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  1. As a workaround you can try disabling Ambient Occlusion (Post-Process tab) in the launcher settings before starting the client, then things should be fine. It does not play nice with the Mesa driver on at least some cards currently.
  2. It seems to be crashing when compiling the ambient occlusion shader, likely in combination with that specific Mesa driver version... turning it off in the settings should do as a workaround. As for the settings window not opening, you can also edit the config directly in: /data/USERNAME/steam-library/steamapps/common/Wurm Online/gamedata/configs/default/gamesettings.txt Setting "ao_level=0" might fix things.
  3. It would still be useful for seeing general system stats and settings and maybe it does manage to log something before the hang, have a look after restarting? Do village boards, lit braziers, the smoke from bee smokers or valrei items cause the same freezes?
  4. Could you post a console log please the next time you experience a crash which you think is related to particles?
  5. [13:20:31] Caused by: There is not enough space on the disk
  6. At least part of the issue appears to be that the new client does not support the Wayland window compositor yet which some distributions have started using. If you experience this crash it might be worth checking if your install does indeed use Wayland and switching back to Xorg, at least for now. Ubuntu offers a convenient way to do this at the login screen, other distros might be similar. image source:
  7. Client crash

    "WARNING: Unable to compile pixel shader (shader.hbao_blur.fragment)" This points towards Ambient Occlusion being the culprit, maybe disable that one and the modern renderer might run again
  8. A fix for this will go out with the next update!
  9. Ping is fine even during lag, no lost packets? I'd try using a wired connection if you're on wifi, just to rule out that part.
  10. Please let me know if this is also happening with creatures other than goblins.
  11. Fixed! The cartographers were still quite seasick after the long journey, apparently.
  12. There have been reports coming in during the night of strange events occuring on one of the newly discovered islands to the north. Apparently the ground repeatedly shook with violent tremors and the wind seemed to whisper the words "unfair", "balance" and "coffee". As a result some of the lands seem to have shifted. What exactly are the gods up to?
  13. Constant Crashes

    I've been told that was a false trail, sorry. We're not quite sure what causes these yet
  14. Constant Crashes

    Are these JVM arguments you added yourself? If so might be worth removing those