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  1. the kind of QoL changes the entire community deserves, thank you,
  2. Looks cool, wish it wasn't a skin tho.
  3. Please save me another 20 years, add the cleaning for forges/klins/ovens to be keybindable.
  4. Buske's Cove 2442, 679 now has a tunnel/canal that exits at 2491, 324 or near there, It is currently not useable by any boat, but is mined out.
  5. Fix the game breaking exploits and bugs that are ruining PVP.
  6. Buske's Cove 2444, 677
  7. Awesome pvp changes! Hope this makes combat more fair!
  8. Right now you can embark and disembark from 3 tiles away, It removes you as a target also, and you can just keep doing this as long as your horse or cart was the last thing you click. Or MAYBE JUST LIKE A LIL TIMER **mounting** 2-3 seconds, quicker if you have a saddle dependent on ql?
  9. Right now my event log is being spammed with people disconnecting, but they say they aren't even being logged off or anything, just stuck in refreshing, they see everyone else moving, we see them moving, they can talk to us but don't see anything we say, But can see us move. Unable to go through doors.