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  1. I love the way this looks. I am having a problem where out of design mode, 3D or Wurm, the mouse does not navigate. WASD works but I am under the mesh and I used to be able to use the mouse to navigate more vertically? Or even rotate the map with the mouse? is there a setting IP am missing?
  2. Eir

    bows head respectfully.
  3. Thank you for everything you have done for this game Tich, you are missed already. My condolences to your family and loved ones.
  4. Could you please remove Midgard from its old location at 3284, -3294 and move it to its new location of 1167, -3202
  5. I played Wurm Online for over 8 years, and tried many very good Wurm Unlimited servers, but I have finally found a home with Mystic Highlands. Great community, amazing events, great feeling of accomplishment - whether when a new skill advances through hard, honest work, or when you are able to fill your coffers through your hunts or sales. If you enjoyed the Puzzle King's great labyrinth on Wurm Online as I have, come and join us on a server with several dungeons, races, arenas, auctions and leaders who have the same sense of adventure and ingenuity.
  6. Absolutely outstanding! I watched Faeran and Griphyth build this place over many month and always loved their videos, tutorials and steams, but to actually experience the final Labyrinth was priceless. It took me way too long, I too had to go to sleep and go do other things to calm down, but it was a ton of fun, and each time a riddle was solved, it felt great. Congratulations and thank you Faeran and Griphyth !
  7. Could you please add Midgard at 3284, -3294 Thank you
  8. On some servers, I see a count down for seasons, does anyone know how this is done? is there an existing public mod or is it custom work on each server? It looks like this : "[09:08:39] It is currently Late Summer. 73 days remain until Autumn."
  9. This topic is closed, I seemed to have successfully written a basic mod that allows for this now.
  10. Hello, I am toying with a server where I enabled PVP and made a no pvp focus zone within it. it successfully stops players from fighting within it which is the desired effect but it seems to also be a no build zone - which is not in my case desired. Anybody know of a way to change that ? Thank you
  11. Got it working, wrote my first really simple mod! Now I'll keep playing with it to make use of the properties file so it is not hard coded. too much fun! Thanks bdew for the pointers!
  12. That sounds good Elsa, would you be willing to share it?
  13. Thanks bdew, I have been a programmer for a long time but never in Java, I got the IntelliJ IDE and have been poking around... bit of a learning curve for me but it would be very cool to do one, guess I'll try this... thank you
  14. I have seen this on some servers, anybody know which mod facilitates this or is it custom code by the admins?