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  1. I know this post is old but can you help me understand the solution here? I just don't know what you mean by "You need a guardtower" Thanks
  2. We are looking to use this map but seems that it's missing tree's and stuff? is there things missing from this map?
  3. Darwinia RP Server

    Come meet Mr ED LOL
  4. Can you PM me? I just came back tot he game and use to have a settlement to the east and need a place to settle to until I get things built back up. Plus using your vynora altar will help me as well to get more skills this place is also part of the Friends of Exodus alliance if any of you know who I can reach out too.
  5. I have not played in about 2 years and just recently thought I would check how things are going. I have 2 characters. 1 is a Vynora Priest and another I used for farming and mining. My farming is at 46ish because it's the affinity skill. I'm at work right now so i can't get or post my skills if needed but I basically want to get my Priest doing it's daily thing again and if possible I want to join a settlement with enough to do a sermon. My other character that has farming is not really a high fighter but I used it mainly for mining and farming and butchered the animals the guards killed and cooked meals and stuff that way. The area I am in and was is near x33 y9 and I'd like to find somewhere near that.
  6. character: "Healer" - Vynora - 45+ faith Location: Overlook 33x 9y Other characters listed under my profile name
  7. I can help convert or Preist you as well since i'm over 40 faith. I finally got my old characters started back up and they are now in exodus. Can be contacted on Voldemort or Healer character: "Healer" - Vynora - 43+ faith Location: Avrad Harbor 33x 8y http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/936/exodusmap2011121034.png
  8. I have two characters i need to move from Inde to Exodus. Please let me know price. if it sounds good then i'll want to do it as quick as possible. I'm currently at the Freedom Docks ( i think that is the name)
  9. I'm looking for the same. How it works is you must find a vynora preist.. they will need to be next to you and they click on you and do stuff.. you see a bunch of messages in your event window and after a minute or so you become a follower.. Then go pray ever 20 minutes 5 times a day once you hit 20 or so then go to wild server and beome a preist unless a preist with high enough faith can turn you into one.. if this needs corrected then please do so .. but going out of memory instead of looking it up on the wiki.