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  1. Sheep Panic!

    What are sheep for? he he he
  2. It shuld not stack just the better protection shuld be used. ----------- you forgot option 3 3. Fo priests can be instantly dispelled and hacked to pieces once melee combat begins. ----------
  3. They are grinding there whine making skill.
  4. Can I make my toon look like Tom Baker?
  5. Checking Riding

    Yea make it a spell so we can go around changing people in PVP
  6. HOTS if you like to fight for sure. (or elevation the main server) JK if you mostly want to avoid fighting. MR if you want to go where they need you.
  7. So it's an online game with about the cheepest rate out there. But they let you play it for free up to 20 skill so you can sample it. Do you get it now?
  8. [21:43:38] A Kuzym. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump.
  9. Considering the way this games gets developed it is probably wise that they decided to wait untill after release and debug to advertise.
  10. He needs a band of heros to come save the day.