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  1. WTS 80-90 QL Green Drake Set.

    Bump PM me your offers. I just might accept a reasonable offer
  2. WTS 80-90 QL Green Drake Set.

    No enchants. most pieces are 85-90 ql. Asking $100 USD. Paypal payments only. Must be verified. PM me on the forums if you want to purchase.

    Thank you, fast service and i'm pleased. Will recommend to others

    large maul, iron 75ql NIMB90 LT101 COC88 MS84 - 10s10c (+any demise for free) Animals Demise cod to Envyodb
  5. Easter Impalong

    Ill be there on Shindar, Can do BS
  6. Buletin Boards

    +1. Great idea!
  7. Update failed Meta-INF/Manifest.MF

    go into your wurm folder. Find the packs folder and open it up. Delete the graphics.jar file Go here and download that and place it in your packs folder. http://www.wurmonline.com/packs/graphics.jar open up wurm and login. Worked for me.
  8. Wood Scrap pathways

    20KG of wood scraps per tile. It would free up the amount of scraps we all have and add more decoration for pathways. Just an idear.
  9. WTS 90q Drake Armor (Sold please close)

    Bumppity bump bump
  10. Theres still unclaimed items at the impalong. If youre missing items or tools please contact Aum or Myself to get your items from the coffins
  11. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/92831-developer-qa-logs-18th-december-2013/