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  1. Shuggy is a Nogump Killing Machine!

  2. Stabbed a guy with a belaying pin .. for the personal goals.. honest ^^

  3. It would take the 'sting' out of dying and perhaps the fright as well. Then you see that there's nothing wrong with dying +1
  4. As stated, I would very much like to see internal mine doors implemented. I see this as beneficial for several reasons, firstly being the ability to limit access to specific areas of your mine, to others. If you have an ultimate vein of 'something', I doubt you'd be pleased to see your noob cutting their mining teeth on it, so being able to limit access to these resources could be handy. It would also give us the ability to 'lock off' any special areas (ie use of those transmutation rod things) so it's not open to all and sundry. Also, if you have a mine on either side of a canal/tunnel, having a door to and from the canal/tunnel may be helpful. Perhaps they could decay with normal ticks so they wouldn't be up forever and a day, and like reinforcing walls, be able to be taken down by deed owner. Off deed, decay only until they're gone, unlike reinforcing walls which stay around forever. Thoughts?
  5. Grats Lithi thanks for the quests Guruen, that was all kinds of fun .. looking forward to the next round
  6. 500 cooked meat (small maul as weapon please) and 300 mortar tyvm
  7. Maybe a cheaper version of the Transmutation (or w'ever) rods?
  8. Free Wagons!

    I got one, fantastic service, quick and such a pretty wagon waiting for me to finish tyvm
  9. +1 have had to pass ownership to alt for this
  10. I killed a shark, that wasn't as bad as I thought :D

  11. Outside of puddling around on my deed, 1st big project was helping with a mine canal & colossus. Kept me out of mischief for a little while
  12. You sir, are an arse. I am a recent convert to Wurm and on the whole, have been thoroughly enjoying my experience. As I have only been playing a few months, I don't have any 'history' with the game, I cannot claim to have been here since beta and I do not have longevity as yet. What I do have, is an enthusiasm and enjoyment, for an interesting and challenging game and little patience for tantrums such as you have displayed. I cannot prove that you are the person who has been spamming GL lately, although there is ample implication on the forum, given that the link posted by the spammer is some "wurm macro hacker site" as stated in this topic (page 3) seems to answer a few questions. I cannot speak to your motive or to what you hoped to achieve. I can only speak from my own experience and this reeks of a teens tanty when his toys are taken away. I know tantrums, I have some teens and the arrogance of attacking so soon after a major update is disturbingly similar to the sense of entitlement my teens have, when denied something they want, purely because they want it. I know the game has had bugs in the past and will no doubt have bugs in the future. I have played various games for many years, from beta to release, some good, some bad, some indifferent. What has drawn me to this game, is the ability to play how I want to. If I want to build a fence, I will. If I want to help a neighbour level a hill, I will. If I want to stand in my boat, adrift at sea and lost in fog, wurm will make it so. There are many facets of this game that I enjoy, primarily the ability to be independant and mostly, the community. You have underestimated the Wurm Community, I think. Those that I have met have been exceedingly generous with their time and information, to help a newcomer into the game and progress. They didn't have to, some have been here since inception and I was very pleasantly surprised not to feel a jadedness that sometimes happens with longtime gamers. They have joked and cajoled, instructed and advised and given me a sense of friendship that is sometimes rare in these types of games. I came in with expectations of being used as a workhorse, purely to advance somebody else. That has rarely been the case for me and I count myself fortunate for it. I like many things about the game, the graphics, the mobs, the new crafting interface. I like that the Dev's get back with information, it may not be what everybody wants to hear, at least it's some form of communication that not all games have with their player base. I like that the chat is interesting and the game is going somewhere. I am not foolish enough to think that everyone will be happy with everything, nor am I jaded enough to think that your attempt to discredit and take a game off-line will empty Wurm of it's inhabitants. I was poking fun at the update last night so I am not innocent in all of this. My comments were mainly tongue-in-cheek about wandering horses and no offense was intended. Your attack, on the other hand, is offensiveness personified. In my opinion, you have not so subtly cut off some wurm addicts from their poison of choice and that will only serve to feed the addiction and have us returning with a vengeance. On the whole, the update was a rousing success and has caused much excitement within the Community. You denying us that experience, will have us checking for updates more frequently, logging into the forums often, patiently (and impatiently) waiting to get back to the game. That does not change the fact that you are an arse.
  13. See your Affinity

    Stone Chisel .. and rake