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  1. OK, dumb question: This is a Christmastime-only item, right? So if I want it I need to log in and craft a christma tree? Or is this a new permanent recipe?
  2. So how is the population on EPIC, one week in? Any increase?
  3. Soooo.... Played WURM for like ten years, with the occasional year-long break. Played EPIC since it first started. I liked the idea of being a mainly PVE-er who was tough enough to survive in a PVP environment. But then 'survival' on Epic got too easy, as there was simply no PVP, since there were no other players. I got really bored of playing by myself on an empty server. Pretty much anything that might bring more people to Epic is worth trying, as otherwise Epic is pretty pointless by now. So, here we are, a week later.... are the population levels in Epic any better?
  4. Is that what happens when you suck the egg? You spawn a Unique? Awesome....
  5. Seems like all the recipes I've found using vinegar all revolve around french fries. Guess I'd better plant more potatoes.
  6. I just made 2 barrels of white wine vinegar without intending to. Is it useful for anything?
  7. You all have good points here, and I have nothing to go off of than the vague wording in the wiki. When I have time I will attempt to run some experiments training up and equipping my local tower guards to see if the 'eternal life' theory is true or if they are truly fresh mobs every time they respawn.
  8. Right... that is a good point, and I had wondered about that. It is implied in the wikipedia text that tower guards keep their skills in between lives, with certain modifications. As in, a tower guard who has trained up to high FS and suffers a death loses a bit of FS but doesn't get reset back to the baseline 35-40 FS. I would think this also applies to death by aging? As in, they will lose only a bit of FS due to an aging death? Of course, their equipment will fall to the ground when they suffer an aging death, but I'm thinking this will not happen so often as to be burdensome for me to occasionally sweep up a pile of stuff, and hand it to the newly-reincarnated version of the guard.
  9. Hello, I'm in EPIC, in a PVP zone, and I have a deed with a guard tower on it. I am considering investing significant effort improving my local tower guards. This would be through both leading creatures to them to fight to get their fightskill up, as well as making equipment for them. Has anyone done this? Has it had a real effect on your security? Can tower guards be ramped up to the point where they're comparable to deed guards?
  10. Any updates on this topic? I am curious about this as well.
  11. I have another new dumb question: I recently somehow shrank my chat window (and all tabs) to a tiny thin horizontal line. How do I get it back so where I can use it? I tried dragging, clicking, double-clicking, closing and re-opening, etc. And I can't ask for help in-game, because I can't chat. Argh.
  12. I gotta say the people whining about rifts seem a bit pedantic. It's one of the more exciting, fresh, and innovative features of the game. Okay, so, how about implementing a rule that rifts will never occur within X tiles of a current deed or its perimeter.... that will keep your carefully terraformed garden safe. Beyond that, though... it's WURM. Come on. Where's your sense of adventure?
  13. Do you need to remain in the area and kill all the spawning guards? What happens if you start the timer and run away?