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  1. CLOSE

    Still silver for sale.
  2. CLOSE

    10s more sold, amount updated.
  3. CLOSE

    Sold 20s so reduced the amount for sale.
  4. CLOSE

    All sold. Thanks
  5. Sorry no. Someone is taking on Yetian so I'll just leave the staff with them.
  6. Close please, Wulfmaer will take on yetian and the deed for now.
  7. No bids so looks like the project will end.
  8. Dropped starting bid a bit, I think it's a fair start considering the enchant. The staff is my favourite weapon even over 2h axe. Parries well and good damage.
  9. Almost the last day. Don't make me give it to a passing troll. ?
  10. Forgot the auction timer. ? Added and set to only 3 days as its been on for a bit already. No bids yet mind.
  11. Naitey Sold

    Yeah sorry Thorin. As much as I enjoy wurm I have life getting in the way a lot at the moment. I'm selling the inn as it's a nice project and I don't want to mothball it. Would like someone to take it on and work it as with the cove and Naitey. I have another character I am keeping in case I return. ? I'm on twitter and twitch as mmoyeti if anyone decides to follow. Currently playing some Fortnite and looking forward to games like Pantheon. If I return I'll be sure to say hi. I will miss friends made in wurm but decided a clean break for now is best.
  12. Thanks Jaz, I'm hoping someone takes on the Inn and continues my project.
  13. Due to real life getting in the way I'm having to step away from wurm so I'm letting my inn deed go. It's a project some of you know I had lots of plans for, the inn has even been visited by a demi-god. The deed is "The Three Legged Troll", located on the highway (i helped build) in O20. The building itself is a large 96 carp plan, has an 11x3 workroom in the back, plus the inn bar area at the front. Upstairs are 2 communal rooms, plus 2 single rooms, also on the 1st floor is a private room with access from the workroom via a ladder. The next floor has 3 private rooms, all rooms have beds, some other furniture bits but more furnishings are needed. There is a merchant (inn keeper downstairs), plus larder and chests to leave stuff out for people passing. I usually leave food, cotton and some basic tools. Outside at the back there are a few private pens, there is a public craft hall at the side. Out front is a highway that runs through the deed, a viewing area with mailbox and token. Under that are enchanted grass public pens and fields. There is an offshoot for a wagoner that I'll be moving to another deed, but the wagoner container will stay. The price for the deed is minus the merchant, if you would like the innkeeper merchant as well, just say so in the bid and that will be 7s on the price. There are 2 large carts out the back, one belongs to Wulfmaer. Oh and there is a 91QL rare loom inside the workroom along with tons of random stuff and building materials. There is also a small mine behind the inn with iron and sandstone veins. I haven't mined much more than a small tunnel yet, it has a nice ramp down to it mind. Pics: There is more furniture than shown, I just haven't updated the pics of the rooms yet, it's mostly just beds in the rooms. Upkeep is 1s29c per month. There is 16s68c in the upkeep so the price will take that into account. Starting bid: 20s Min increments: 1s Buyout considered via PM. I also have the owner (mayor) of the deed for sale if anyone is interested. Yetian I'm not good with prices for characters, but it's been suggested 50s/e is a fair price. I'll be selling him anyway so if interested, he can be sold with the deed, let me know via PM if you are interested in taking the deed with Yetian. He's a longstanding character and has had no issues during his/my time in game. He comes with all his tools, which are all enchanted I think. Armour and Weapon I'm selling on their own (armour is sold). His staff auction is: