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  1. For any one wondering. This is what I had to put up with on Jackal.
  2. Could you try going to the players folder, right click the player its not saving on, go to properties, and see if "read only" is checked? If it is uncheck it. That should fix it.
  3. I think it is fine as is. The +5 to your casts all the time is a huge thing. Im currently working my way up to 70 prayer as well. It does suck, but its also one of the easier skills, since you just do the one action over and over again.
  4. That GM Azul needs to be in the uncool area... I mean they could be the seriously uncool. But I guess it depends.
  5. Bumping, Bought Black Tome. Still need Libram of night and smoke from sol
  6. So I actually thought about that! The best way to explain it; Currently at rifts you have mycelium spawn as well(albeit small patches). When this happens and the rift closes, the mycelium usually clears up in a few days. The devs several years back actually nerfed the spread of mycelium and buffed grass taking over mycelium if it did not meet the requirements to exist. If its put in, and it turns out it exists far too long, maybe buff grass spreading a bit more agressively to mycelium.
  7. Id love to even see, just ornamental items. Like goblets, marble tables with inlaid gems, or just about any item being able to have gems applied for ascetics.
  8. What do you mean? The only way you'd be able to get it on your deed, with this suggestion, is if you as the mayor allowed it. Mycelium doesn't just spawn because of altar influence. It spawns with hots kingdom influence and with the global spell(which mycelium spawning from the spell is disabled on freedom).
  9. I have been saying this for YEARS! Also a note on the eating thing, if people are annoyed that it means a lib follower doesnt have to leave to eat... You just have to remember that it doesnt give CCFP. Pizzas and some other foods will fill that in the first bite, as well as giving affinities. Mycelium wont give either of those. It shouldnt either.
  10. Can you hit f11 while in game, then hit f1 to open the console? There should be a line at the bottom that should say something similar to [15:09:34] Saved screenshot to C:\Users\USERNAME\wurm\players\necrolis\screenshots\wurm.20200829.1509.png. That should show you where its being saved
  11. Looking for these 3 2 Sorcery items. Send me a pm ingame or on the forums with your price Black Tome Libram of the Night Smoke from Sol
  12. This should help; Make sure all the java processes are closed, go to your wurm install folder, then the packs folder and delete the graphics.jar file. Relaunch the client and it should redownload that pack. That should fix the issue.