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  1. Sounds promising How do I make sausage, I need sausage skin, how do I get that?
  2. What are good foods to eat to get a high Fats number?
  3. If you intend to fight then leather If you intend to run away then cloth
  4. Wait for another new server, them make a deed
  5. Does Melody now exist, or is it just taking longer than expected ?
  6. nice one Where is the starter town?
  7. The lag is bad, another server would help a lot
  8. Epic Fail

    Come back in the morning, it should be better by then
  9. Sorry, the registration page could not be displayed. I bet 2 rock shards that the launch will not be smooth
  10. 5ql is better than nothing, but I think it should be 10 ql, like the other starter tools
  11. Are you going to tell us anything else about the servers/start deed? Will the starting areas have iron tiles, forges, etc like Havens Landing, or just a bartender and templar? Is the double skill gain event still hapening?
  12. Keybinding to display skill tracker does not work, I only tested tracker 1 When opening skill tracker from HUD settings, tracker 2 is displayed, I expected tracker 1
  13. Now I understand why Retrograde waited so long before announcing the names.