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  1. Genuinely, is there any reason that the 25% skill gain for POK has to stay? I really think ANY flat skill gain increase for POK is too strong in general (for both pve & pvp). With the new treasure maps and future exploration update (pt 2), POK bonuses at level 11 instead be changed over to those, like % increased chance to find treasure maps and or % increased benefits from the deity holy sites. I feel like this would at least stay somewhat true to the "lore" of the path being knowledge and keep all the paths unique. I think flat increases to skill gain should be accessible to everyone regardless of their path choice and could be implemented in the future some other way.
  2. OP mentioned that they'll be rebalanced and reintroduced in the future, so don't lose hope on that. I truly welcome the change. After resubbing one of my toons just a few days ago following a year-long hiatus, this is the kind of thing that will keep me subbed. Small steps in the right direction IMO.
  3. They didn't move anyone else's characters over to NFI, so I don't see why they would move yours', sorry to say. All of the individuals playing on NFI made new characters. You can always portal from Epic over to SFI.
  4. Warrior was able to throw together a really nice enchanted whetstone for me on the fly. Nice price too! Highly recommend his services.
  5. Same issue here. Only crashing on my client that relogged since the helms were given out, but it also happens to be my only client logged into Defiance.
  6. It is the most upsetting that the optimal way to grind praying is to not be a priest on either PvE/PvP and spam pray at sub 1 faith. That, at the very least, needs to be changed.
  7. slings

    lead lumps for poison damage and make 50 title Slinger, obviously.
  8. Really looking forward to these PvP changes! Thanks devs!
  9. I agree with the points about priests feeling strong right now, which may change over time due to body stats increasing. I also know that as body stats increase, so will priests' channeling skill. Do they perfectly cancel out? I don't know. I hope shield bashing interruption and the tangleweave changes go live most of all, as I feel they'll make combatting priests feel somewhat better. Just throwing it out there: If they removed the flat CR bonuses to lib & mag and added something else, would we see more Fo and Vyn battle priests? Does the CR bonus matter that much?
  10. This stinks! I was trying to get through the last of my sleep bonus before the 10 hour gift. Hope these two hours don't go down the drain... (Edit: Looks like things are working again! )
  11. If crafters spend less time on regears, they can spend more time skilling other skills that are arguably better for characteristics. Tying it to the skill title would be great, but if it takes more time to implement by the devs, I'd rather wait for that change and roll with this one.
  12. I agree with loot destruction similar to EVE Online's system. The number can be tweaked, but in the long run it will increase the value of gear. If there is loot destruction, I think PVP/PVE cross economy would be beneficial, but 1) battlecamps / treasure chests should start dropping some coin to offset the loot destruction (remove foraging/botanizing/selling for coin from pvp server, make chests/battlecamps pull from nearest kingdom coffers?) 2) make PVP the only source/better source of moonmetal. That way PVPers can buy from the dedicated crafters on PVE and their pockets won't hurt so dang much.
  13. Thanks! @Brash_Endeavors Changing my DNS server worked.
  14. Same boat trying to log in to Defiance