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  1. Try reducing Antialiasing under Advanced Graphics tab. Looks like you have it on 16x, a lower setting or disabling it completely should help a lot.
  2. Try going back to 387.34 if you didn't yet, I noticed some regressions in the 390 branch myself although no outright crashes. Fairly weird it ran fine after the upgrade then stopped though... Maybe check package manager logs which other packages got upgraded at the same time that could be at fault? What's the output of 'sysinfo' in the wurm console?
  3. The default look of the armour should be unchanged. Can you post a screenshot?
  4. Updated with today's graphic fix notes
  5. Plate and chain armour made from the new metal options will now show correctly when worn
  6. Could you provide any more info on things like distro / window manager and possibly a console log? Not seeing this on linux
  7. Some client issue, other players will still see the shininess at least
  8. If you turn off Pretty Trees that's what happens basically
  9. Will be fixed with the next client update
  10. Y is up in the client, also make sure to freeze any transformations... use the FBX plugin for Max to export to FBX with 2013 profile selected then convert to dae with the standalone 2013.3 FBX converter and all should be well
  11. Try unchecking the experimental pack, window accessible with the gear icon next to the progress bar
  12. They do look nice together with the T-arches so we'll remove that limitation in one of the coming updates
  13. Fixed a few days ago, will not happen anymore next client update