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  1. I h ave one at Happy Hippos, just west of Crystal Canal
  2. Please add my deed to the map, Deed name Happy Hippos
  3. This bug has been reported, And I am working with IPB to try and get this resolved ASAP.
  4. This should be fixed.. And it was not the service provider that is not letting you get the emails from us, It was your email host, blocking us. I have since resolved this issue, and waiting to see if any others are blocked.
  5. I am still trying to get these issues resolved. We are working with the IPB developers to try and pin point the cause of many of these issues. I understand that some of these problems are still on-going, but rest assure I have not given up and forgotten about them. They are my top priority and doing all I can to get the issues resolved. Daryl
  6. That is a security feature, due to the fact that your phone and your pc has 2 different IP's
  7. I am looking into these issues, And trying to calculate which is bugs due to the move/new server and which is due to the software update. If it is due to the forums update, I will contact the developers of IPB, If it is due to the move/server I will do all I can to resolve the issue. As far as the HTTPS issue, We just moved the forums to our own server, so give me a little bit of time to get this setup. Our prior host did not offer us HTTPS support. If you haven't noticed yet, wurmonline.com is already setup with HTTPS. And so, soon.. everything else will be setup as such. .
  8. I just did a cache cleanup on the forums to see if that helps with our issues.
  9. This is due to our forum host pushing out updates. I am looking more into the issue, but when it comes to our host being ever so nice to push updates without informing us, I fear there is not much I can do.
  10. No No No No No! They were mine! and they took them all!!!! Errrr ummmm yea.. about that.. THAT was my MILK you drank! HOW DARE YOU!!!!
  11. I am SOOO Mad right now!!! Enki ate all the double stuff chocolate chip cookies & Keenan drank all the milk AND chocolate milk! These 2 people should pay for their crimes! BAN THEM PLEASE... or make them pay for more cookies and milk!
  12. Tested this on Mobile FF with both Android (Galaxy S5) and Amazon Fire Phone. And on both phones I cannot recreate this issue. Being both as a guest and logged in. Everything seems to work with no issues. Anyone else having this issue?