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  1. Released One Tile Surface Mining

    One tile works for me, but the mining success rate is always 100%, I have # if you want pure % regardless of skill its a float value so do minecode=100.0f; for 100% minecode=30.0f; levelfactor=1.0f I expected 30% success rate.
  2. Bounty Mod, I have defaultBounty=1 but when I kill an unlisted creature, I actually receive 100 Is anyone else getting this?
  3. Spells

    There used to be a mod that allowed each spell to have its difficulty and faith requirement changed. Does anyone know a mod that does this?
  4. How I wish it was

    I have not had a problem with client mods, but I have not managed to make server mods work.
  5. Veraxus (New 3x skill 4x action timer)

    Server is developing really well
  6. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    I set everything to 0.2 except iron 1.2, gold 0.1, copper 0.3, Adamantine and Glimmer 0.0 Birch, Cedar and a few oak/willow are the only trees that I have
  7. Veraxus (New 3x skill 4x action timer)

    Do deeds need silver to create, do they require maintenance How many mobs, how many agressive?
  8. Noone sensible would join an MMO where others have 10 years of skill points, money, rare resources. Needs a guarantee that the new server will never have any connection to old servers, then it should work.
  9. Where did my mine go??

    Looks like you have some cliff tiles rather than rock. Mining cliffs is bad, I did it once
  10. The Verdant Expanse - 1x/1x PVE 8K Map

    Not many people are interested in 1x, especially with few mods Make it 2x or 3x, with some mods if you want people to join
  11. Could the compass mod remember your position, so that when you die your death position can be displayed? Does not have to be too accurate, update position every 5 seconds would be good enough.
  12. River World

    Deed stakes do not work No newbie protection, but everything else is set to easy, so wolf is easy to kill, I took 20 damage using starter skills/gear, killing a bull gives 1.5c, half the trees are oak
  13. Hunterland - free deed and upkeep

    When you decide what you want, let us know
  14. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    The map images that you posted both say NO deed cost, but you are now saying deed cost are enabled