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  1. Sorry for running late on the updates, I've been very sick. Main page has been updated.
  2. Sorry folks, Been sick for a few weeks. I'll get the front page updated in the next day or so.
  3. Harassment and griefing is not allowed in the game. If you feel you are being harassed and bullied file a support ticket and get the GMs to look.
  4. I can do that. Pm me in game. IGN Lando
  5. Deal done, pleasure doing business with Griffith
  6. I'll take the 75 and 84 and 94 and 44 and 34ql leather for 30s
  7. I can give you our retail prices for that. Just message me and I'll look it up
  8. Sad day to hear about this gnome, let me know if I can help as a fellow trader.
  9. It's not against the rules to be a crook in game as far as I know. That being said, I'll never do business with the guy now.
  10. Accomplishing one goal leads to the next. If you have ever arrived you probably stopped moving.
  11. Fixed a mistake earlier this evening. Had Pristine, deli and release all resetting at the end of march rather than february, so corrected that mistake. Wasn't thinking clearly apparently earlier this month.
  12. 1 60c 2 60c 3 60c 22 1.10s 23 1.10s 32 50c 50 1.5s 51 1.5s