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  1. Can you please add Tirion at 2842, 5986 Thanks
  2. If a player wishes to play on both clusters, they should have access to both. I see too many epic-related threads getting -1 by freedom players and freedom-related threads getting -1 by epic players, just to spite each other. +1
  3. No, because Bart, you running outside naked would probably scare off the raiders
  4. Jkh Down

    I bet Shank's singing brought the server down!
  5. I don't think cross kingdom alliances can work. What if you're on a village on a home server and ele? Both villages can be in different alliances, so you would be in 2 alliances.
  6. The system as it is now certainly won't do now, it's protecting the griefers more than the newbies. "Peeveepee" on JKH boils down to either: 1) JKers killing, stealing and griefing JKers and using BL alts/friend/whatever to drain deeds. 2) Raiders logging off in caves and using JK alts to "fight" the JKers. I know home servers have always been a prime target for alt abuse, but this is just getting stupid now. All they're doing is chasing off the new players, off the server and off the game.
  7. Lol. So you basically can't stop someone of the same kingdom from raiding the deed without going hunted yourself?
  8. Didn't he go hunted for killing the templars?
  9. How come he wasn't hunted? Wasn't he cata'ing the deed? edit: typooo
  10. I might not have understood correctly, but what if the person who is doing the named illegal action is not in a deed, or is in a deed which is not part of an alliance? Or is part of another alliance? Are you suggesting of removing the rep system from the kingdom as a whole and implementing it for use in alliances only? That doesn't sound bad actually.
  11. Yay another thread were Epic and Freedom people bash each other!
  12. This is where you post suggestions that will help improve wurm. Making a suggestion just to spite freedomers because they don't share your view on wurm is stupid and childish.
  13. I don't believe there should be "classes" in wurm. Priests are a good combination of spells and restrictions. A mage class just doesn't fit with wurm, this will also probably lead to more classes being added to create balance. Thats not wurm, thats a whole new game. Although... Would be nice if more abilities are added to meditating paths, and who knows, maybe more paths.