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  1. Yes it is down atm and is being looked into Server is now back online
  2. I believe you need a special client to use the preview one. You can use the normal test client which does have some of the new features in it.
  3. STILL?!?!?! XD I reported this before, it does it for all deer XD
  4. Open the skill tracker and select farming, set to all. Watch the skill tracker when doing the actions, if it flashes you got a tick that you cant see. That would be the best way to see if you are getting the skill gain still.
  5. Would need to make it so it can only be led while on the ground and not while embarked on a vehicle or other animal. That would be a neat thing to see added =D
  6. It felt a bit over sharpened, the character rending wasnt great, and the water effects were meh. All that being said MY GOD THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. Always loved the Unreal engine. The quake engine series wasn't too bad either.
  7. Sounds like fun! Here's my entry for the Screenshot giveaway! And this makes me cozy at night, a zombie over me as I sleep.
  8. Iirc Wurm 1.0 was 2012, and they used that as the date.
  9. There is a small place on Northern deliverance I will PM about to you. You'd only have me to your east, and one other person to your north. As for what to bring with you, any armor and weapons. Having food and a large barrel filled with water will also be good, until you find a water source Bring all your tools. If you really want to start new, just bring a pickaxe, shovel, chisel, and steel and flint. That will get you going in a completely fresh start.
  10. As much as I hate the cool down as well, I think its good to have balance wise. You get a bonus to spellcasting through faith bonus based on your alignment divided by 2. Having that as a bonus when you dont have a decent altar makes a huge difference. The skill gain bonuses as well are based on it, and I think the cooldown works fine to help balance that as well.
  11. sounds like youre looking at the "Fishing Pole" wiki page those are not craftable any more. Fishing rods are what replaced them This should help out It took me a bit to figure it out as well.
  12. Not an entrant. Since I didnt do the placing, I only took the SS
  13. Its all fun and games until some one slips and punctures them selves on a Sickle Fragment.
  14. All Skins that have been added(currently), do not change the shader coloring you get from the metal type =D so Id assume if they added more they wont either! Id love to see some of these skins made. They are kinda neat! A claymore might be kinda fun to add as a 2h sword as well xD