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  1. Wurm on

    Gonna have to go out of my way and sign in to forums to mention what a terrible, poorly thought out plan this is. First of all the ad copy is horrible, but someone else with an understanding of what you can do in the game (and basic grammar) could probably fix that. The choice of ad vendor, keywords, and target markets is also poorly considered but I won't even get into that.The real issue is what happens if through some miracle these ads actually brought in players. Recruitment is only one part of increasing user numbers. Retention is the better part of that. The new tutorial system may help some, but we need time to verify and possibly tweak that. Also the various performance issues (and especially the community sentiment around them) should be addressed before wasting our "one shot" at convincing most people to play. Limited runs of much more specifically targeted ads in order to bring in users and gather retention and conversion statistics could be useful as changes are made. Carpet bombing ads at the mainstream like this, at this time, could only serve to attract more people who would leave with a bad taste in their mouths and probably share that with friends. Negativity always travels farther than praise. -1 to letting this guy do anything that and -1 to a focus on advertising at all at this point. PS if you really want to do something to raise numbers skip the ads and go interact with people through some means, get to know them, and invite the ones who might actually enjoy the game to join. That way you bring in a select and targeted group through networking and "viral" interactions rather than tossing money at ads so that more bored 15 year olds come, drop things on obstreperous veteran's lawns and quit the game.
  2. DeedPlanner poll

    I think there are already plenty of flamewar posts out there about unity and its single threaded game loop, the performance hit from context switching virtual cores, and other general performance issues. I don't think it would be constructive or entertaining for us to hash that out again here though. In the end, without taking time to collect a bunch of data anything I say will be anecdotal, probably biased, and unlikely to change any minds. Even any data I provided would add nothing new to the larger debate that takes place outside of this forum by many people sharing both viewpoints. I *can* tell you that I own an awful lot of games and most times when I find one is running like trash it turns out to be related to mono. I've even tried running many of them on a copy of that filthy M$ OS with no improvement. In fact I can't think of a single Unity application that I am comfortable leaving running for extended periods of time when I'm AFK. I get that its easy but in my (unlikely to change) opinion its just bad. I hold it in similar disregard to any of the quickbuild scaffolding frameworks where you get to churn out products easily and quickly but become essentially tied to the bad decisions and inevitable workarounds of that framework. I'd rather see a new home made rendering engine based on lessons learned from this one and the experience gained since high school. (I'd actually be pretty excited to see what you came up with from the nerd standpoint even if nothing else.) </.02> /me picks up his soapbox and goes home. Regardless, many thanks for the fun tool. Even if I decide to stubbornly refuse to use the new one over religious differences (highly likely knowing me) I hope to continue to enjoy the current version for many years. (I don't actually have any use or need for a tool to plan a deed for Wurm as I can do that just fine in my head, but I find it an amazing standalone experience blending Wurm with the instant building satisfaction of say SL or Sims)
  3. DeedPlanner poll

    It took a minute to get used to and the cave height vs size thing could use a bit better explanation. Also it seems a little wonky about which is selected and which it modifies when first switching to height in a cave layer; I always toggle it once now to get it in the correct mode for sure. Once you sort it out the grid system is nice although the color stuff is not that clear. Maybe a man file or some tool tips? I couldn't find any docs and just had to sort it all out by trial and hilarious error. Once I did there is nothing I couldn't do with it and actually surprisingly easily. Terraforming could probably use some work on smoothing or distributing heights. I still don't get how the smooth height radio button is meant to work or if it even works at all. If it had an option to work similarly to flatten_border where it distributed corners that would be something we are already fairly used to. Better still to smooth along a long line of points or select and drag to distort a mesh in 3d or even in a 2d height map view. Its really easy to create blocky terraces and plateaus but it sometimes feels like to create any sort of flowing natural like terrain is more work than doing it in game. -1 for unity. Please no, ever, for anything. PLEASE? Really awesome tool though. I haven't cracked out on anything the way I did when I realized it wasn't just housecalc anymore. Oh and is there any reason I can't set my fps lower than 30? I don't even play the real game that high. It makes my keyboard all hot and I have to suspend the process whenever I alt-tab
  4. Buckeye Stables and General Store

    Super helpful and easy to work with. It was a pleasure doing business (even housed me when real life got in the way and I had to log out an hour from my place). I look forward to seeing the completed race track.