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  1. Land is expensive, if only the vast expanse of an 8k map had free deed creation then I would join.
  2. Any clues when this will stop being Beta?
  3. Being able to use a cloth glove (with CoC/WoA) instead of a hand, would be great
  4. Newb protection

    I would like to change the time period for New Player Protections, is the a mod for this?
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    Selling Silver for $ direct from the developer is unique to Wurm, I think it will put people off. Rethinking where silver comes from will be required.
  6. You changed to 21 BC, that helps a lot. I assumed "deed upkeep enabled" meant they were free to create, but I was wrong. When I plant crops I really want to be sure that I will be able to harvest them. Please consider giving small free deeds, 5x5 tiles is enough 3 CR is ok for the first few weeks, especially if deeds are not free, but it will soon make hunting too easy CR=1 is normal setting, for example on WO ahhh I see you changed CR to 1
  7. 3 CR is not well balanced BC 20 for everyone except GMs, who start with horses and carts, does not encourage me to join
  8. -Characteristics start at 20 , so no horses, big problem for me small free deeds + paid upkeep is good I hope the land is flatter than it looks on the map
  9. One tile works for me, but the mining success rate is always 100%, I have # if you want pure % regardless of skill its a float value so do minecode=100.0f; for 100% minecode=30.0f; levelfactor=1.0f I expected 30% success rate.
  10. Bounty Mod, I have defaultBounty=1 but when I kill an unlisted creature, I actually receive 100 Is anyone else getting this?
  11. Spells

    There used to be a mod that allowed each spell to have its difficulty and faith requirement changed. Does anyone know a mod that does this?
  12. I have not had a problem with client mods, but I have not managed to make server mods work.
  13. Closed

    Server is developing really well
  14. I set everything to 0.2 except iron 1.2, gold 0.1, copper 0.3, Adamantine and Glimmer 0.0 Birch, Cedar and a few oak/willow are the only trees that I have