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  1. Choice is out in the 2020s. Forced animations are also in.
  2. Your idea is nice enough and would probably work well but your purpose is anathema to everything I hold dear. I don't want wurm for the minecraft generation. I want a wurm I can continue to enjoy. That means both that I want a nice simple interface that doesnt hold my hand and just let me load in a deed planner schematic and drop some crates on my deed then just hit a single buttton until the entire thing is built (this is where I'm afraid things will lead to the way they're going. a small community of only those able to put in the effort, attention, and love to make wurm part fo their life and not just attract a bunch of short attention spanned, over-entitled, modern gamers who will come in, muck things about, alter our world forever, and then move on to the next game de jour in 3-6 months anyway. Trying to make wurm mainstream or turn it into a "big bucks" revenue stream is just going to destroy eveything sacred to the experience we have all been part fo for so long. Alas I suspect it is too late and my words will have no impact. The goal seems clearly set and the outcome is all but written in stone.
  3. Unsurprisngly, I do not like this. At first I thought I would be able to get used to it with the new window chrome (even if it is a bit too, as someone said, "modern" for me as well) but its really the menus and the text that drove me across the line. Please tell me its at least customizable and I don't have to waste pixel real estate on extra colored outlines and silly icons. All my screens are 1366x768 max so losing 20 pixels for non removable nonresizable window dressing detracts from usability. In general the whole thing just seems aimed to make it look like every other "modern" game out there. That saddens me. I won't bother asking for such, since choice is out in the 2020s, but if there were an option to continue using the old ui, I most certainly would. Its actually been one of my favorite interfaces for many years and I'll miss it when its pried out of my cold dead hands. The work is well done though even if I don't like/agree with the goals or whatever.
  4. If you have to figure out the answers to these questions in order to justify an idea you want to try in game the answer is it won't work. Trying to weedle your way through the wording of rules doesn't work when the people enforcing them can reword them to better demonstrate the spirit intended at a moment's notice. Especially in a game but really anywhere, if you have to argue about something in "court" then both sides have already lost.
  5. That's the whole point. No one is forcing anyone to use a wagoneer, you can always ride a wagon to a destionation. It's an optional feature made to save time. But I guess saving time is an ostracized philosophy in Wurm. They may not be forcing us to plot course or use the wagoneer but highways with the catseyes are already pretty forced on us and created a good bit of fuss for those who didnt want a freeway through their backyard vs people on either side who wanted to connect. Thats with road systems already being a pretty established thing. Imagine the mess and fuss of everyone trying to drop buoys all over the place near your shore cluttering up the view because they can't be bothered to navigate? I have to say no thanks. Its not something we can just choose not to be part of its a massive change to the world and landscape and we would all be stuck with it like it or not.
  6. I would think local and kchat would be the two most important places to stop them from speaking moreso than GL but unless its dynamic on what chat it mutes it probably needs to have them all. I'd think they should be able to /support and PM with staff but beyond that it could well be that someone is spazzing out in alliance or local just as much as it could be kchat. PMs to individuals matches up with /ignores but if someone is PM spamming everyone thats a good reason for the community to be able to stop them from carrying on with it makes sense to include. GL, CA, Trade or PM there is the whole issue that its not about votes across the entire cluster so people on cele can't do anything about someone abusing the chat from freedom kingdom but on chaos. Having some self policing is and has been good I think and the punishment of an hour of mute isn't really a big deal unless its getting done to you over and over. If anything it would be nice to revamp the system to better allow for the cross server channels for the times when no one is available to moderate and then limit the mute to that channel only.
  7. Please do. Or at least a subforum for denied suggestions. Also: in game text wiki was superior in every way animations should be able to be disabled the same as sounds or music keeping salt in your well actually DOES keep your meals from decaying as fast fountain pans were taken away to force people to go to the rifts because no one wanted to play on release
  8. Life is Feudal

    Hi I'm from the RMT police and we don't appreciate your jests sir.
  9. Its not even venerable yet in wurm years. How can it beold enough a thing for people to have forgotten about when its barely older than xanadu.
  10. So I can pester you about the in game wiki?
  11. I have a raft full of 100 flower pots for my gardening but I can't place even a single one much less a 7x7 on the top. Sad times.
  12. Does that mean the art changelog doesn't get updated either? How will we be able to figure out what year things were added 20 years from now when we need to settle arguments about which decade something happened in?