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  1. Thanks! Fix will go out with the next update
  2. Fix will go out on tuesday, thanks!
  3. Switching to the proprietary nvidia driver in the "Pop Shop" driver section should be pretty straightforward, might be worth a try?
  4. Should be fixed as of today's update!
  5. Hello, welcome to Wurm! Disabling Ambient Occlusion in the launcher options (Post-Process tab) should help, AO doesn't play nice with some versions of the Mesa open source driver.
  6. Should be fixed now after a relog, sorry about that
  7. We've talked about these several times in the past and I personally would like to have this option. So it might happen at some point, no ETA though
  8. Thanks for reporting, it'll be fixed with the next update.
  9. Could someone post the location of one of these? Found one, will be fixed
  10. As a workaround you can try disabling Ambient Occlusion (Post-Process tab) in the launcher settings before starting the client, then things should be fine. It does not play nice with the Mesa driver on at least some cards currently.
  11. It seems to be crashing when compiling the ambient occlusion shader, likely in combination with that specific Mesa driver version... turning it off in the settings should do as a workaround. As for the settings window not opening, you can also edit the config directly in: /data/USERNAME/steam-library/steamapps/common/Wurm Online/gamedata/configs/default/gamesettings.txt Setting "ao_level=0" might fix things.
  12. It would still be useful for seeing general system stats and settings and maybe it does manage to log something before the hang, have a look after restarting? Do village boards, lit braziers, the smoke from bee smokers or valrei items cause the same freezes?
  13. Could you post a console log please the next time you experience a crash which you think is related to particles?
  14. [13:20:31] Caused by: There is not enough space on the disk