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  1. So. I was actually working on building things, and then I came up with an idea: Cellars. ON the ground level of a house, it allows someone to dig up a hole in one of the tiles. Though, it is still limited to the 'width' of housing as normal, using the floor-level system used already, but on a negative scale rather then positive. The bigger the house, the more digging skill (or maybe mining, or both) is required to dig up the cellar, at a same rate as the carpentry skill needed to plan a building. (Expanding the house would also require the one to plan the expansion with an existing cellar to have the digging/mining skill to also do the expansion down there) Now, what is the point of a cellar? It could have a few effects. Historically, wine ages better when placed in a cellar. A larder placed in a cellar also would not require snowballs to preserve food. The other good point of having a cellar, is security. Since the cellar is actually further underground, destroying the floor does not open the way to the cellar. The only way is through the shaft that leads down to it (stairwell, or just a trap with a ladder) ... if you placed walls inside with a locked door, folks would also need to bash down, or pick that lock to access the content of that cellar. Great for storing your valuables, but as it is impossible to actually go down there with a horse, dropping crates with stuff down there would be impossible, so only for storing small valuable objects, food without requirement of snowball, and accelerating the aging of wine slightly. On another note, if the writ owner destroys a house with a cellar, all items in the cellar are destroyed, burried under a thick layer of dirt never to be found again. This is a draft of an idea I had. It might break things, or it might be impossible, but it is an idea that I like. So lets discuss about what could be broken with that, or fixed! and other possible ideas to come with it!
  2. Ohh, then I just need to milk more I guess!
  3. So. When you milk a cow, its 1 kilo of milk, no matter what. Though, in actual cow farms, you want your cows to graze as much as possible, because the more they graze, the more milk they make. So. I was thinking of a system where the quantity of milk is affected by the level of fat of a cow. If its lean, 1 kilo + 1 kilo for every stage of weight. That means obese cows would produce a lot of milk, as they eat all day. That would also make it that you don't need to own 50,000 cows to be able to grind cheese making. A handful of fat cows and you could get enough milk to make it worth your while!
  4. So. There are special tiles on water where you can catch different sorts of fish. But there would be very different uses for it as well. Buoys, which are built with planks, tar, and a Mooring Anchor (Thick rope, lead anchor) Cheaper generally to build then a boat and mooring it, its only purpose is to be planted down where you want it, and you can give it whatever name you want, and dye it different colors. People could use them to mark dangerous spots (A place where the rock bottom is high, and deeper vessels might ground themselves, special fishing tiles, named buoys to give waypoints to people for finding harder to find places)... Basically, it would give an alternative to building a rowboat and mooring it in the middle of a body of water. It would look more elegant to rowboats, as you would see a small buoy floating about, ominously ... Some more advanced versions of them could also include lamps, so people can put floating lamps around their docking area. Of course, it has to be a lamp, not a torch, because you don't want to set fire to it. It could change the look on seas quite a bit, and I am sure people would find alternative uses of those!
  5. The new forums are nice. They are ugly, but have very nice features that I personally will be using. I just hope that they get to fix the theme before too long. What an eye SORE. -.-
  6. I like the music idea from Warlander. On a failure, it could instead of playing the 'correct note' a random note. Like a 'missed note' ...making songs at low skill sound funky. Leveling could work like fishing. 1 skill tick every few seconds. So the more you play, the better you get. When making a concerto with different people, the one starting the song selects the partition. Everyone else right clicks on him with instrument selected, and then "Follow lead" ... when that guy starts playing, every one follows their partition in sync with that guy, so we can have concerts! Of course, people would have to have leveled up their Music skills for anything good!
  7. -1 here. Let the shovel heroes be shovel heroes. Ruins are nice to see every once in a while. It speaks greatly of 'What happened here?'
  8. *cricket* . . . Sorrry. Too convenient for this post
  9. Now we could see crazy chefs driving goblins out of their homes with a frying pan! *Clang Clang Clang!* +1
  10. +1. We could see Window Frames being added. Wooden frames, with glass panes in the center, and people would install them in walls the same way we see silver hanging lamps. the 'support' hidden, and all that's left to see is the stained glass through the wall's window. It would have to be made large enough to encompass the larger window we have, and then, well, everything else would disappear into the wall!
  11. When they do a really really bad move, if 50% of the people stop paying, well... It hurts. And they know it.
  12. Basically, floz, its the same rules for all MMOs. Not just CodeClub. If you have a wow account, and get banned for any reason, you won't get any refunds. The fact you don't get a refund actually -is- the punishment. If you look at it, there are proffessional sports where if you're caught cheating, you are disqualified. If you paid a fee to enter the tournament, or paid for the equipment for entering the tournament, you won't get any refunds for it. Hell, I heard there are even some sports where you can get fined for cheating, not just disqualified. So you can take that whining elsewhere, please? This board is for suggestions, not for complaining and trolling about the company. Thank you Edit: Also, whenever WoW changed the whole game in every way because they felt like it, nobody could say a thing about it. You can just shut up, and just stop playing and not pay ever again for it, or continue playing and get used to what they did. You don't own the game, they do. So they do what they want with it, and you either play it, or you don't.
  13. So, Baking is something nice. Especially the sandwiches that give some nutrition and stamina regen. But it could be so much more... So, we have bread. Yeah, bread on its own is, uh...yeah. How about Pies? Meat Pies, Fruit Pies, Vegetable pies. Those could be an equivalent to meal. Put 1 dough, meat, spices, into a bowl. Bake in an oven for a while ... and Voila! A pie! A lot more of recipies could be added to it! Common people, get talking! Lets see what we can come up with to try to balance Baking so that it doesn't replace HFC, but rather compliments it!