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  1. I feel like you said this without actually thinking about it. 12 hour raid window 😂
  2. I'm still confused as to why this wasn't done years ago. +1
  3. Well there's balancing... then there's buffing. I think you're confused.
  4. Building in the idea that gods could be open to all kingdoms... what are people’s thoughts on a potentially bold move, but removing kingdoms altogether. Moving towards a alliance/village setup?
  5. Jesus Christ I’ve heard it all! -1 Please stop with the dumb suggestions.
  6. If each safezone is the corner islands, one kingdom is getting shafted hard xD
  7. Release them at the same time! Please
  8. +1 I can't see a downside to this! People need to take a step back, remove their ego's, completely ridiculous negative opinions and actually thing about whats good for the future of this game! New PvP server please @Rolf
  9. Wurm needs a fresh start, otherwise it slowly dies with people who pretend they care about the game. I really don't buy into this idea, that just because you've played this game for so many years, and call yourself a "veteran player", that you actually have the success & future of this game in mind. Nobody is bigger then this game, it doesn't matter how much you paid for your account or how hard you grinded... Its the sort of over justification that kills games. Imagine being a brand new player to this game and knowing how much investment it would take to be where most of us are now... would you bother?