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  1. Rolf did. There used to be a nice series of write-ups that he did about it. It was Pre-1.0 on the pvp servers. Learn to tack. Also, sail a knarr against the wind, everything else is easy after that (hint: a sailboat is faster.)
  2. The ability to have each rare improvable to meet the owners demand...beautiful, but not really possible on that level without a core level rewrite. I think you're on to something here though.
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself. Personally love the idea and system, but feels too Diabloesque for me.
  4. Make a poll? Ask them to revert it? Or sit around and ######, whine, and complain. Two of those might get something done, the latter will not.
  5. Iron fences match iron gates, now we just need a low stone gate..
  6. A lot of the new graphics bring a much darker feel to the game, I enjoy it.
  7. True, but that's not how it works for uniques, ask everyone that went to the kyklops slaying on Deli. He died, most people didn't get the title, even people who hit him.
  8. You have to be targeting it when it dies which is generally the tank or DPSers since it takes all of them to take him out before he regens
  9. The more the better But you'll need about 30+ weaponskill with a 2 hander and hopefully SHD on it. Even with 70 fs, 50 weaposkill 80 ql weapons you're never going to hit for more than a slap.
  10. Okay, so let's arrange it, what's best, the weekend of the 1st of Dec or the weekend of the 8th?
  11. [media]
  12. In the USA ham is very common for Christmas dinners. Turkey became common for Thanksgiving due to hunting seasons and location of origin, the northeast.