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  1. Issues with AMD/ATI cards?

    Try DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo | grep OpenGL in console, if this shows the discrete R7 card for "OpenGL renderer string" you might have some luck switching to it by running the wurm client with DRI_PRIME=1 javaws
  2. Being worked on, thanks for the report!
  3. Valrei International. 077

    Certainly a juicy update!
  4. All bushes missing winter look when shriveled

    Will investigate, thanks
  5. Halberd head and shovel should be fine now, hatchet head to follow
  6. Pumpkin turned into soup and replaced with regular version again
  7. Evilness should be fixed now upon relog
  8. [Fixed] Launcher Scrolling

    Could you post console logs so we can see which java version and so on you're encountering this with?
  9. Issues with graphics using nvidia card

    Could you post the contents of the console.playername.log which lives inside your wurm install folder?
  10. Dying cloth Jacket and Sleeves

  11. It's also worth upgrading to 396.54 for anyone on the 390 branch of the nvidia linux binary driver: "Fixed a resource leak introduced in the 390 series of drivers that could lead to reduced performance after starting and stopping several OpenGL and/or Vulkan applications."
  12. Fixed with today's update
  13. Wurm and Nvidia Inspector?

    The new renderer uses deferred rendering which does not support "traditional" AA methods, so you likely won't have much luck with forcing them through Inspector. As Retrograde mentioned better post processing methods will be added in the future
  14. Weird Textures

    If you can, post a copy of your console.playername.log which lives inside your wurm install directory, then it's easier to see what might be going on.