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  1. Other options to get kindling as priest

    +1 to more forms! Grass kindling would be a nice one!
  2. Patch Notes

    first! dat long list o=
  3. Deliverance historical maps

    yes xD
  4. Deliverance historical maps

    I have one from 6/12/2016
  5. WTB 9k grapes at 3s per 1k

    Amount has been bought ty all who inquired
  6. WTB 9k grapes at 3s per 1k

    Please contact me via PM so we can arrange a time!
  7. WTS 36,900 Grapes

    I had to pull put of the purchase as I was late to the transaction. This seller did attempt to deliver and it was my mistake >.<
  8. WTS 36,900 Grapes

    Ill take all 9.4k
  9. Item placement model location bug/temp?fix

    I am still having issues with the scaling effecting the placing. Left side of the snow man you can see the tenon trying to be placed, and the "cobblestone" which is where the cursor is
  10. Archaeology statue suggestion

    +1 pheasants too! Im going to make a house in my caves and fill it with them!
  11. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    My first and best memory is working with Tich on the cooking system. She was amazingly kind and let me have a recipe of my own in game. I will always remember her with that A time I had a ticket on the test server for a "bug" which was my own mistake
  12. [Bug] Looks like a black light on Deliverence

    XD we used to get them all the time on chaos. I even sailed out to it a few times. Its actually beyond the map and inaccessible .
  13. master is correct You will not get extra gains. You will end at the cap of what the vein is but might not get a tick as the roll was higher than the cap of the vein. The suggestion to use veins under 40ql is a good one though. That way you are not wasting veins that will give you higher QL when you actually want it in the future.
  14. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Keenan ;D