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  1. WTS rare large cart. Pinewood, QL50. Pick up north of Deli. PM or contact ingame. Asking 15s but open to offers.
  2. Huge sale. Updated our prices on Petawawa merchants. Dozen of merchants full, ready for you. About 800 items avail. Weapons, CoC tools, WoA tools, pelts, gems, horse gear, armor, etc. Well worth the visit. Many items CoC and/or WoA 99-102 priced at 2-3s Tons of items CoC and/or WoA 90+ at 80c-1.50s. Do not reply to this ad. Come visit. You wont regret it!
  3. WTS Black Drake set, No cap, QL90, aosp 80-100, 95s Contact prettykg in game...
  4. Steam is the way to go if planning on phasing out wurmonline... If not then the message should have link to future plans of Wurmonline... Hopefully we hear about Rolf's plans for Wurmonline... as for Wurmunlimited, it will/should attract new players to the game and should help improve it.
  5. Just had similar problem. 7 ppl, all prem. all on foot all within 3 tiles no align change priest giving sermon gained .09 that's not .02 per...
  6. I did get paid 3s total from Genocide as agreed. (not more as some may read) I err in doing business with this fellow. I thought he was after a 90+ cast. Which i cleary stated that if 90+ if would be 3s. i brought 50 sqr cloth and gave me more tries than i thought. I think 3s for 94 courier cast is fair. you guys decide...
  7. Edited main post with location. Sorry if i'm not a forum user...
  8. Asking 40S… 31 x 21 deed. 1.73s/month upkeep. 115 days left upkeep. 7.18s left in upkeep. n/w Deli. Pembroke 10x 3y Well lit, 30+ lamps ql50-70. Trader in own building. Many single 3 x 3 stone building (smitty, tailoring, shipyard, kitchen, warehouse). 3 gold altars. Vyn, Fo, Mag 30 tiles clay on edge of deed. Huge pile sand on deed. Guard tower west and east of deed. 400 farm tiles and about 100+ Egrass tiles. Easy access to Chaos, Indy, Xanadu. Many fsb, bsb, 80 ql loom, left behind. Some pic avail. If interested but not at 40s, post or pm your offer. Will sell to best offer before upkeep runs out. Contact Prettykg or jackbeau in game or post/pm here.
  9. Could use 1 villager - business partner. Hopefully someone that likes to farm and be a Fo priest battery. Contact Prettykg in game for details...
  10. WTS Mortar 4k, Garlic 10k, Brick 4k, Colossus brick 1500, Pumkin 2k, Cooked meat 5k, Favor in ql60ish cordage ropes, 10s Slate shingle 2k, and few more bulk stuff, running out of room to store it. Pick up only. Selling below avg prices to clear it out. Contact Prettykg or jackbeau ingame, Deliverance server, Petawawa 15x 4y
  11. We're still recruiting. If you're new and want to learn game and earn coins...we can help each other. PM prettykg in game for details.
  12. 10s, just cause i have spare rare jacket...