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  1. Bears at a distance

    I made some changes to the LOD meshes today that might result in a fix for next update, are there any other creatures that have similar issues?
  2. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    Fixed equipped electrum chain coif Fixed electrum necklace for lower resolution settings Added additional terrain normal maps and tweaked specular values Fixed buff hover text for necklaces Pry action with crowbar no longer shows as a checkerboard on the select bar Stone bench now has an unfinished model Texture optimizations
  3. Valrei International. 063

    We've been experimenting with it some, support might come later
  4. Try this one: Also lowering texture settings some more should help.
  5. Installation window is too small?

    Hello Simply hitting enter might work, or try lowering your windows dpi/scale setting to 100% until the installer is dealt with, but that might require a restart to work. We'll be working on a real fix for this issue soon.
  6. You could try the preview client instead:
  7. You have 32 bit Java installed, if you are on a 64 bit Windows system uninstall it and get the Windows Offline (64-bit) Java installer from here:
  8. Drop > Place

    Placing does need GLSL, if you post your console.log when crashes happen we can possibly fix those and/or recommend some changes to settings to help improve your fps
  9. Cannot open launcher

    If the laptop has a 4k display it might be an issue with windows high dpi scaling, you can try typing "dpi" in the windows search thingy and setting scale to 100%, then up it again after the first time window is dealt with.
  10. Freeze on launch

    Try the AMDGPU-Pro driver instead, the Mesa driver can cause issues such as these
  11. FPS issues

    Try reducing Antialiasing under Advanced Graphics tab. Looks like you have it on 16x, a lower setting or disabling it completely should help a lot.
  12. Try going back to 387.34 if you didn't yet, I noticed some regressions in the 390 branch myself although no outright crashes. Fairly weird it ran fine after the upgrade then stopped though... Maybe check package manager logs which other packages got upgraded at the same time that could be at fault? What's the output of 'sysinfo' in the wurm console?
  13. [No bug] Blue hide armor dyeing

    The default look of the armour should be unchanged. Can you post a screenshot?
  14. Patch Notes 15/MAR/18

    Updated with today's graphic fix notes
  15. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    Plate and chain armour made from the new metal options will now show correctly when worn