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  1. A lot has changed. I would start with the change log thread. Stability wise i have no issues. It runs like a champ on both my computers. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/91-website-news/
  2. Never Night

    Where did you read that at?
  3. Never Night

    Maybe make an option for actually dark nights vs whatever it is now? I love the idea of having actual nights.. Right now, i have to look at my lamps to verify its night time.. i cannot at first glance tell the difference between day and night a lot of the times..
  4. I am on Xanadu East of Lormere. There is TONS of woods between myself and the starting city. Highway runs nearby if interested but plenty of space to stay away from it if you desire. No lakes im afaid, but i allow free use of my coastal dock if you need access to water.. even though there is plenty of coastal land around me with access(will need a bit of TF'ing though). Im at Mountainside(on the community map), if you need any help/starting tools etc. Im on daily. Dont give up your search. Xanadu is MASSIVE, there is the perfect spot for you somewhere.
  5. Right after they first changed it i saw my first Anaconda, Hell scorpion and fog spider on my deed. With more of other aggro mobs every day. It was awesome. Since they reverted.. I have seen 1 seal. I want mobs back.
  6. It may not be perfect but they got something right. I've seen more hostiles on my land recently. Saw my first anaconda, fog spider and hell scorpion EVER over the last few weeks. Still no farm animals tho....
  7. I think they said they were going to work on weather soon. Hopefully they will get it all sorted out.
  8. Anyone who wishes to do that, throw your info in a post here and ill add it to the op. Or start a new post and link it. I would be happy to help new players. Added my info to OP
  9. lol .. maybe i should've started this thread that way...
  10. Relax guys. I didn't mean for this to turn into a fight. I was trying to encourage new players to try the Southern Cluster. I was never trying to say one cluster was better than the other. Overall i agree that the North Servers are better for most new players.... BUT Players that play like i do, with the intent to be creative and not worry about making silver, will have a perfectly fine time on the Southern servers. Not everyone wants to be in a giant group of people. I play solo. I have a moderate deed with TONS of land that i dont have to worry about some random popping up and taking over. I have active neighbors that are friendly and fun. So if THAT sounds fun to a new player reading this then sure try the Southern servers.. if not.. off to the North with you!
  11. If its on the ground... decay fast... if your holding it in on you or in storage... decay like everything else?