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  1. Skull Kingdom PvP is now open !

    I heard storys from Wolf... I also heard storys from a member in your village. I don't need any more proof or lies. I won't be joining your server and i urge anyone else not to.
  2. Skull Kingdom PvP is now open !

    Who are your GM's? Didnt Wolf find one of his GM's your family member or friend spawning random items in game??? ill give this a miss.
  3. TWL - Closing

    Yeh i played Jayy.
  4. TWL - Closing

    Anyone who is looking for a good pvp server.. this is the one to join. Ignore all the negative crap from people who have been banned for abusing and ignoring the rules. I've played many WU servers and can confirm this one is perfect. Also active GM who actually listens to their playerbase and removes idiots.
  5. TWL - Closing

    nobody cares... do one.
  6. TWL - Closing

    give it a rest dude. You were caught out... doing multiple things and now you have to pay the price.
  7. TWL - Closing

    Well "logic" admitted to using ESP? which isn't allowed.
  8. TWL - Closing

    Codiene was logic... not exactly rocket science. Take your crap elsewhere this servers better off without.
  9. TWL - Closing

    improved alot... good server for anyone wanting to pee v pee
  10. [PVP] Sklotopolis Dungeon - Round #1

    Its unlimited prays but every 20mins. You can get faith fast.
  11. [PVP] Sklotopolis Dungeon - Round #1

    Need more BL... nobody to fight
  12. [PVP] Sklotopolis Dungeon - Round #1

    Exactly!! Please can you atleast just turn them off for now!
  13. [PVP] Sklotopolis Dungeon - Round #1

    I agree.. I would soon rather see 10 people fighting with 50fs, 50ql weapons and armor then everyone running around in 99ql items.... but thats just my opinions. I updated feedback with my thoughts. Please can you stop supply depots they are ridiculous!!!
  14. [PVP] Sklotopolis Dungeon - Round #1

    My only critism of this concept is that i feel 1 month is to short. I think 2 maybe 3 months would be more ideal?