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  1. Glass smithing

    Glass armor from Elder Scrolls was actually pretty nice stuff. I personally like the Morrowind version. +1 for glass, If anything, I think just throwing sand into a forge should smelt it down to glass, And have it use different skills depending on what your making with it.
  2. I would wrap it, and if neighbor is still playing in 1 year, I would give it back. If not, I got myself a new shinny toy.
  3. 3ql Pickaxe 100CoC!

  4. closed

    #1 - 2s #2 - 1s
  5. Add Jousting

    I would like to be able to joust people's horses. Would be fun. If people on horse back can joust, then people on the ground should be able to impale horses with their spear.
  6. I say Rolf should become a night owl. Because as soon as he goes to sleep it messes up.
  7. I'm sharpening my pitchfork and making high ql torches.
  8. really?! again?! deli down

    Deli isn't down. The login is.
  9. I wouldn't mind the new graphic so much, if they made the wood a bit smaller. and maybe added an X shaped in between. And making them darker would be nice as well.
  10. Major update coming in February. Not that many differences now though.
  11. SOLD

    Currently have a buyer interested in buying the lot, will probably be sold in next few days.
  12. SOLD

    All gems have been sold, Close this.
  13. Moved rarity drumrolls

    True, but the Template kingdoms are MR/JK