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  1. The birds eyes views are lovely, and the server overview splash screens could be very helpful for newbies trying to select a server to settle on. Lovely to get a glimpse of Affliction again, gotta keep opsec
  2. I'm sorry, forgot to say COD to Kaffikopp Forum did not give me a notification on your reply Edit: thank you so much for the Scythe, love it! and your patience with my airheadedness
  3. Cadence Community Map

    New highway section w/ 2 bridges: 917, 1703 968, 1703 Bridge 1: 968, 1703 to 974, 1703 974, 1703 974, 1717 1028, 1717 Bridge 2: 1028, 1717 to 1040, 1717 1040, 1717 1067, 1717 1089, 1750 1089, 1794 1112, 1818 1112, 1846 1097, 1858 1097, 1883
  4. J11 Highway project

    The highway is now finished! Thank you so much to Marquisdecarabas for placing cateyes, and the impalong impers who improved my bridge planning tools.
  5. Hi, I'm Looking for an 85 QL iron scythe with 80+ LT and coc, pluss free nimble and animals demise
  6. Could you COD 1 thorn and 1 rose tenon, plus one of every peg you have at the moment, to Kaffikopp
  7. 80 QL stone chisel, pick, hatchet and shovel COD to Kaffikopp please
  8. awl blade, iron, ~21ql, 87coc - 0,5s mallet, oakenwood, ~15ql, 84coc - 0,50s COD to Kaffikopp please
  9. J11 Highway project

    Cheers. That's my morning, I'll try to catch them online Right, great time to deal with insomnia. I'll keep trying to catch you online, I'm in Europe.
  10. J11 Highway project

    Edit: With the help of Rayen I was able to plan the big bridge today, and have built half of it! I just wanted to update the community that it is now possible to cross the NW fjord at J11 with a cart Paving, more bridge building, cat eyes etc to follow Old post : I've been working on connecting the highway from K12 to J11 over the fjord. I need help with the planning of two bridges from someone with at least 78 masonry and planning tools. I want to build one arched stone bridge 18x2 tiles, and one arched marble 6x2. Please get in touch if you are able to help.