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  1. Studded leather pants sold via PM
  2. #3 sent, 5 got snatched up, sorry about that.
  3. Selling 5 Rare items. I believe all items are mailable or we can arrange a pick up on indy. 5s each. 1) rare chain gauntlet, copper -- AosP 71 2) rare chain sleeve, iron -- AosP 81 3) rare sickle, iron 4) rare studded leather pants -- AosP 75 5) rare toolbelt, leather
  4. I'll take the last drake set for 85s. PM me here or in game to arrange a pickup
  5. I would like to get my deed and a new road I made added to the map. The deed name is: "Night Sky Weaponsmithing" and is at 33x, 51y right next to the highway. My new road is in blue on the image (yes, it turns that much) and runs from the highway to Gurubear's There's also a strech of road that hasn't existed in a while Thanks in advance
  6. I have seen this exact same bug and had the exact same results