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  1. Everything was claimed by Jakeii
  2. Sorry but all items have been claimed.
  3. I think it is all mailable, I will leave the masks missing 1 piece so you can complete them for your own sig.
  4. Cambriaa you can have the Lib stat and have 24 hours to pick it up, Jakeii i will start combining and will have everything sent out soon. Thread can be closed
  5. I have just taken a 2 day break because Archaeology was just making me more and more angry and frustrated as each day passed and the higher my skill went. But it has not worked, I am still feeling angry and resentful towards wurm so i want to get rid of everything associated with Arch, So i can take a long break and hopefully i can look back on this BS as some sort of bad dream. Everything must go in 24 hours from this post, Anything left will be trashed or in the case of the Lib stat put on lava to be destroyed. Everything is free, Just have to pay the mail costs. I am expecting people to jump on this quicker than a free ######, so for this reason i will not be responding to any PM`s ingame regarding any of the items. First come first served, I will only respond to replies in this thread. If you want the items combined before sending please state so in your reply. Statue Fragments: 43 x Fo 8 x Libila 10 x Hell horse 28 x Mag 16 x Vyn 66 x Eagle 25 x Worg 105 x Drake Mask Fragments: 12 x Enlightened 10 x Shadow 14 x Ravager 16 x Pale 37 x Isles Other: 2 x Completed Mask of the Isles 1 x Completed Stat of Libila ( Pickup only on Exo i13/14, Shadow`s Blessing)
  6. This has been a difficult one to confirm but i think Unidentified fragments are resetting to Iron components when crossing server borders. I have been at the stage of getting steel components from unidentified fragments for awhile and have only recently noticed that when i identify the fragments i have brought back with me from Indy to Exo they are all the default of either Iron or crude items. The last batch of 2.5k fragments i went through, Not a single component was steel. In order to confirm this, I have gone back to Indy and i am investigating the same exact areas as last time but instead of crossing back to exo with them, I have been identifying them on Indy and i have been getting steel components again and this is from smaller batches of 100 fragments.
  7. The fatigue system is archaic and should be done away with, Wurm has not exactly got an abundance of players anymore and punishing the ones that are left is stupid. If someone wants to sit there grinding away on a skill 24/7 then so be it, It does not affect me or my playstyle. +1
  8. Information gained from Investigating contradicts itself. [12:52:47] You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, one of the settlements must have been called Grindavik. You make a rough estimate that the settlement was inhabited for about 9 years, 2 months. [12:53:29] You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, one of the settlements must have been called Grindavik. You make a rough estimate that the settlement was inhabited for about 8 years, 9 months.
  9. This is just a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face, If people want to put the effort in to get high skill then the results should match. If your worried about people holding a monopoly over the items you have nothing to worry about, No one wants the masks except for the Mask of the shadow and the stats are a blurry mess even on maxed settings and quite frankly not many are going to go through the annoyance of finding enough frags especially when out of every 1.2k you get maybe 2-4 God stat parts and maybe 10+ frags of the other stats at 91+ skill. I am a grinder by nature and i am already sick to the back teeth of this skill because after awhile it gets very repetitive, You soon realise that 3/4 of the Items the fragments turn into are useless, wooden items, Metal Items etc. Apart from the one good rune of the scavenger on weapons etc. So after uncovering say 100 fragments your barely left with maybe 30+ fragments that might be a useful statue and the rest can go in the trash.
  10. I am probably one of the very few idiots out there that has been consistently working on the skill since release ( 1 day collecting, 1 day processing, repeat). I gathered early on that the skill was not going to be a major factor in things and have just been collecting and processing through as many fragments as possible, No real grinding apart from the odd bit here and there, Yesterday i managed to finally finish up collecting enough parts for an Eagle stat after going through approx 21k fragments and hitting 89 skill in Arch and after all that i am still only halfway through collecting enough parts for the other stats apart from the worg which requires another 11 parts. The fail rate on finding any info on deeds is atrocious, Feels a lot like surface mining, Miss after miss then 2-3 hits in a row. Also the QL of the items found is frustrating, I am 89 skill now and since hitting 80 and going through atleast 8k of fragments, Not one of those fragments has been in the 80ql range, Highest Ql Fragments i have seen in my stacks is 76ql and even then it is maybe 1-2 out of every 100 found.
  11. I have quite a lot of statue fragments stored on an alt and they have not received any decay so far.
  12. As above i would like to buy a 90-100+ BotD Trowel, Ql not important.