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  1. Eir

    I met Eir a long long time ago. I want to say late 2008 early 2009, maybe earlier. It was when JKH and Wild were the only servers. I was a noob who had maybe only been playing for a year or two. Some player had deeded over an area my non prem friend and I had been working on for a couple of months. The player had blocked off our mine with a house. This all happened over night. I decided to buy some premium so I could bash the house down and steal all our stuff back. Low and behold the reputation system teleported me to the BL on Wild and I had no idea how to get back. I spent a few weeks asking in Global if anyone had room for me, barely anyone would talk to me. Just as I was about to quit the game forever Eir PMed me and offered a place at Dark Citadel. It was only supposed to be temporary, but for the next few years, I stayed and followed her around wherever she went like a lost puppy. She was a huge part of my early and middle Wurm life and the reason I stuck to this wonderful gem of a game. I remember we always used to give her a hard time about her smoking habit, but it was all in good fun. She talked about her Lizard Son and her other son a lot. She was a very good person and will always have a special place in my heart. Rest in Peace, Eir. I'll be sure to erect a colossus of Lib in your honor someday.
  2. Seems like rifts just instead of making runes with the materials you charge fast-travel portals? Make the monsters similar to the ones from the rifts and it could easily fit into the lore. They come from Sol or Valrei, or something. Each portal has a limited number of uses and has to be recharged at a certain point which triggers the event. Maybe make it possible to fast travel to far places on the map so it adds some incentive to charge the portals? But don't add too many fast travel nodes or you cheapen other methods of travel.
  3. Does this mean PvP in boats will be less janky? It has been a long time since I have done any PvP in boats, but in the past, you could be right on top of someone and it would say you were too far away.
  4. As a player who has been HoTS for nearly 10 years ,I have to say that this is not the kingdom for noobs because of the lack of PvP restrictions and the lack of players in the kingdom. There is a rather pervasive lack of trust in new characters because of the sheer number of alts and spys that can crop up from time to time. And yes, there is definitely meta-gaming going on in Wurm, maybe not as much as some people say but enough of it to be a bit of a problem in my opinion. Anyways, I am going off topic. Because of the lack of trust, many veteran HoTS players don't wanna take the risk of letting in a noobie only to have their stuff stolen or their base infiltrated. This doesn't happen anywhere near as much as it used to, but hey, still a thing to look out for. And from my experience noobs tend to be a little more hostile than more veteran players because they still don't understand the difference between a venerable account and a character who has only been working on skills for a few months. Not to mention many of the people I play with don't take toxicity too kindly. The lack of trust and sometimes open hostility isn't the only reason it has been difficult as a new player in HoTS. Another reason is because of the low player base and therefore the prevalence of Valrei mobs that can be difficult even to strong chars, especially if they are lacking the knowledge to deal with them. Some more minor reasons would be that it is very difficult to harvest, botanize, and forage from tiles, trees, and bushes because you must have damage to absorb Mycelium. Sure this may not seem like a huge thing, but there is a 30 second cooldown between each absorb, that is a lot of downtime per tile to maybe not even find much of what you are looking for. We couldn't find white dotted flowers for the longest time on our home server to finish our temples and such. It also makes setting up a starter farm take that much longer. Anyways, healing covers are still important to some extent, but I will admit Mycelium does help negate their usefulness to us quite significantly. Domesticated animals are quite a bit more scarce because they don't spawn as commonly on Mycelium. Sure we can set up some grass and steppe areas but these often become overgrown with Myc eventually and/or take a lot of time and effort to create. I can't speak much on our spells because I don't know enough about them, but from the discussions I have had with well-versed priests our heal doesn't work half the time and when it does it is kinda negligible? On top of that zombies are weaker than they once were. But, I think I should say to take that bit with a grain of salt, as I said before I am not an expert on this. Someone more knowledgable can clarify. Sorry for the rant, didn't expect to type so much. TLDR; From my long term experience in Wurm HoTS has never been an easy kingdom to be a noob in due to many reasons, mainly the lack of PvP restrictions, meta-gaming, open hostility between some players (especially in the past), and some other minor grievances.
  5. This bug has been in the game for quite a long time. Basically when you are fighting an enemy and not in autofight mode if you focus while shield bashing or vice versa, it makes it impossible to shield bash until you break combat. Every time you try, whether by clicking or through keybind, you get the message "You are too busy."
  6. I can also confirm that Mycelium seems to be slowly disappearing from tiles. On Affliction under Lib influence and Tower range. It's also on a deed if that helps any. Edit: It should also be noted that Myc in buildings doesn't seem to be randomly disappearing like the myc outside of buildings.
  7. I have a severe wound that I am purposely keeping high for various reasons. For some reason the past few days it has been healing through a 10 power HC. I have had this wound for about three weeks and it has only just started doing this. Were HC's rebalanced or is this a bug? Or am I an idiot and I need a 9 power HC?
  8. The same thing happens to me, although this only seems to occur when I scroll too fast. If I do it slowly I have not noticed it duplicating.
  9. I did not play on test at all nor have I messed with configs much. It was working literally minutes before the server went down to apply the update and then suddenly wasn't when it came back up for both stable/unstable on my Desktop and laptop. The Enter keybinding did help, though.
  10. Not sure if this goes here, but whatever. When I press the enter key it is supposed to open up the ability to type into the chat bar. It doesn't do this ever since the 4.00 update. Both Unstable and Stable are broken in this regard.
  11. I have gone through high specs to the lowest specs reasonably possible and my frames don't change. I went from 30-60+ FPS on Unstable to 6- FPS no matter what I do. Specs: AMD FX-9370 CPU 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 280X 3GB VRAM. It does seem to be an AMD issue.
  12. B-but... It's 3:14 in the morning for me. Moon bathing it is, then!
  13. Same here. Tells me it is unable to launch the application. Plz, I just wanna chop down trees and make charcoal.