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  1. Yeah I've posted there before I think.
  2. The Rag n bone market is now gone as Stargrace disbanded it. We will be making a small market just north of it soon. There is a canal there that runs north to south to sail past it and another NE through nexus landing. I'm building a public inn at the moment in o20, worth having places like that listed here? Will have food and basic supplies for people. Not ready just yet though.
  3. Could do with getting that post moved. 😀
  4. In fact you just gave me an idea. After I build my inn I'll build a public crafting hall. So anyone staying at the inn, or passing can use. 😀
  5. Nice idea. As I'm building an Inn at O20 I'd love something like that to take in the road I'm on. 😀 The road does come down past me and then to p22 area. To get to the starter town down there there would need to be some road work done and maybe a bridge or two. Although as you said it might not be an existing road. I'd be happy to have new roads carved out past me, hell I'd even work it into my deed somehow. Would be great to have a group of travellers stop for some trail grub and drink. Well once I get built and make some food/drink lol. I don't get a ton of time, but if it ever comes my way I'll do my best to aid any weary travelers. 😁 I shall be watching this thread with interest.
  6. update

    I have widened and added a waystone plus catseyes to my part of the road that runs north/south in O20. I'm planning to run it north to the tunnel so it will link to another deed there. I will work with the owner (Zoliea) to sort that. I also have highway settings on. Anyone is welcome to work on any of that road as it goes north a long way and south then east to p22 by Tarsis. The only obstacles I know of on the road are south where a deed covers part of it and the tunnel to the north is 1 wide. So the tunnel will need deeding to widen (remove supports) or divert around. I get little playtime so will work on it as I can though still have my deed to build so progress will be slow. It's not a populated area though so not high priority at all. 😁
  7. *Removed as I'm away a while, will check when back. :)*
  8. Great job. 😁 Going to be widening a road my deed sits on soon and was thinking of using Moss for the sides. Now I've seen yours I definitely will be doing. 😁
  9. We should have a hotel/inn overlay on the Xan map. New player refuge spots, free beds and/or supplies. The only problem there is that new players might not know about the map I guess. When I finally get mine built (currently waiting for a friend to plan), I'll ask on the forum for ideas on what I can provide for any passing players. Though in my case if you pass my deed you are well and truly lost. So far I was thinking free beds (ability to buy private access to a room if desired), free food/water, some supplies like cotton and maybe some basic tools. I'll also have a merchant for some more expensive stuff, but always free stuff as well. The tricky part i guess is getting the perms right for the building. Public pickup and then anything that needs restricting in locked off rooms, like my workroom. Will have some basic horses for free as well and ropes to lead/ride them. All a way off yet as I need to first build the inn and make some furniture. It's all just in my head at the moment. Down at O20 SE corner on the road, look out for The Three Legged Troll if you ever pass.
  10. Yeah that's why I might try the papers idea for rooms. It will only be a couple I think, the rest are free. Just in case anyone has stuff they want to keep private for a bit. As your inn, mine might never get visitors either but it's there in case. Meanwhile I'll be working my cooking skills. 😉
  11. I say hi and try to have a chat to everyone who passes in local. I usually ask if they are passing through or moving in and offer help or advice on the area. I'm currently in the process of building an inn on Xanadu. The idea is that if one lost player uses it for shelter and/or rest, it's worth the work. So far I'm planning to have free cotton, some food/drink, basic horses and supplies on offer, as well as beds of course. I'll have a merchant selling other things but some basic essentials will be free. Toying with selling cheap private rooms. Was thinking I could sell paper that if mailed to me grants private access for a certain period.
  12. My deed "The Three Legged Troll" is now placed at Nice spot and I know it's on some moss, I'm replanting the moss on the other side of the road north of the sand. In time an inn will be built, once i get the area prepped. Hopefully at some point I can begin widening that road... so many things to do.
  13. [20:35:50] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. It's usually about 1 min from my mailbox, so should be there now.
  14. Thanks. I'll try to get tonight to post it.
  15. Still for sale.