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  1. On Things Current

    Two 5 hour Sleeps would be more useful than one 10 hour
  2. Never Night

    Nights are already totally black for me, but I know it is different for many people
  3. That guide, like many others, is very old. Farming system has changed since then.
  4. ROS Cast 9/15

    Thanks for reporting. I travel to Harmony for these casts
  5. Silver Trading

    So if I pay someone 10$ for a deed plan, out of game, no Wurm or Code Club assets involved so perfectly legal. The other person then buys the deed plan from me for 10 silver Legal because Retrogrades said so. No offense has occured.
  6. Yes, they are obliged to give you the opportunity to take yor stuff before they KOS you
  7. Silver Trading

    I think the issue is https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/179100-wts-design-of-deeds-or-interior-for-your-deeds/ where someone is offering to do out of game work and wants to be paid in silvers. The post is a few days old and very visible so apperas to be allowed.
  8. Sermons

    I presume you will supply food Do you have a bed that I can use? What time zone are your current accounts active in ?
  9. Wurm Data - Spreadsheet that contains weapon stats Your weapon material table is different to Retrogrades https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/161990-new-metal-type-properties-reference-list/ his shows SILVER weapons as having a 10% buff
  10. It should exist on PvE, but not spread naturally, rather like enchanted grass
  11. Deed for sale, large flat area for crops, stone house, mine with iron, silver, tin, and lots unexplored Few animals, forges etc Deed is called Leater, on the map at 13 Q, between a large area of Steppe and the water, about 400 dirt above water level Starting at 5s, 50c increments Auction Finishes 2 days from this post https://imgur.com/9uZxGy8 View from the Steppe View of the water
  12. At the moment I do sac, cast, sac, cast, New system I have the option of Sac, sac, cast, cast or sac, wait a bit, cast, sac, wait a bit, cast Looks more like a nerf than a gain. Sacing everything then casting produces a small extra risk, that I am interrupted before casting, alternativly I have to wait longer for the sacrifice to produce favor. I can not see any advantages for PvE.
  13. Horses move East, at the moment they also drift south, earlier in the week they were drifting north. Any low flying GM about 50 tiles off the eastern shore will see many hundreds of horses in the water, also tortoise. I am on Cadence, east coast, north, I expect the other servers are the same.
  14. Toad Hall 3570, 920
  15. Can Libila join, or is it WL only?
  16. If I sail from the East edge of Melody I get to the West coast of Harmony. If I sail from the southern part of East edge of Melody do I get to the southern part of the West coast of Harmony, or to the northern part, or is there just one entry point on the West coast of Harmony that everyone arrives at?
  17. Another server is good, although I prefer a smaller size. Will there be boat access from the other servers as soon as the new one opens?
  18. Reset the servers, so everyone starts again without these early balence bugs
  19. Melody Community Map

    Settlement: "Leather" - [647, 1544]
  20. Sounds promising How do I make sausage, I need sausage skin, how do I get that?
  21. What are good foods to eat to get a high Fats number?
  22. If you intend to fight then leather If you intend to run away then cloth
  23. Wait for another new server, them make a deed
  24. Does Melody now exist, or is it just taking longer than expected ?
  25. nice one Where is the starter town?