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  1. Ive personally loved jackal. I started with a group I played with when Deliverance first was opened. I ended up over here with them and Lisabet's friends. We were so excited about finally getting moon metals in bountiful amount. It was fun playing around with moon metal for once instead of hoarding it. We ended up allying with Warlander's group, great decision Every one in that group has been AMAZING! I eventually priested up as a Libila priest and we moved to a spot a few locals away. Around that time we start have less and less people playing. Most of their reasoning was that the server wasnt permanent, or that they just didnt like having to start over. I can go into more detail but it would all just be kinda mundane. The biggest thing I have loved about jackal, was meeting and talking to people I NEVER would of met. I tend to stay at my deed on Deliverance and don't really interact with many people. Jackal changed that by making us all work together to progress quickly. Every one had their strengths and it helped make the alliances here flourish. It was amazing to see what Wurmians can do, when they work together with out trying to profit off each other. Yes I know there were those who tried, and might have succeeded in profit, but they arent here no mores.
  2. I like this idea. When I was grinding fishing Id periodically have to change spots because Id have a 3x3 of just 100 fish on each tile. Yes fish decay decently fast, but this will cut down on the amount of items in the world. Same reasoning for discard being added, higher ql takes longer to decay, so discarding helps get rid of those items that are just going to decay anyways.
  3. I am taking offers on these I do not have a set price for each! PM me in game or send a message here on the forums with your offer!
  4. I assume that the original tile was withing the 3x3 of Flowers on the right side?
  5. You just gave me another possibility on why so many people saw their tiles "disappear" around the same time... asking around to verify before I spout what I think it might be. Thanks moogien!
  6. Im checking some stuff with this. If you can, please check any special tiles you know of, and them pm me the following info. 1. which server you are on 2. what path the tile was for 3. when was the tile made 4. Is the tile special anymore(does it show the message after meditation)* 5. If anything within 10 tiles in each direction of the special tile has been modified in any way(like changing to a different tile type, terrain changes, buildings, trees, ect) *if it doesnt show the message, try it 4 more times and see if you get the message.
  7. Updated! Ty for pointing that out for us!
  8. I saw something about how the server didn't get the flag properly for it to get SB. You should be able to get it on the next restart of the server.
  9. Maybe a hint that Wurm is putting servers in Australia?
  10. I believe its due to the zombie model atm. When you use a yellow potion, atleast with the spectre model, all items equiped are put into a pile below your model. This does show to other people as well.
  11. o= I didnt even think about the dragon part xD my thinking was that it would only work on non aggressive mobs. Very good point.
  12. Id like to see it work like rebirth works. When you rebirth it puts the traits back that it had, not random. Rebirth uses favor and is temporary, but this would give more use to the trader item which uses silver. So youd have to be willing to use up more resources to make it semi permanent, till it dies again
  13. I really like this idea. There have been many times I have seen people who are sad they lost a particular animal that they have had for a really long time. Ive accidentally killed 1-2 of the animals I would of loved to have kept alive, I know others have too. If it brought them back at the age they died, or if ven brought back at old, I think it would be great =D Alot of wurmians are sentimental and I feel they would love this!
  14. Its when a wooden item changes wood types... sadly its a known bug. I found out about this bug when I was building a boat >_<