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  1. Fixed! The cartographers were still quite seasick after the long journey, apparently.
  2. There have been reports coming in during the night of strange events occuring on one of the newly discovered islands to the north. Apparently the ground repeatedly shook with violent tremors and the wind seemed to whisper the words "unfair", "balance" and "coffee". As a result some of the lands seem to have shifted. What exactly are the gods up to?
  3. Constant Crashes

    I've been told that was a false trail, sorry. We're not quite sure what causes these yet
  4. Constant Crashes

    Are these JVM arguments you added yourself? If so might be worth removing those
  5. We're not entirely sure what might cause this yet, I sent out a fresh pack now just in case something went wrong when building the last one. Please post if it still happens after this update.
  6. Looks like something on your end is blocking all connection attempts made by the launcher if even the "simple" html news page fails to load. No other software running which might do this other than Windows Firewall, AVG, Avast, Comodo, etc? Do you have another machine you could test with?
  7. Quick pack update: Fixed some large planters not showing wood type Added wood types to Empty shelf, Amphora rack, Planter rack, Small crate, Large crate, Wagoner container, Bow/Weapons/Polearm rack, Fishing rod rack, Armour stand Patched holes in rose hedges
  8. By running the launcher with ./WurmLauncher -lowmem In time there will be a proper installer for linux which can create the different shortcuts as well.
  9. You can try updating your graphics driver, 417.01 is one of the first releases with support for the 2070 so a more current driver might give better results:
  10. Are your system's time and date set correctly?
  11. Try DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo | grep OpenGL in console, if this shows the discrete R7 card for "OpenGL renderer string" you might have some luck switching to it by running the wurm client with DRI_PRIME=1 javaws
  12. Halberd head and shovel should be fine now, hatchet head to follow
  13. Pumpkin turned into soup and replaced with regular version again
  14. Could you post console logs so we can see which java version and so on you're encountering this with?
  15. Could you post the contents of the console.playername.log which lives inside your wurm install folder?
  16. It's also worth upgrading to 396.54 for anyone on the 390 branch of the nvidia linux binary driver: "Fixed a resource leak introduced in the 390 series of drivers that could lead to reduced performance after starting and stopping several OpenGL and/or Vulkan applications."