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  1. Quick pack update: Fixed some large planters not showing wood type Added wood types to Empty shelf, Amphora rack, Planter rack, Small crate, Large crate, Wagoner container, Bow/Weapons/Polearm rack, Fishing rod rack, Armour stand Patched holes in rose hedges
  2. By running the launcher with ./WurmLauncher -lowmem In time there will be a proper installer for linux which can create the different shortcuts as well.
  3. You can try updating your graphics driver, 417.01 is one of the first releases with support for the 2070 so a more current driver might give better results:
  4. Are your system's time and date set correctly?
  5. Try DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo | grep OpenGL in console, if this shows the discrete R7 card for "OpenGL renderer string" you might have some luck switching to it by running the wurm client with DRI_PRIME=1 javaws
  6. Halberd head and shovel should be fine now, hatchet head to follow
  7. Pumpkin turned into soup and replaced with regular version again
  8. Could you post console logs so we can see which java version and so on you're encountering this with?