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  1. I am an old player looking to start again but my old location on cele is deeded over and its dead. I don't see any new threads in this section. I am wondering if there are any villages accepting new members?
  2. Hello, I am looking to make contact with the mayor of Camp Doom. Please if you see this respond.
  3. Sent you 3 lump. [10:02:53] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in a bit more than an hour.
  4. Add stackable walls and its a +1 to jumping/flying
  5. Hmmm now I know what you've been doing over there all this time. I hope you come up with something sweet.
  6. Hey I'm looking for some village mates. I have a very nice deed. The only thing that doesn't fit what your looking for is that I'm located in the north west desert. I have a dock though. I'm a casual player also. Pm me if interested
  7. I would like to order 2 80ql toolbelts. COD to Skilgannon. Thanks
  8. 49ql chisel c50 50c, 80ql Hammer c53 55c, 79ql pendulum L52 1s COD to Skilganonn please
  9. I found some one.Can be closed
  10. I'm currently looking for someone on Celebration or willing to travel to come and make bricks and mortar for me. I will supply all the materials, food, a bed, an altar of vynora, and a chisel with a cast of either coc or woa your choice. I will pay 2 s per 1k of brick or mortar made. Location is Dros Delnoch on Celebration BDx21
  11. Anyone out there willing to take this on? Still looking
  12. I am looking for any type of med rug with 80-90+ coc.