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  1. Not sure how this happened, But when crafting a bed upstairs, When finished it appeared on the opposite side of the wall on the roof.
  2. adding to this, we had a champ spider get out of its pen somehow / disappear randomly.
  3. As shown above, the same tile border is selected via the crafting UI, and right click menu for fences. The tile border houses a T arch. Was expecting the same options for both.
  4. It can be a hassle merging big alliances +1
  5. Low Ceiling, Shallow canal. 2099,916 - 2264,898
  6. This was removed? Didn't even notice but bring it back!
  7. I do hope everything is okay. Jarrett is a wonderful player.
  8. It's not down, yet 40 minutes before a slaying and people still cannot connect. Though There is a work around for it by flushing DNS it seems.
  9. This is the quickest fix so far, Now if we can figure out what is continuing to cause this issue that would be grand!
  10. Had a simple idea the other day. Basically a chance for mobs to spawn depending on the action. So far all I thought of was a chance of a rat spawning when tending a field. Maybe we can expand on this idea?
  11. Either it be rain or fog, It comes and goes faster than I can grab a cup of water. Not sure if this is a bug or an oversight, But I for one like to be able to enjoy the weather and remember the events lasting much longer. What happens? : It rains or becomes foggy for barely 5 minutes. Expected: Longer weather timers.
  12. On crash, or unexpected crashes on Windows/ Linux / mac of the client, can reset the currently used settings profile causing a big headache if one does not backup their settings.
  13. What Happens: When clicking the "Hotkey" Button it brings up the settings, "Gameplay" tab. Expected: When clicking the "'Hotkey" Button, It should bring up the settings, "Keybinds" tab.