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  1. I have an existing house that sits very close to the rock layer and I am trying to expose the rock layer in a two-wide strip around it so I can surface-mine it down to create a trench around the house. I have found that in some areas I can dig right next to the house to expose the bare rock right up to the house, but in other areas I cannot. I get the message "the house is in the way." What gives there?
  2. Anything special about the fragment?
  3. So, I got my potted flowers, and the descriptions mentions something vague about "improving the mood of everyone who sees them." I thought this might mean they give a buff to nearby toons, but didn't see any icons to that effect. Anyone notice them having a function, or are they strictly decorative?
  4. Did that change since 2015? I seem to be able to re-cast courier on my turrets now.
  5. I am interested in the answers to these questions as well, esp. as refers to archery towers and turrets. Thanks.
  6. Hello. I'm on Chaos and am exploring the use of Turrets. I see this on the wurmpedia: Must be 10 tiles away from another turret. However it does appear I can load active turrets into a wagon and haul them around. Then I can unload them next to other turrets without any warnings or other negative messages. How does that work? If a turret is too close to another, both will appear to be working but simply won't fire when a PVP enemy comes around?
  7. Hello, I have been considering making a deed on Chaos. I want to protect it as well as possible. In perusing the settlement entry on the wiki, I saw this: "If the founding tile of the settlement has a house or fences, the token is moved to a random spot away from them. " So what if I build a 3x3 house with a hole in the middle, and place the token in the hole? (A "donut" house.) Will the token stay there, or will it be randomly displaced somewhere else on the deed? I guess my question is, when the wiki says ""has a house or fences," does that include if any edge of the tile has a house wall on it, even if the tile itself is outside of a house? Thanks.
  8. Erm… lol? Not where I was going at all with that. But OK. These changes would not necessarily 'encourage sitting' as you assert, it would encourage changes from standing to sitting and back. It would also make currently-cosmetic items in the game have some in-game usefulness, if even an extremely minor one. OK so cut those suggested bonuses by half or 2/3 if you think that's less "OP." Basically make it on the same level as affinity bonus / faith bonus / sleep bonus. And no, after over a decade of playing this game I don't beg devs. Cool it on the histrionics.
  9. It would be nice to have chairs etc. have some kind of minor, yet useful, function. Maybe something like: 5% boost to healing rate while sitting/reclining 2% boost to skillgain when crafting while sitting 6% boost to nutrition / satiation when eating while sitting 5% slower Sleeptime bonus use when sitting 1% increased chance of rares when crafting while sitting What do you think? Perhaps even do something similar to the settlement bonuses that get bigger the longer the settlement is continuously established. So the longer a chair sits in the same spot the more the bonuses are? Of course, a chair would have to sit in one place for several RL months for a noticeable increase in the bonuses. But that could be your "crafting corner" or whatever.
  10. I'm intrigued.
  11. OK, dumb question: This is a Christmastime-only item, right? So if I want it I need to log in and craft a christma tree? Or is this a new permanent recipe?
  12. So how is the population on EPIC, one week in? Any increase?
  13. Soooo.... Played WURM for like ten years, with the occasional year-long break. Played EPIC since it first started. I liked the idea of being a mainly PVE-er who was tough enough to survive in a PVP environment. But then 'survival' on Epic got too easy, as there was simply no PVP, since there were no other players. I got really bored of playing by myself on an empty server. Pretty much anything that might bring more people to Epic is worth trying, as otherwise Epic is pretty pointless by now. So, here we are, a week later.... are the population levels in Epic any better?