave me this idea about the weird time bug that was happening
  2. Close Please

    Please help, I lost my corpse some where in Xanadu. I think it was around P15 or 16. If you see it, could you please PM me. thanks! I really want my stuff back!
  3. Bad Traits

    thanks everyone
  4. Bad Traits

    thanks lol
  5. Bad Traits

    Haha yeah I apologise in advance. The idea for this came from Malicarth
  6. Vynora

    Yeah I know it's not like the avatar, it's more like my interpretation of Vynora :3
  7. Tapestry Competition!

    I vote for Easter's painting you're so talented!
  8. Tapestry Competition!

    'Magranon and The Wurm' I chose this subject matter because as well as being for decoration, tapestries were also used to tell stories. My tapestry depicts Magranon defeating the Wurm. The runes at the top say 'Wurm' and I know its a little cartoony but oh well lol I tried really hard <3
  9. The Members of Oakheart

    thank you so much