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  1. Permadeath on PvP servers.

    permadeath, teleport to freedom, death timers; I think Snoo said it best on discord, "We're all seeking the same end-goal here." I'd +1 any of these so +1.
  2. Hey all, I'm in the market for a new toon. As the title alludes to, I'm looking for an account with crafting skills that may or may not have fighting skills. PM me with any accounts you have to offer with skill dumps please! For reference, looking to spend ~300 USD. fair warning im not a fan of silly names!
  3. The letter K

    I don't think I'm seeing what you guys are seeing. . . It looks fine???
  4. [Close]WTS High Vyn / Fo Enchants (updated)

    Bought some concrete from this fine gentleman today! The crawling speed of my corbita in this evening's winds was no match for the amount of patience he had. +1
  5. Your proposed order seems to make more sense. +1
  6. 1361, 1532 - Rimstone Thanks!
  7. The Screenshots Thread

    Got some friends into Wurm Online this past week, and Enki dropped by to help one with a support ticket; left a good impression!
  8. Making Game Progression More Visual

    +1 even taking it a step further and having more sounds would be nice. If there were rock textures of increasing crackage to show how far along you were with tunneling or breaking a rock wall, it would be cool to hear a shambling of rocks sound each time the texture progressed to the next "stage". It would make the game feel more alive.
  9. Ruins and Reclaimation

    Love the overgrown roads idea, but there's a couple problems that might make it look funky (for the lack of a better word). What happens when the road is running through a desert, through mycelium (chaos/epic), and/or it's winter? Take those variables into consideration and the devs would have to include many more textures prevent things from looking out of place, along with detection of nearby tiles. It would be much easier if Wurm had a different system for texturing the ground, using masks or something of that sort, but as far as I know it just doesn't work like that. Though the idea is awesome in concept.
  10. Unlimited Server - Event - GoT Themed.

    For the next event, I would love to see some pictures/videos from the GM perspective (bird's eye view and such). Was a lot of fun!

    I've never seen a problem with these items. I don't understand why everyone is up in arms about it now. Renaming them and changing magic chest size seems alright if something absolutely needs to be changed. I'd be mostly worried with the value of these items changing too much if some other drastic change was made. Seems unfair to those that have bought/own them, especially after how long the staff has let them remain in the game.
  12. bind SPACE "toggle mouselook"

    @yarnevk Please go back and read my posts, I think you have me misunderstood. I never said ESO or similar first-person mmos need to run like Wurm does. I said that they do not have the amount of mouse-click interaction as Wurm. This sets them apart. I was making a comparison. You've missed my points completely and instead casted me off as an elitist. Your attitude is the one that is not warranted. Also, not to sound rude, but you're in the very small minority of people who play the game with this toggle. Making it the default on a WU server would only cause a greater amount of support issue from people trying to change it back. It wouldn't fix a thing.
  13. bind SPACE "toggle mouselook"

    Honestly, you only have to click the mouse whenever you want to turn your head in Wurm. You don't have to hold it down the entire time you're moving or looking straight ahead. It's not straining. This is FAR less clicking than any game close to an FPS. I would make the argument that you probably click MUCH more during activities in Wurm like smithing or panfilling. I apologize that you have carpal tunnel, but you also need to understand that from a development standpoint creating the game this way simply made sense. It's tiring to see people quit a game because they thought it should be one way when in reality it clearly shouldn't have. These are the kind of people who believe their opinion is truth and aren't open-minded enough to talk about it. That's not my elitism, that's their elitism. Obviously there are SOME instances where the mouse-look needs to be on a toggle (like yours') - but hey, there's an option for that! I DO NOT believe it should be the default. I agree that this option not being in the editor is silly, but it's also a very scarcely used binding. Perhaps they should make a special tab for the these in the editor.
  14. Really hope the game-masters aren't picking and choosing who to reimburse. I figured it would be easiest to come to the conclusion in situations like this where OP would be reimbursed. Even if it's not server lag, it's still a game-wide bug that severely damages the player and for no reason at all. It doesn't seem as though these situations happen very often. I don't see why the GMs wouldn't reimburse for this. It's simple quality of life. .. My priest penalty of not being able to dig is starting to look pretty good right now!