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  1. It should be as fast as packed dirt. Regarding depth. Normal paved roads don't have any special depth so it just a matter of creating a good texture with depth baked in. And it would be cool to have masked grass on it so it doesn't look empty but I think it isn't possible because it isn't happening when you pave corner next to grass tile. But maybe it is and just nobody thought about it? And surely it can be done as a cart version - dirt road.
  2. Please add new deed Holm's Hill at coords: 6447, -6318 Thank you
  3. I would like to see to be able to make dirt paths on grass. It would be super nice for scenery and looks. It could look like these:
  4. So what is that special about it apart from beeing a new land?
  5. I have a suggestion for creators. I think many people will agree with me that chairs we have now are not exactly fitting into the style of the game. They are too modern. Thats why I have a solution :-) they should change and get new looks more or less like those down here Stool might loook like this Normal chair like this and armchair like this:
  6. Is it possible to do a new dump, but do it a top view? I think it is easier to navigate and bo place will be nonvisible coz of high mountain. Im curently trying to do a more stylized fantasy looking map. When Im done I will show you. Maybe it will be better looking? We will see, you will judge.
  7. If we could do google styled map (colors and such) it would be much easier to read, and maybe we could do it as here http://sockmap.com:9000/?validate=9acc08f8-5c99-4cb7-b491-0b49e9d9abbe Map should be more detailed as deeds are close to each other. Thats my thoughts about it. Anyway, how is map dump created and why it is not top view?
  8. I read all the post and check other maps and Im thinking about doing a more detailed map (more zoom). So it could look more liek google maps and not as colorfull as dump map. Many deeds and raods are small and close to each other and without ingame coords it is sometimes hard to find a spot. I Can try to make a big new map as a base for adding all the deeds. Then we coould use ggogle mpas api to add all the info. Might be easier to do then adding in paint. What you guys think?
  9. I have a nice place at the shore. Very quiet with few very frindly and helping neighbours. I have deed for 3 weeks now, as I started the game just now but Im getting it organized. I have build house and started a farm. Will expand deed soon so it will be 18x18 tiles so there will be planty of space for building houses. If you are looking for nice ppl to play with you are welcome to join. My village is located North from Electric Mayhem and west from Istaria (26x, 36y).