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  1. Sadly real life has turned for the worst and I must sell a few accounts. I'm the original owner and have never had any warnings or bans. Currently no premium. Pick up is c -14 Northern Cele coast. $100 USD must be paypal verified https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Envyodb https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Shindar Comes with rare longsword . rare pickaxe , rare carving knife.rare butchering knife,rare spindle,rare hammer impable supreme wooden shovel from an event ,spyglass, merchant contract. Due to real life im selling my characters. both have no warnings, non premium pick up North celebration c-14 . Must be paypal verified
  2. Bump PM me your offers. I just might accept a reasonable offer
  3. No enchants. most pieces are 85-90 ql. Asking $100 USD. Paypal payments only. Must be verified. PM me on the forums if you want to purchase.
  4. Thank you, fast service and i'm pleased. Will recommend to others