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  1. Congrats thats tough one to grind out! Atleast I know who to call when I need transmutation fluids!
  2. Current: Would a change to the Trade Chat Etiquette similar to this help? Thank you all for the feedback!
  3. Have you tried to set the window type option to Windowed Resizeable? I recently switched to a Nividia card and had to set that, otherwise I would crash on loadup.
  4. Are there more icons than just the Red and Green difficulty indicators for the mobs? If there is yellow, I am having a hard time discerning between that and green. >Im red green colorblind... Also seem to have an issue with the UI not updating the target window. Select window occasionally drops off as well and goes back to nothing selected.
  5. I will be on test in GM form, for the next 5-7 hours, to assist with anything needed!
  6. aw I thought that was a feature... ;_; oh well
  7. Ambient Occlusion is a hard hitter on some GPUs as well.
  8. For any one wondering. This is what I had to put up with on Jackal.
  9. Could you try going to the players folder, right click the player its not saving on, go to properties, and see if "read only" is checked? If it is uncheck it. That should fix it.
  10. I think it is fine as is. The +5 to your casts all the time is a huge thing. Im currently working my way up to 70 prayer as well. It does suck, but its also one of the easier skills, since you just do the one action over and over again.
  11. That GM Azul needs to be in the uncool area... I mean they could be the seriously uncool. But I guess it depends.
  12. Bumping, Bought Black Tome. Still need Libram of night and smoke from sol