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  1. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    My Custom NPCs are gone every time I restart the server - any idea what that might be? They worked great, was able to clothe them, use talk to trigger missions. They just don't survive the restarts...
  2. This is a really beautiful map, does anyone play here anymore? Will the server stay up?
  3. "This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item." Starting bid: 30 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 45 s Private Bids: not accepted
  4. Deed: Midgard Co-Ords: 1166,3195 To the left of Lavendar Bridge
  5. Terrain too bumpy

    I love this tool. I made a map that is everything I wanted but it is topo bumpy. I thought that erosion was the way to fix this, but I am not finding a good set of parameters, or this is not the right setting to mess with. My latest attempt is Iterations: 150 Min Slope 5 Max Slope 300 Sediment 200 I tried 400 Sediment, not sure it is helping Can anyone recommend what to change to try to have nice smooth landscapes (without losing my mountains, I just want what is flattish now to be smooth) PS: Meant to post this in W Map Generator or W Map Generator FX but I don't seem to be able to delete my own post..
  6. Worfeus , Lv. 1 Stormguard, Knarr, Stormfall, 4 x Sleeping Powder
  7. I was a proud citizen of Mystic Highlands, I came and went several times of the years but this server, perhaps more than any other, always felt like home. The lands and map of Mystic Highlands were beautifully crafted and Val and Kaylie really threw themselves into not just hosting and throwing mods on, but creating a realm, a story, a place with many different things to do. I have memories of all citizens rallying to our King and Queen's call for many an Epic battle. I was amazed at how well server auctions worked, a time for all to gather, bid for something unusual or that they wanted badly. Friday night streams, listening to tunes, drinking a few beers while playing wurm were also much enjoyed. Thank you Val and Kaylie, for a great place to play.
  8. 1170, 3200 Midgard Please add me Thank you Location on Map : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zSQCKkoIWsl_Byi2hgRmzefSSyVa-Koa/view?usp=sharing
  9. Is this Southern Isles server cluster or Northern Isles server cluster?
  10. Never mind thank you, found some in the wild
  11. Somebody probably already thought of this, but just in case, it would be great to be able to trade affinities with others. Say I have animal husbandry and don't care much, but somebody has smiting and I would love that. A possible mechanic would be similar to studying trees at harvest time. Right click skill with affinity, with a pen filled with ink equipped and a papyrus sheet in inventory, then click "study". This would result in the Papyrus sheet having that affinity as a name possibly and a brief description even as simple as "Animal Husbandry Affinity". It could then be traded with another player for another affinity or sold on a merchant even. The person who buys or receives the affinity papyrus sheet or "affinity scroll" could then right click it and choose "learn" as an action. This would add the affinity to the character's skill, and the papyrus sheet would poof. It would provide a way to make many people with affinities they do not care about with a way to either make a little money, or get an affinity they find exciting. It would bring another way for characters to interact. The guy with the yoyo affinity would still be bumming but lots of others may benefit from this mechanism.
  12. I used the website to register I used the regular non-steam client to login There are a lot of people on Steam client crashed for me - but otherwise all is well
  13. I love the way this looks. I am having a problem where out of design mode, 3D or Wurm, the mouse does not navigate. WASD works but I am under the mesh and I used to be able to use the mouse to navigate more vertically? Or even rotate the map with the mouse? is there a setting IP am missing?
  14. Eir

    bows head respectfully.