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  1. Wandering Monster/Invasion mod?

    Thanks very much!
  2. Hello, I'm not sure if this is possible, but I was wondering if there is any way to have a wandering monster or small horde of monsters spawn near a settlement and attack it? I play WU by myself, mostly as a relaxing medieval peasant simulator, but I thought it might be fun to throw in something a little like 7 Days to Die's Blood Moon mechanic where you periodically have to fight off monsters. Ideally it would scale in difficulty over time so that you're not fighting dragons on day one, but I was just curious if this kind of thing is easy, hard or impossible to implement. Thanks! Matt
  3. Map Generator (flavor alternative)

    Thanks very much for this! I was having a lot of trouble adding biomes in the other generators because I am not sure what all the numbers mean. I really like how your program distributes them based on a more "planetary" model so you don't end up with tundra in the south and so forth. Being able to generate a complete map with a few mouse clicks is wonderful! Thanks again, Matt
  4. I went to fire up WU the other day and it told me I had to update the standalone server. I did so, but when I logged in my character was in the ocean. Help please?
  5. MOAR MAJJIK PLZ!!!1111!! :P

    I figured it was a long shot, but then I'm always surprised by the ingenuity of modders. I was hoping there might be some tricky way around the built in limitations of the engine, like doing the spells as ammo for a weapon that looks like a wand or something sneaky like that.
  6. MOAR MAJJIK PLZ!!!1111!! :P

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. Would there be a way to add "mmorpg style" magic to the game? I was fooling around with my UO shard the other day and I realized that the only thing WU is really missing is a decent magic system to give me nearly everything I enjoyed about UO (sure, WU's combat is a little clunky, but no worse than UO's), plus I would get better graphics and even more freedom! I'm not expecting a modded magic system to have earth-shattering special effects or anything like that, and the system doesn't have to be exactly like UO's (Asheron's Call had a fun magic system too, and there is always D&D if you want to go super old school), but I think there are a few things it would need to be fun and also suitably "wurmy": 1) Reagents: spells should require materials that can be grown or harvested off of plants, creatures and minerals. More powerful spells should require more expensive and/or rare reagents. 2) Spell Books: Players can only cast spells they know, and they can learn spells from scrolls that drop from loot, or players who know the spell can craft a spell scroll for others. It would be nice if every spell book (which could be found or crafted) contained a default useful spell (magic missile!) for beginners. You could also have spellbooks hold a certain number of spells based on their QL. 3) Magic Skill (or skills): A plain old magic skill would be checked to see if the spell succeeds, or you could have multiple skills (life, war, etc. a la AC) for different schools of magic. 4) Fatigue: Casting should burn endurance. No endurance, no magic. (optional: when you run out of endurance you can cast but take health damage) 5) Wands and/or Staves: You could have wands or staves that give bonuses to a casting skill (or skills). It might be useful to have spells only be castable if you have a wand or staff equipped. Obviously, wands and staves should be craftable, with the QL affecting cast time, success rate, or other factors. 6) Interruption: spells can be interrupted by damage and special attacks, with the casting player's Mind or magic skill tested versus the amount of damage to see if they can keep casting. I think a system like this should be configurable so server owners could turn on the features they wanted on turn off the ones they don't. It would also be nice if a spell template could be made so that different server owners could add or customize spells as well. It would probably be a big undertaking to get NPCs to use magic spells, but it would certainly be awesome if they did. Still, a system for players is the main thing. I think something like this would be a lot fun for players and it could a really interesting dimension to a server. What do you all think? Cheers, Matt
  7. Sadly, that crashed the offline server when I tried it. I rebuilt the db and tried again, but it still crashed, but when I put the original .map file back the crashing stopped.
  8. Hello, I downloaded a custom map and ran it on my offline server after cleaning the db as instructed on this forum. Everything seems fine except the chance to forage or botanize is almost non-existent. As an experiment I cleaned the db on the standard adventure map and I was still able to forage and botanize much more successfully. Is there a way to set the foraging and botanizing rates on a custom map or does it have to be built in during map creation? Thanks! Matt
  9. Hello, I'm not a Java programmer, but I have done a lot of Lua scripting, Python, and NWscript over the years. I have also done some 3D modeling in Blender and a few other apps, and I have done a bit of modding for NWN1 and 2, as well as a few others. Before I invest any time into Wurm modding I would like to have a sense of what can be done compared to the amount of effort involved. With that in mind, can anyone answer the following questions in a way that won't make my head explode? * Can new skills be added to the game? I posted the other day about an alternate magic system, I was wondering if I could add a few new magic skills and tie them to the use of objects like magic wands. * related to the above, how hard is it to add new objects to the game (like a magic wand). Obviously, the item would also have to be tied to the skill system as well. Is this doable? * can items be used to cast spells? That is to say can I attach spell-like effects to a magic wand so that it is "casting" the spell rather than the player? I would like the item to check the player's skill of course, as above. A bonus thing would be that each attempt uses spell reagents (eye of newt, toe of frog, that sort of thing). * I read that the recent update does not allow Rifts like WO, but it it possible to set up "invasions" or monster attacks? If you've played 7 Days to Die you may know what I mean, but basically I want semi-random or random attacks on players and their property. Is this something that can be done? I feel weird making a fort if no one is going to bother attacking it. Thanks in advance! Matt
  10. alternate magic system mod?

    Thanks for the tip, I will check out that mod! For me, the best magic system would be something like a cross between Ultima Online and Asheron's Call. You'd need reagents to cast spells and your chance of "fizzling" would depend on spell difficulty and your skill level at magic (or even different schools of magic if possible, necromancy, evocation, etc). Thanks, Matt
  11. alternate magic system mod?

    Thanks very much! I didn't mean a system exactly like D&D, but basically one where spells were less "priestly" and high-level. D&D is a bad example actually, maybe I should have said a system more like that in Ultima Online, since that is a little more like Wurm.
  12. alternate magic system mod?

    Does anyone know of a mod that substitutes a more "D&D-ish" magic system for the more clerical system of Wurm? Is this even possible? Thanks! Matt
  13. Do you mean I can drop dirt on to the stone tile?
  14. Hello, Is there a non-cheating way to fix my mine entrance? I would like to build a road up to my iron mine but I didn't realize I couldn't terraform the rock tile below the entrance. Can I go all the way up to that tile and then build a bridge or something? Mine Entrance Thanks in advance! Matt