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  1. Personally I go slackware with e16 for wm which works pretty much seamlessly with the wurm right click menus for both game and OS. you can probably use any version of enlightenment on any linux though if that is the only part you care about. I run slack because slack is and always will be the best core philosophy distro, wurm just happens to run there with no issues because its a *nix.
  2. Thanks!

    Samool, I know I have been, at least at times, a harsh critic of some of the changes under your reign, but please know I have always respected and appreciated you, your professionalism, and your dedication to the game through all the hardships that come with the job. Kudos. I wish you nothing but the best in your health, happiness, and general good fortunes. I hope you'll always be able to love and enjoy Wurm. Be well. Keenan, Wurm is waiting...
  3. What if like I mentioned in the other post it was boat link of Epic and Defiance. Seems like no safe carebear loot allowed and more people to play with, or would that also spoil things?
  4. Board of Skilling (or Grinding)
  5. Well I haven't died while meditating recently, so pretty good. Yourself?
  6. Good point, but on further consideration, why not? Whats the harm of sharing a gold pool? Its not like it would introduce skill or item leaks into their respective "economies" to dilute or contend. If people wanted to trade coin between the clusters that way does it impose harm to the players on either side? The game company? It isn't like you cant trade SFI coin for NFI coin now you just have to go through a player with a presence on both sides instead of somehow conducting an exchange in an alternate dimension full of angry players with sticks and swords who want to rob you while you try.
  7. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but for the effort this would entail wouldn't it be better to just revamp the chatsystem entirely and allow arbitrary groups of people to form/join as many publicly-listed/private channels as they want without worrying about village, alliance, or even server/cluster?
  8. Thoughts on what it woudl be like if Defiance and Epic were linked for boat travel?
  9. you have wooden bins in scotland?
  10. Let's find out. ARCH CAN YOU HEAR ME?
  11. This should be extended by allowing a player to build out their deed in deedplanner then upload it to the token and with all the materials are in BSBs on deed the entire village should build itself as long as the player is logged in on the server ...
  12. I note that the conversation seems to keep coming back to what do freedomers bring BACK from going to epic. I'd have thought the question would more often spin off into what can we give players from freedom when they go to epic to encourage them to try it out. Its another world through a magical door where you can live and play without consequences or losses in the "real" world. This already does interest people. Then they arrive iun a new world with no goods, no tools, no friends, and no home, get bored/overwhelmed, and unless they're trying to complete personal goals and "Win the game" or are jsut trying to bank sleep bonus without having to find a bed... theyre gone again back to freedom to talk smack about how dead and pointless Epic is to help ensure it stays that way. So I ask rather than how can we exploit Epic for the betterment of Freedom characters, how can we make Epic more accessible and enjoyable for people who want to step away from the grind and the chores so they can go enjoy an afternoon of fantasy and fun and bring back stories to encourage others to do the same? (and without losing their prized fantastic purple dragon scale armor they like to flex in while fighting wildcats and hellhounds)
  13. I'm inclined to suggest titles that mock the small and insignificant nature of the protection and yet how it doesnt matter becasue you can now effectively tank a dragon with a woodscrap... Look Ma I can block with ANYTHING Driftwood Defender A Peel Man (peel being the wooden pizza scoop) Cutting Board Master Little Shield Big Man Woodscrap Warrior
  14. If I have to watch the launcher validating all these graphics files every time it updates they might as well be used for something +1 to fancy woods!