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  1. Impalongs are especially geared toward newer players. To expand on PandyLynn's response; Its ok if your skills are not up to imping, contributing can come in many forms, even simple things such as helping keep water barrels filled or forges hot is a huge help. Food is typically available once the event is in full swing, I usually pack some supplies just in case. Bring yourself and all your improvable gear (starter gear usually is not improvable). Above all, enjoy the company. I remember my very first impalong fondly. I felt a little out of place at first, but it passes quickly as you get the feel for what its all about. T
  2. Maybe you get one fantastic buzz from smoking bees?
  3. Waiting in line for Gumbo's famous DoND contestant selection. DoND setup and ready to roll.
  4. yea, don't see um nearly as much, but they are still around. There was one wandering around outside my deed about 2 weeks ago.
  5. Yeaaa, Now that ya'll talking about him, I remember Damine. Piece of work that guy. So many walking dead these days. Except for the few I know for sure are not, I just assume a recognized name from old is a reacquisition anymore. Heck a got a couple recycled toons myself. Anyway, WB Lumpy! T
  6. Ya know, In all this time I've never visited Glasshollow. What the heck, Put me down for Carp/FC and alt Gatwick for WS. Might I book a room as well?
  7. Tulvar and Gatwick would like a room if you would be so kind Sir Shrimpiie.
  8. Same (Tulvar)
  9. 5s
  10. Battery found, please close. Thanks T.
  11. I'll be there to help out with Carp and BS.
  12. sold, please close