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  1. Veraxus (New 3x skill 4x action timer)

    Server is developing really well
  2. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    I set everything to 0.2 except iron 1.2, gold 0.1, copper 0.3, Adamantine and Glimmer 0.0 Birch, Cedar and a few oak/willow are the only trees that I have
  3. Veraxus (New 3x skill 4x action timer)

    Do deeds need silver to create, do they require maintenance How many mobs, how many agressive?
  4. Noone sensible would join an MMO where others have 10 years of skill points, money, rare resources. Needs a guarantee that the new server will never have any connection to old servers, then it should work.
  5. Where did my mine go??

    Looks like you have some cliff tiles rather than rock. Mining cliffs is bad, I did it once
  6. The Verdant Expanse - 1x/1x PVE 8K Map

    Not many people are interested in 1x, especially with few mods Make it 2x or 3x, with some mods if you want people to join
  7. Could the compass mod remember your position, so that when you die your death position can be displayed? Does not have to be too accurate, update position every 5 seconds would be good enough.
  8. River World

    Deed stakes do not work No newbie protection, but everything else is set to easy, so wolf is easy to kill, I took 20 damage using starter skills/gear, killing a bull gives 1.5c, half the trees are oak
  9. Hunterland - free deed and upkeep

    When you decide what you want, let us know
  10. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    The map images that you posted both say NO deed cost, but you are now saying deed cost are enabled
  11. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    Do you mean that? Assuming no deed cost, do we need silver for upkeep before founding a deed, or do we get a weeks free upkeep?
  12. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    Please can we see the maps before then, at least for PvE
  13. Elysian Fields

    Sounds like you do not have a plan, perhaps I could recommend some settings 1.5 or 2 skill and action multiplier skills start at 20 characteristics start at 21 (can ride a horse) remove priest restrictions There is a mod which allows skill difficulty to be adjusted, double Meditation, weaponsmith, paving, ropemaking, prospecting skill gain crops do not rot, ash from forges Spawn with a settlement form - can buy a deed spawn with oak, cedar sprouts and cotton ,wemp, pumkin seeds 70% agressive spawns If settlements have upkeep, then creature bounty what size is the map, where is the starter deed?
  14. I am happy with the skill gain, and am pleased that you will not be paying silver for people to spam roads and guard towers. Any server that I join will have to have an easy way for me to have 100 tiles that provide complete security for my stuff and which I can farm. I do want to be close to other people for trade, as I do not want to be able to get lots of 80 skills in the first year. If you give everyone a settlement form, worth perhaps 4s, then I think you will get far more prople. The ability to ride a horse and a starter village at the spawn point with iron mine and forges would also help. Being attacked by a scorpion as soon as I spawned on the Beta server was not a good start. Planning for the long term is good, but the first week will be far too hard for me.
  15. Skill Multiplier: 10x to 1x , I think this puts some people off Skills start at 20, Skill Multiplier: 3x to 1x, is about the same but will not put people off Action Speed: 3x is a bit high for me, I prefer 2x Deed upkeep appears activated, but what about deed purchase? Are the first 121 tiles free or do we need to kill hundreds of things with newby skills and weapons before creating a deed. Deed upkeep helps remove abandoned deeds which is good, but deed purchase will make the start too hard/slow for many people. Can priests cast any spell? or is it one spell group per character?
  16. Are deeds free? Map size? Can priests cast any spell? Is there a map?
  17. Path of Power

    A mod to reduce the height required for a Path of Power tile would help on flattish maps.
  18. Weak Transmutation Rod

    An item like a transmutation Rod, which can create ore at less than 99ql When creating a starter area I want a public mine with iron, but I do not want it to all be 99ql. Can an item like this be made, for use by a GM/server creator?
  19. Sindusk Server Mods

    Starter Gear mod, how do I add sprouts of a perticular type, like oak or cedar? only sprout is listed in http://pastebin.com/teC3pYsD
  20. Weak Transmutation Rod

    Cave Resource is what I needed, thank you
  21. Weak Transmutation Rod

    1ql rods generate 99ql tiles. If tiles were the same ql as the rods that would be great
  22. Priests in a group of 7 priests/followers working together get much faster faith gain than normal http://wurmonline.com/wiki/index.php?title=Sermon#Sermons Mines of Moria, 23x 5y near the boat bridge to Independence, is pleased to offer - church 5x3 tiles Vyn silver alter currently 56ql Fo silver alter currently 40ql free food free beds to all who want fast faith gain. Currently have Vyn and Fo, Bring some silver lump if you want Mag altar Horses can be kept in our enclosure, but you will have to ask someone to fetch it as you will not have access. Other priestly activities available, for Soul Depth and Ropemaking training Animal taming - deer for taming, seeds available 100 for 10c Shield training - cows to fight, great shield and defensive fighting skill gain, (10c if you accidentaly kill a cow) Fishing - in nearby lake, most of the road to the lake is covered by our guard tower Foraging - large area of grass for foraging/Botanizing Rope - good for sacrificing, 65ql wemp available 100 for 10c, 88ql wemp sometimes available Net traps - followers who wish to train ropemaking can buy low ql net traps for 50c and imp with cotton 65ql 100 for 10c, 88ql cotton sometimes available. High ql traps can be sold back for 20c For more info talk to Gimli or Glow in game Also recommended is a visit to the nearby Cazic market
  23. Been going nearly 2 weeks, no sign of stoping. 4 prayer resets for the dedicated, fewer for our australian members who seem to want to sleep when they could be preaching. I expect it to last another 2 weeks.
  24. Ok to clarify a bit more Actions required 560 add meat 560 add veg 560 open pan 560 empty pan 200 about fillet meat 2240 actions per cycle 44800 for 20 cycles normal pay is 1 silver for 1k actions, so should be 45silver. Most work lets you train diging, or some useful skill, but filling pans does not give any skill.
  25. If you make things that noone wants you can not sell them. There is very little that a new player can make that anyone else wants. To make money in game you have to advertise on this forum.