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  1. if I were the majority share holder? Mycelium for all, specially you emoo
  2. +1 IF I CANT HAVE ON FREEDOM PLEASE GIVE ME THIS! ;_; Wasnt the whole thing of the rifts beams that they made mycelium at one point too??? Jackal should have it!
  3. Grats man! was a long time coming and you made it!
  4. its been like that for a LONG time if its still in game. I believe its not a bug, cant say for 100%, because it makes it so you still have to destroy the pavement to get rid of it instead of just digging it to rock.
  5. Im not sure this still works, but you used to be able to drop the dirt, pack it, pave it, then dig the dirt again and it would leave the paving.
  6. would be neat if you used jackal points for it, they make decent mounts. would be nice to have in the hilly area to my east on freedom
  7. +1 Id love some of the different kinds on freedom
  8. I think doubling on jackal is a bit too much. adding maybe 1 to the queue would be nice.
  9. yes, to be libila on chaos you need to be part of a black light kingdom.
  10. Thank you for continuing to update us on this keenan. Little sad I cant do more on jackal atm, BUT Im very happy for the transparency you are giving us!
  11. This is a very bad map since I cant log in to verify the locations of where things actually are. This is all based on memory. The green area has slopes that go up as you go outwards from the lake. same with the corruption. I will definetly do an update to this once the server is back online. And after i get my rowboat in sailing condition ill be out mapping more basically just rotate the map clockwise an eighth or so and its pretty close. still some things off on the starter deed side though.
  12. the person who contacted me actually brought that up xD We ended up with addy. Thanks for the info though, I had forgotten about that.
  13. That was it, for me, Samool ty.
  14. I have this issue as well. Every thing is set to core and on modern. The item is a blue scale jacket.
  15. Looking to buy a glimmersteel sickle. Please PM me with price!