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  1. So nobody has yet to successfully disintegrate a sandstone? Has this even been tried on test?
  2. yah, in a few months when I can get to level 7
  3. A tile that was rock salt and was mined out and collapsed. I try to tunnel it open and -You cannot keep mining here. The rock is unusually hard.- Prospect: nothing other than -You will find salt here!- Open a tunnel next to it, it's rock. mine a shard and analyze, nothing nearby. collapse that tunnel and now (sometimes) I can tunnel the one I want.
  4. so has anyone actually succeeded in disintegrating one of these yet? Has it been tried on test? Otherwise my 150 fails in effect prove otherwise.
  5. And now in an area that has been completely mined out and collapsed (strongwall), a surface prospect: [20:49:20] There is sandstone (normal quality), sandstone (good quality), sandstone (very good quality) and sandstone (acceptable quality) nearby. So not just a nuisance but also an infection.
  6. yes, I have already started an alt on power path when I found that disintegrate doesn't work, so IN 8 WEEKS I will have a better solution to a problem that was sprung upon us without sufficient testing.
  7. Fine Araninke, you come mine these out, I have at least 3 more prospecting in the area needing to go. so far all except 1 have been 5k+, and immune to disintegrate. First it was rocksalt with all its bugs and now this.
  8. so far in my mine project, in a 70 tile area I have encountered 7 sandstone veins, more than iron, and each has had 5-10k in it. We need some fast way of removing these nuisance veins. A bauble sold at the trader for 1i that converts sandstone to rock only would be nice.
  9. Or it could be that sandstone spawning is ultra common. Just in a 5x8 area I have had 6 veins spawn when they added them to game, and 5 of those veins had 5-10k in them to start. -AND- they are very annoying to get rid of.
  10. Umm, no, following path of power, not insanity.
  11. After 105 attempts to disintegrate sandstone veins on deed to no effect I have to say that it is either bugged or immune. All results were " You fail to find a weak spot to direct the power to. The wall still stands this time." with 89 channeling.
  12. yes, +1
  13. proposing a guidance rule: where possible default should first be a commonly used item and secondly consume the least amount of the resource. floor loom - squares of cloth hatchet log - kindling (both kindling and beams are useful but a beam eats the whole log)
  14. So.... Please either change the silly defaults, remove the defaults except the 1 item only (like spindle-cotton) or remove all defaults. I think most will agree any of these simple changes would be an improvement over the existing setup.
  15. If you are going to bother using physics, you might as well, yah know, use physics.... Cranks (energy) / ammo mass determines the arc. War machine skill modifies how well that shot follows the base arc. If in flight the shot collides with a wall, roof, fence, whatever, apply damage to both the shot and what it hit. If the object breaks before the shot, to keep the physics easy, it continues on it's path until it hits a tile or another object. Firing a catapult shot onto the tile of a 1x1 and having it damage all 4 walls is just silly... Unless the ammo is MIRV warheads.