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  1. Sounds like an average day on chaos.
  2. Why not just hire more deed guards? This sounds just another way to not have to pay any money to wurm. Nobody on freedom has the maximum amount of guards and still struggles. This is a sollution to a problem that doesn't exist.
  3. Sounds like pvp to me. And griefing.
  4. I think wurm teaches you to be responsible with your belonings. You don't leave your wallet on a table in a bar while you go to the bathroom. Hell, it's actually illegal to leave your car unlocked here just to protect the less intelligent members of society. All it takes is for you to not be a total idiot and your stuff is safe in wurm. You can't actually steal on a pve server, only pick up things that are free to take for everyone.
  5. Yes if you leave anything in the wild free to take, anyone can take it. There are easy game mechanics in place to claim ownership, like adding a lock to it.
  6. Lana del Trade trader is still my favorite. Don't know why.
  7. Wurm gods are good. You get punished for being a hypocrite unlike irl. If you are bad as vynora she will ###### up your ######. If you are too good as libila you will lose power. Also in wurms the gods actually exist and use their powers in daily life, so it makes sense to be religious, unlike irl. Although with too many gods it becomes confusing and messy.
  8. I love that it blends with the wood. Before it was cartoonish. Does look purple though.
  9. Only if it comes with an abortion option.
  10. You already get more than 2 weeks really. Leveling skills to 20 takes longer if you are new, so you won't notice you are "free" untill you spent enough time to know you want to stay and pay.
  11. Because it makes sense that you can attack mounts. It would be an unreasonable restriction for a game that has freedom to play as you like.
  12. People are so confused about what pvp and pve are. PVP have nice communities who need eachother to survive and help eachother, work together and are almost completely friendly and welcomming. PVE is cut-throat where people dont give a ###### and do anything to earn some coin, including scamming, stealing and backstabbing eachother. Not just over coin but land, resources, or just because they can be mean to eachother. In many ways PVP and PVE on wurm are switched around, at least when it comes to what type of player plays where and their attitudes towards eachother.
  13. I like selling accounts. Building them is fun. I would never buy one though. Creating and building up your character/deed is I would say the only point of the game to me, even in pvp. Once everyone reaches the max skills, pvp is stale and boring. The exciting times are when you can build your account faster than everyone else and you can dominate them, untill you reach a hard cap and everyone catches up. Thinking about it, I guess thats why I like league of legends, which is basically a very fast version of that. So yea, blessing, but I would not buy myself.
  14. By that same idiotic line of though: All items and characters belong to code club. If you take an item from another player, it still belongs to code club. There is no stealing in wurm. It all belongs to code club under any circumstance.
  15. Management should just close down old servers like in the old days. Stagnation is deadly, and more and more servers are spreading people too thin.