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  1. WU - GM Functions Discussion

    Is there a command / function / ability to reset a player's PERSONAL missions? Impossible ones like "Finish the tutorial" and such keep popping up and need a remedy.
  2. very annoying sound bug

    I could be troubleshot if the sounds were in individual files or grouped instead of 1 big inaccessible file...
  3. There is a random high pitched screech that happens, mostly during wurm night, that I assume is supposed to cicada chirping. The issue is that turning off ambient and weather sounds does not disable it, which means then that I have to play with all sound disabled, even other apps I might be running at the same time.
  4. crafting window tweak

    how about changing the default items to something else? For example the saw -> log defaults to annoying yoke, change it to plank, change carve knife -> log to shaft instead of fish hook... Either change the annoying ones to something useful or allow us to pick.
  5. [No Bug] Sandstone "bugged"

    So nobody has yet to successfully disintegrate a sandstone? Has this even been tried on test?
  6. [No Bug] Sandstone "bugged"

    yah, in a few months when I can get to level 7
  7. Rock Salt veins bugged (again)

    A tile that was rock salt and was mined out and collapsed. I try to tunnel it open and -You cannot keep mining here. The rock is unusually hard.- Prospect: nothing other than -You will find salt here!- Open a tunnel next to it, it's rock. mine a shard and analyze, nothing nearby. collapse that tunnel and now (sometimes) I can tunnel the one I want.
  8. [No Bug] Sandstone "bugged"

    so has anyone actually succeeded in disintegrating one of these yet? Has it been tried on test? Otherwise my 150 fails in effect prove otherwise.
  9. [Resolved] sandstone way too common

    And now in an area that has been completely mined out and collapsed (strongwall), a surface prospect: [20:49:20] There is sandstone (normal quality), sandstone (good quality), sandstone (very good quality) and sandstone (acceptable quality) nearby. So not just a nuisance but also an infection.
  10. [Resolved] sandstone way too common

    yes, I have already started an alt on power path when I found that disintegrate doesn't work, so IN 8 WEEKS I will have a better solution to a problem that was sprung upon us without sufficient testing.
  11. [Resolved] sandstone way too common

    Fine Araninke, you come mine these out, I have at least 3 more prospecting in the area needing to go. so far all except 1 have been 5k+, and immune to disintegrate. First it was rocksalt with all its bugs and now this.
  12. so far in my mine project, in a 70 tile area I have encountered 7 sandstone veins, more than iron, and each has had 5-10k in it. We need some fast way of removing these nuisance veins. A bauble sold at the trader for 1i that converts sandstone to rock only would be nice.
  13. [Resolved] Strongwall created Sandstone

    Or it could be that sandstone spawning is ultra common. Just in a 5x8 area I have had 6 veins spawn when they added them to game, and 5 of those veins had 5-10k in them to start. -AND- they are very annoying to get rid of.
  14. [No Bug] Sandstone "bugged"

    Umm, no, following path of power, not insanity.
  15. [No Bug] Sandstone "bugged"

    After 105 attempts to disintegrate sandstone veins on deed to no effect I have to say that it is either bugged or immune. All results were " You fail to find a weak spot to direct the power to. The wall still stands this time." with 89 channeling.