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  1. update

    @WulfmaerYou what? You've leveled and cut all that? Legend! Highland meadows I think is where @LumpyGravysaid his friend had a deed. Is that road west from there already 2 wide? I'll be on tonight to sort out paving in that case. I need to get up there and see what needs changing from highland meadows to the actual highway. There was also a bit east from my wagon that looked to be an old deed with some split paving that I thought would need digging up and redoing. I'll spend a couple of hours tonight paving. Once it's done, Yetian will start laying down eyes from the inn and head north to the existing highway. Hopefully I'll get those laid before the first ones start to rot and I can connect to an existing waystone.
  2. update

    I'm having to do the entire north road from p22 up NE before I put any eyes down as no deeds between mine and the highway stretch. Same with o20 to p22, though this will be done in a week or so. Northern road not yet.
  3. update

    @GwynNice, you'll probably be done before my north road, damn life getting in the way. Drop me a PM if you need to talk about the route to us. As I said before, we'd thought about going round south of La Verna and then widening the current bridge on the canal to go over the canal then north along that road (widening where needed), to Cashtal Cabbyl Market. @Vanninis the owner of that deed, so we'll need to work out a south exit road from his deed that connects to the west highway which we are almost ready to catseye.
  4. update

    Plenty care for the Esteron area, just because it gets less attention from people in this thread doesn't mean it's forgotten. There was a post earlier and I have said myself that in time we'll connect the road I'm working on from p22 to Esteron. Once the road to connect p22 to the northern network is done, I can help with the Esteron road from our end in p22. I'll be back Sunday to continue the north road, just had a busy week.
  5. Undesirable? It's right next to my inn so I'm loving it, even though I can't make it myself. @Wulfmaer, it looks to be right on the new road we built. Hopefully by next time we'll have it converted into a highway. Just waiting on @Vanninto finish his bit. I've made some food and put it in the larder in the bar area of my inn (The Three legged troll). Also there are free beds upstairs for people and public (enchanted grass) pens to leave your horses in before or after the rift, in case you don't make it back in time. I've not yet finished furnishing the place, but the beds are there at least. Wulfmaer and Vannin if he's there, have full access to stuff if anyone needs anything else.
  6. update

    @GwynI messaged you about thoughts we had for Esteron to p22 links. I'm working on o20 to the northern network. I have also done from o20 to p22 almost, @Vanninhas his bit to do before we put eyes on that stretch. I'm sure between us we could work a route out. We were thinking of going south from cashtal cabbyl market which will be our connection, then east over a 2 tile bridge (over the canal there), then to the mountain and south along it's base. So from Q23, west, NW along the mountain base to south of La Verna, then over the canal and north to Cashtal Cabbyl market.
  7. update

    Reached the crossroads in M20 tonight and started east. No big news but just posting updates. 😁 Once the road is ready and connected eyes will be going down quickly.
  8. update

    Half way up the northern stretch in n20 now, so despite my lack of time I'm making progress. 😀 Already spoken to Lumpy as his friend has a deed I'll connect to. I'll keep plugging away and get it done soon.... ish. 😉
  9. Nice updates. Will we be able to place items on other items any time soon? Mugs on tables for example.
  10. update

    Small update. Still waiting for Vannin to finish his bit. Naitey my alt has moved from the o20 tunnel and widened over the steppe into N20. Some diagonal slopes to fix where they are a bit wonky, then on into the deep forest.
  11. update

    O20 to P22 is widened with a new section as can be seen from the new dump. Just a rejig of the road to the bay in p22 to finish and@Vanninis on that. We will then drop the eyes and stones down. I have also widened and paved the tunnel in o20. While Vannin finishes his bit I'm starting north from o20 and linking to the north east highway that @LumpyGravybuilt. It might take me some time but the long term aim is after that we can start on the p22 to Esteron route. Slowly due to in game time but working on it.
  12. Good to hear. I have my own project, though not quite as ambitious, always interesting to see what others are up to. I will leave the highway construction to your deed, up to you though.
  13. How are you getting on with the project?
  14. Just spotted this post, I remember Lumpy from my Deli days and you always seemed a good guy to chat to in the channels. I've been chatting recently since your return as we are both working on Xanadu highways, no issues here for me. Ignore the idiots... they are just that.
  15. I have a cart pen with a 2x1 building at the back and a 2x3 pen area attached. I have one horse and prior a bison that loved to go stand in the corner wall of the building. My other pens with no buildings attached seem fine. They are all wooden ones though. I can't comment on wall based pens recently, as I don't have any animals in those atm.