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  1. Whats the age of the hell horse?
  2. Thats a good question actually. I was disappointed I couldnt Light up my Libila Colossus with a glow rune either. Its on, but no glow
  3. [18:11:24] <Saintkoolaid> [20:10:04] <Saintkoolaid> Friend says "Look at my new shield. I painted it black." I see a black Large Metal Shield, but when she sends me a screenshot, it's this Confirmed using an alt, skin is not showing for other players. It will show for the player who has the item equipped though. It seems that if the player has it equipped before a player logs in(or is out of local), it will show as a normal LMS. If the player equips it AFTER the the other player is in their local, it will render properly. 3rd person view Alts view
  4. This seems to be similar to my issue a few years back. I was mining at water level and ran into the messages for open cave tiles on the corners of where I was mining. When I tried to reroute to open those tiles from head on it said they were too far above(crack in the floor message). I found there were no open tiles in that spot at all. GMs came and looked and could not mine the tiles either. Seems that every now and then tiles collapse and "remember" where the ceiling and floor levels were. this causes it to act like an open tile even though it is not.
  5. Those other situations, except the containers and inventory groups part(which might be a good thing to add too), have a message that it was atleast dropped or placed. The bank has no message what so ever.
  6. Currently when you put an item into the bank or pull it out of the bank, there are no messages of you dropping the item or putting it in the bank. No event message is displayed. This causes tracking items down to be a bit more difficult Suggestion, add a message when banking or removing items from the bank!
  7. guard shack that can house up to 2 guards? I think its a good idea.
  8. Send me a message in game or on the forums with your price
  9. Ive had many a heartattack from accidentally clicking "Disband Settlement" because I misclicked for "info". Can we please get the option moved to the bottom of the list or atleast get a confirmation menu to pop up when selecting Disband?
  10. Green drake blood to Nicrolis 1s?
  11. Ill help with some, wont be too much. Ill be able to get you a better quote soon(tm)
  12. If you have over 60kg of the moon metal, why not!