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  1. I'm having the same problems as Fizziepop.
  2. Saraski comes back every 3 months to add upkeep to Otherside, He is due any day now. Maybe making a bridge will relight his interest in Wurm I'm not playing consistently, at the moment, but will help where I can. Only decent skill I have is mining(90). My blacksmithing's low 80's BUT my neighbour Eratosthenes has at least 10-15 points on me there. ( Gleefully throws Erat under a bus ).
  3. Brynden, just because you don't have a particular problem doesn't mean the problem does't exist for others. Sarcaticous, if I ran out of dirt I, also, would dredge, or buy it, or if desperate use my Fo to make it. The issue is some people with huge projects use less community friendly measures to get their dirt. Some servers seem to have a deeper dirt layer than others. Deli has always seemed dirt poor, and as mentioned in my first post, one player there is upsetting many by digging perims and steppe to rock to allow him to build his monument. I'm sure many people have had this issue at times and the general disharmony it causes detracts from the game. Reading the OP I assumed that was the reason Tuanta made this suggestion. Not to make dirt gathering easier, but to avoid large areas of 'community land' being reduced to rock.
  4. What about a few 'dirt resource tiles per server', Idk call it red loam tile or something. Make them in starter deeds perim so they can't be 'owned' by players. New players could probably earn a few silver helping fill carts for experienced players who'd rather do other things. Being next to starter town would be a bonus for them. People would still have to travel to and from , dig and transport the dirt back to their deeds. It would give players with grand projects the option of getting dirt without upsetting their neighbours, or ruining large areas of open land for the next aspiring deed owner. I know some people would still do what's easiest for them, regardless of the angst it caused, but I think the majority would use such a resource as intended.
  5. What are you saying here Neoruger?..Is this a reason why the suggestion shouldn't be implemented? Are there Fo priests out there making dirt to sell to those unfortunate enough not to have a Fo available for their epic monuments?...a way around the problem of getting dirt? Just make a Fo get him to 40 faith and spam dirt spell?...30K dirt later you are half way there ? Can you clarify your post a little please?
  6. I imagine people who sell dirt may not be happy with it, but I see a lot of merit in this suggestion. Presently one player on my server is making a "monument to Fo, a great pillar to reach to the sky", which he says has 40K dirt in it so far and will need another 25 to 30K to finish. This dirt has mainly been taken from the steppe, which he has dug down to rock in many areas, and says he will cover with one dirt to allow steppe to regrow. Many people are upset as he also tends to dig right up to perims. Now, before all you 'deed it or lose it'..'it's a sandbox,, don't tell people how to play'.. people get on your high horse, I agree, it is his right. While I'm sad to see the destruction and drama this has caused I am not saying he should be stopped. But if you look at the big picture his actions are going to make it hard for anyone to ever build in those areas, so not great for the game overall. Tuanta's suggestion would help reduce this type of issue. I'm not a terraformer, and maybe there are reasons why this suggestion can't or shouldn't be implemented, but atm it's a +1 from me. In a pm someone has pointed out one downside to this suggestion that I see as very valid. "I see benefits and draw back to both ways. On one had it would be nice and easy to just be able to run out and grab all the dirt and sand you need without it affecting the terrain, especially in the case of ---------- destruction of the steppe as we know it. On the other hand dirt was meant to be a finite resource, if made infinite there probably won't be much water areas left on any server."
  7. Yes, yes Bruhamoff, I'm sure your blatant taunting in chat was simply a panic reaction, and your refusal to make restitution until the GMs intervened was because you were still overwhelmed with guilt. What's truly low here is your attempt to manipulate the victim into publicly accepting your apology of an apology. That's adding insult to injury. A true apology requires repentance. You say.."Hey, I was a jerk, and I'm sorry. I will try not to be a jerk again", and if possible you fix what you damaged because you truly feel bad about it. Then you shut up and show by your actions that you are trying. You don't continue to make excuses, or fabricate and twist events to squirm out of what you did. Nor do you whine when people are less than pleased with you. Man up, close the damn thread, serve out your parole period quietly and wisely, and let us all keep on Wurming. Or is all this attention just too important to you?
  8. I have been told that enlightenment requirements have been 'swapped'. Before you had to wait the time period but didn't need the skill level. Now you don't need to wait the time period but must have the skill level. Please , anyone who knows this to be incorrect, enlighten us all Sighx you can see who is at what level by selecting path leaders from your med rug, and try contacting the appropriate one. Unless this has been changed as well
  9. I am having the same problem. I'm Australian and the disconnects and refresh lag have been slowly increasing over the last few days. Today it's unplayable. After several attempts to login it may allow one or two actions before disconnection.