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  1. The main reason I never bothered getting bison for my wagon is that they can't swim, and I live on an island.
  2. Rift 25th of May

    Location spotted. Super easy terrain, most of it is flat-ish steppe. And there is a public mine with iron veins just to the south
  3. Rift 25th of May

    This is my view from K18/19, looking SW: K18 mountain on the left behind the olive tree, M16 mountain on the right. I'm guessing the rift is somewhere near N17
  4. Names in Wurm Steam

    The best X configuration is obviously xXx xXx_Ruzk_xXx
  5. My sentimental item I still use on my priest is a longsword I was gifted way back in ... must have been 2013 by a neightbour on Exodus. It still has a decent coc and flaming aura cast, it was QL 50 back then which seeemed incredibly high to me back when the starter weapon was a wet noodle. Unfortunatly the old creator tag has faded, and I don't remember their name. Thank you old neighbour, and for the cordage rope you made for my first sail boat.
  6. A couple of nice rares I've found searching through abandoned deeds: A brazier pillar, I waited months for the building it was hidden in to collapse, and a steel anvil with an interresting creator tag. Exploring Xanadu can be a lot of fun
  7. Names in Wurm Steam

    Registering account ksuR
  8. If the long term plan of the new steam servers is to eventually merge the lands with original Wurm, does that mean names on steam can not be duplicates of existing ones? Can I not be my own twin?
  9. clay shaper, oakenwood, 7 ql, 76 coc, 30 c spatula,pinewood, 21 ql, 72 coc, 30 c to Rusk please
  10. I like Horse Lake or Pumpkin Lake, or Center Lake. As for this lamb buisness I can't say I'm thrilled, I've been calling the island Twin Peaks to myself. ETA: I live on the island, if that carries any weight.
  11. pelt, QL100 BOTD82: 42c whetstone, QL100 BOTD82: 42c + spatula and clay shaper with 80+ cast To Rusk please
  12. I was wondering if you were still interested in rares, I have a handful
  13. I am coming with a priest and an imper, and would like a room please. Ronia: Nahjo priest, 74 channeling Rusk: Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Fine carpentry, cloth tailoring, masonry (stone cutting 60)