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  1. Is that in Potato years? I cant imagine a potato lasting 24 years.
  2. As the title states, I am in search of a single fragment of the Statue of Tich, Metal! Rare or Supreme. If there is a Fantastic, I would need to negotiate about the price. Send me a PM here on the forums if you have one you are willing to sell!
  3. boooooo ruining my fun! But I agree 100%! Id like to see an option to be able to mute certain sounds as well! A separate "Sound Effects" tab with check marks could work!
  4. I passed by them while they were pushing that! I was a returning newbie to the game at the time. I remember several of those involved, and have fond memories of them!
  5. Nicrolis! On the serious side, CONGRATS! I do not have a suggestion though o.o
  6. There are some old ones, and some newish ones here There are some from Jackal as well! Also can use any of the quotes in my signature!
  7. Okay. Im sorry you took that literally. I forgot that anything I say as a GM will be taken word for word. You need to be paying attention to the screen at which the game is on(wording for that part of the rule). This thread has run its course on the original question and I wont be arguing semantics. AND as I have stated before,
  8. "Make sure to attend your game session when performing actions" Not being at the desk, with the computer is not attending.
  9. 1. "Definition: A macro is any software/hardware that automates the sending of actions to the game server without user interaction and is not permitted." You are right! There has been some wording change and I mis-remembered the wording! In this case you are 100% correct. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The wording here says user interaction, which WOULD include voice commands! @validate 2. I never said 100% attention, I said more attention than staring at a tv and not looking at the screen. "you need to be attending this with more attention than just watching tv and not even looking at the screen." I used to use Wurm assistant with a timer that would start after it received the log that I finished a certain action, so that I could watch tv while fishing(before the fishing changes). After the timer ran it would make a noise so I could make sure to press the key again. I also had a specific sound for if my line snapped and I needed to replace it. 3. The problem comes is that just because there is a disconnect between the apps, by making a separate log file that another application reads, doesnt mean it isnt "automated" BUT you are correct in that it basically has the same outcome. The only difference here is that it is scanning the log files to change the macro. The "1uy2uy3uy4uy5uy" set up for automatically selecting the appropriate tool does need to be discussed further with the GM team. Let me do some testing on it real fast and I will edit this post with some more information depending on its outcome. Based on my testing: 1. The method of "1uy2uy3uy4uy5uy" IS NOT allowed unless you actually have 90 Mind Logic. The reason being that you WILL go over your action queue. " in order to fill your in game ACTION QUEUE " When doing this method the queues will go over the max action queue if the tool needed to imp is on 4 or 5, for most players. 2. When using the "1uy2uy3uy4uy5uy" method with out having 90 mind logic(and no delay), I was consistently running into times where the commands did not go through properly and the client would not receive the last 2 sets of imp and repair. The only way I was able to get it to work consistently was with a delay, which means it is still against the rules. "without any default, built-in, or added delay timings" TLDR: The "1uy2uy3uy4uy5uy", 'u' being improve and 'y' being repair, Is NOT allowed. While the voice commands ARE allowed since the wording is user interaction, provided the voice command follows the same rules as a macro key press. Note: These are based on direct interpretations of the CURRENT rules as of 21/9/2021. Changes can still be made, as technology changes and Wurm receives updates, things may be made clearer, tightened, or loosened. If you feel any thing said in this post is not correct, please send a Private Message to Enki via the forums.
  10. 1. I am in agreement with this. Just because a single program does not take care of all of the automation, does not mean that is not automation. 2. Yes and no, you are allowed to press in this form. But you do need to remember that we also state you need to be attending this with more attention than just watching tv and not even looking at the screen. 3. Sadly I do agree with this, it would not be allowed. I can bring this up with the GMs and see if this type of program could be allowed. My own feelings(which do not change the ruling) are that it should be allowed. Speaking is a form of physical interaction from my perspective. I do not believe we have set a precedent for this situation, although currently the rules do not allow it. I would try to be more specific with these, but any more information will need to be asked to the Head GM as I do not want to say anything about how our detection works.
  11. Unfortunately I have not spoken with the other GMs about that type of set up. I have heard of people using that in the past. I will see if I can get some clarification on that, and post here as well. My stance on the above post: If you have 90 mind logic it would be allowed, as that would allow for the 10 imp and repair actions. If you have 50 mind logic, you could do up to the 3rd toolbelt slot as that would be 6 actions.
  12. Exactly this. I for instance have my improve commands set on my mouse as: "1uyuyuy" u being imp and y being repair and 1 being first slot on toolbelt. I have the next button set up as: "2uyuyuy" and so on for the 5 different tools needed to imp. My action queue is currently 7 but at 8 I will be adding another uy to it since I will have the space for another full imp and repair to add. Each button press only queues up those actions once, and they do not repeat. Edit: On the topic of delays, some do not allow a "no delay" option. This is my opinion on the matter, but setting to anything below 100ms is okay. 100ms is 0.1 second and is instant. I will have a discussion with the other GMs and see what agreement we can make on what max delay is allowed.
  13. As the GM who handled this case I would like to state that I made requests for good faith. None of which were directives, which I clearly stated in my messages. Im sorry you felt that it was a punishment. I did make similar requests to the other party, and they complied with those as well. I wish things turned out better for you. I hope you have fun in any of your other endeavours, whether it be IRL or in a game! As the purpose of this thread has run it's course, I will be locking it. The original situation has been resolved.