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  1. Village recruiting?

    I am an old player looking to start again but my old location on cele is deeded over and its dead. I don't see any new threads in this section. I am wondering if there are any villages accepting new members?
  2. Camp Doom

    Hello, I am looking to make contact with the mayor of Camp Doom. Please if you see this respond.
  3. wtb seryll

    Sent you 3 lump. [10:02:53] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in a bit more than an hour.
  4. Feedback request on fence stuff

    Add stackable walls and its a +1 to jumping/flying
  5. Help Me Design A Castle

    Hmmm now I know what you've been doing over there all this time. I hope you come up with something sweet.
  6. Proposed Connection Of Freedom Server Maps

    +1 OP has the best idea I've seen I a while.
  7. Hey I'm looking for some village mates. I have a very nice deed. The only thing that doesn't fit what your looking for is that I'm located in the north west desert. I have a dock though. I'm a casual player also. Pm me if interested
  8. Leatherworks - Up To 90Ql

    I would like to order 2 80ql toolbelts. COD to Skilgannon. Thanks
  9. 49ql chisel c50 50c, 80ql Hammer c53 55c, 79ql pendulum L52 1s COD to Skilganonn please
  10. Looking For A Mason

    I found some one.Can be closed
  11. Looking For A Mason

    I'm currently looking for someone on Celebration or willing to travel to come and make bricks and mortar for me. I will supply all the materials, food, a bed, an altar of vynora, and a chisel with a cast of either coc or woa your choice. I will pay 2 s per 1k of brick or mortar made. Location is Dros Delnoch on Celebration BDx21
  12. Wts Medi Rug 100 Coc!

    Found a different one
  13. Wtb Meditation Rug With High Coc

    Anyone out there willing to take this on? Still looking
  14. Wtb Meditation Rug With High Coc

    Still looking
  15. Wtb Meditation Rug With High Coc

    I am looking for any type of med rug with 80-90+ coc.