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  1. Quick Summary: seems that rarity on bridles and saddles shows on some horses, but not on others. it seems to render perfectly on one type, but not on another. saddle sacks are appearing as saddle bags in the same manner.
  2. Fast work! Thanks for the quick response!
  3. actually the suggested item does give the .12 faith If the item did just reset then I agree with that
  4. With the changes caves are definetly alot darker to me. I need to have my glow item or a lantern to actually see. I also had issues on jackal seeing at night with out a light source as well. Fog+night on jackal was basically a death sentence unless you stopped where you were and didnt have too many mobs near by lol But thats only cause jackal had that sepia tone that it applied while in Jackal territory. As soon as I was back in freedom areas, I was like "I CAN SEE AGAIN!" Would be neat if they could some how implement a way to make nights darker depending on which moons are above at the time.
  5. As a Libila follower who wants to priest in the future, it is difficult to get any one for a sermon. This was mainly an issue for me on Jackal where I could only get to the cap of the gains a day, with out a reset or even the nice chunk from having listeners. No one wants to lose alignment unless they are lib. This would help out quite a bit for those who just cant get a sermon group or even listeners for one sermon. Only thing I think could change with it, maybe make it around 12-15s instead. The reason being, it is also taking away from the work of having to bring all the alts online as well as the initial creation as well.
  6. Utility spell for vyn, increase chance to catch bigger fish, or increases the size of fish caught up to 10-20%(not sure on a good balance spot)? Could draw more people back into fishing. For libila, maybe a spell that would increase the ql of items that are butchered? Not the success chance but the actual ql of the items produced?
  7. I think the amount to pay would need an increase, smaller servers wouldnt cost much to basically go anywhere. maybe around 1c per 200 tiles or so. Only other thing would be the auto travel speed. I think it should be slightly faster than a normal wagon or cart, but be slower than if you had geared 5 speeds attached. maybe speed should be around 23-25kmh? that could bring it in line with having non geared but fast horses. Those 2 points aside, I like the idea
  8. Id really love to see more variety added to follower bonuses, just like this. And since they are removing the player gods, Lib definitely needs more for their followers, since there's less options to choose from. It would be nice if we could get mycelium on deed only.
  9. Selling 25 rare frying pans. Buy as many or little as you please! Im asking 1s per Pan.
  10. Currently you cant remove the wood from the arches or T formed walls. This makes some weird looking instances Id like to see the ability to remove the wood parts added in as an option
  11. oh god, I cant wait to see my crates, all kinds of colors! XD Thanks!
  12. Just wanted to share some screenshots I hoarded from the shrimpalong 2 Happy yule goats Having a whale of a time Just a cozy knook Shrimpiie made And of course, the main walkway up to the impalong
  13. When using the dig_to_tile bind, you can move off the tile with the 100 stack, start and queue the actions, then move back on the tile with 100 items and it will go over 100 items. Interestingly it allows this for the whole queue of actions instead of just the first. dig_to_pile does a check at the beginning of the action that checks if the tile is "full", if so it puts it into inventory instead. If the check passes then it will drop to the tile. With this though, it tricks the check by using a different tile. Dig_to_pile is allowing more items than the cap, if you start the action queue on a different tile.