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  1. ED does need a tad bit more to it to make it a bit stronger. I think upping the LT would cause it to be unbalanced, so reworking the damage would be the best choice. I think this might help boost it to being a better enchant than it currently is Ill be experimenting more with ED at some point. Currently I can only see the best use case for it being if you over heal all the time with LT and dont want to bother with switching back and forth between an LT and a BT or other damage enchanted weapon. Even then, it doesn't really compare to the switching method overall for damage and healing.
  2. Player Xynex : generic resistance debuff is popping up when casting drain health. this may cause healing reistsance to not work?
  3. Can just check my signature to see my stance on this. =D
  4. Looks like you're using a custom font on your computer. Could be that the launcher is having issues rendering that font. I tried looking up how to force Java to not use the Font you have selected, but I couldn't find the fix. Maybe some one else has an idea on how to keep the font going for other things but disabled for Wurm/Java? Edit: Uninstalling and reinstalling the font could help, as well as clearing the cache in Java itself. Unsure if those will work, but it could.
  5. As a Devout Libila Follower, I disagree. >=D
  6. Check if you have terrain and tile detail set on higher settings on the Graphics section in your settings. Also check in your compatibility tab and if you have anything set to something that isnt "Core"
  7. ;_; I dont have an active windows copy anymore... Im stuck with the blue background. Thanks for reminding me of the things I cant have! ;D
  8. Step it up to Steppe! The difficulty of steppe is harder than grass, bush, and tree tiles There might be harder difficulty tiles, Ill have to check.
  9. it actually is a wurm issue I play pleanty of other games in which the screenshot button does not contain the overlay.
  10. With the implentation of the discord overlay, the overlay now shows in screenshots... Even with the hud off, it now ruins my screenshots of scenery ;_; Edit: Yes I know there's work arounds xD but still would like to not have to do that when ever I get a spur of the moment chance for a nice screenshot.
  11. Devs are aware now They are working on a fix.
  12. lol nope, was just added to have something else to react with
  13. Solemn(pve) and Exuberance/Exuberant(pvp)