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  1. Thanks for organizing, enjoy the spooky grey skies
  2. 62 faith here (only 50 channeling). I'm online in Euro tz
  3. I am hooting and hollering
  4. Butcher knife, Iron, 50coc - 50c Carving knife, Iron, 52coc - 50c Chisel, Iron, 57coc - 50c Grooming Brush, Oak, 50coc - 50c Leather knife, Iron, 51coc - 50c Rake, Iron, 51coc - 50c Sickle, Iron, 52coc - 50c Trowel, Iron, 52coc - 50c to Tekopp please
  5. On Hiatus

    30.39QL mallet, oak CoC54 - 67 copper ~1ql scissors, iron CoC59 - 87 copper ~1QL awl blade, iron CoC49 - 47 copper to Tekopp please
  6. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwlll [977, 1693]
  7. Melody was pretty crowded. And I realised that my personal challenge of settling in the middle of a desert meant a bit too much excitment in my daily life. Now I have an idylic little island just big enough for a one silver deed, and friendly neighbours.
  8. I'm weirdly disappointed, the Massively podcast was how I first learned about Wurm a decade ago. The site has struck me as being pretty positive to Wurm in the past. These posts reads to me like the author is going for a specific Bit.
  9. This certainly is a boat lovers map. Or will be, after some canal work. I don't think adding a new server is such a bad idea as most people seem to think, people are stacked pretty tight on the northern isles rn
  10. Great job, an impressive feat so early in the servers life
  11. Damn, these are some nice maps. What direction do we sail from Harmony to the new server?