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  1. If it's damage is over 80 and it's off deed, I say let it be considered lootable/picklockable. It is going to decay anyways, let us have fun when we explore otherwise what's the point? Also like, if your worried about stealing, people literally steal other peoples accounts because they are given access. Players steal from their own villages and alliances, because they were given access. Atleast with the rep system they get caught.
  2. Hoping for many reasons to leave the deed, Maybe more keybindable actions, that lead to less right clicking, save my wrists please.
  3. Don't worry, VR will fix this.
  4. the kind of QoL changes the entire community deserves, thank you,
  5. Looks cool, wish it wasn't a skin tho.
  6. Please save me another 20 years, add the cleaning for forges/klins/ovens to be keybindable.
  7. Buske's Cove 2442, 679 now has a tunnel/canal that exits at 2491, 324 or near there, It is currently not useable by any boat, but is mined out.
  8. Fix the game breaking exploits and bugs that are ruining PVP.
  9. Buske's Cove 2444, 677
  10. Awesome pvp changes! Hope this makes combat more fair!