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  1. Maybe only on PVE? I feel this wouldn't be a wise change for PVP in Wurm, because if someone isn't wearing a helmet and you're trying to end 'em - you swing for the head.
  2. Wow! Wish I had been home from work! You ride right past Manik and I's deed, Axiom, at 1:29:45. Magranon's Rest is a beaut. Glad you got to see the tiny edge of Wurm we call home!
  3. I certainly would think this would add to the immersion of the game. Local interactions would feel better. Less time staring at the local tab .. and more time watching a player pull you around in their cart, keeping those newbie eyes on the road and learning landmarks. Agreeing here with what Wilczan said about focusing on the environment. In addition to an on/off toggle, maybe a default option so that if there are 20+? toons in local then chat bubbles turn off automatically and turn back on when the player count conditions are met. +1
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    I'm not sure I've ever played an MMO where you couldn't purchase an advantage or PtW .. The definition of free to play has changed over the years. Depending on how you define it, Wurm Online is F2P. Path of Exile is a great game, however ... VERY early on into gameplay Path of Exile players will find out they're hindered by their lack of "bank" space, and must pay real currency in order to have larger storage. It may not seem like it at first, but it certainly is an advantage as hoarding good items/currencies to sell in the game is one of the fastest ways to progress in end-game. Imagine playing Wurm with nothing but a large cart and needing to pay for more space .. no type of item is "too large" for the default banking space in Path of Exile compared to a large cart, but you get the idea. Warframe is also a great game, but you can buy the majority of rare crafting materials off the platinum (in-game premium currency) store. Advantage. Not to mention the trading of platinum for end-game blueprints you'd typically have to grind for. Platinum = WO silver. Most (as I can't speak for all) of the other games on the Steam F2P list have some sort of premium or pay for an advantage option. Albion, Crossout, War Thunder, World of Warships, etc, ALL have premium or premium-like services for paying players. Googling "Free to play MMO" doesn't help too much either. I've never played Neverwinter or StarTrek Online, but everything from TERA, to Runescape, to EVE Online ALL have premium or pay-for-advantage services. As far as I know there are two major ways to monetize an MMO; 1) Buying outright with no in-game monetization .. Guild Wars 1 was a good example, but even Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft (not classic.. yet?) have headed toward a pay-for-advantage direction. 2) F2P with in-game monetization aka paying for an advantage. … and of course many games have a hybridization of the two types such as Black Desert. Just my 0.02 Edit: I also want to add that I think games in general are pretty fairly priced. I'll continue paying for these products because I enjoy them. Only meant to share my experiences with these other games to quell any potential for misinformation!
  5. permadeath, teleport to freedom, death timers; I think Snoo said it best on discord, "We're all seeking the same end-goal here." I'd +1 any of these so +1.
  6. Hey all, I'm in the market for a new toon. As the title alludes to, I'm looking for an account with crafting skills that may or may not have fighting skills. PM me with any accounts you have to offer with skill dumps please! For reference, looking to spend ~300 USD. fair warning im not a fan of silly names!
  7. I don't think I'm seeing what you guys are seeing. . . It looks fine???
  8. Bought some concrete from this fine gentleman today! The crawling speed of my corbita in this evening's winds was no match for the amount of patience he had. +1
  9. Your proposed order seems to make more sense. +1
  10. Got some friends into Wurm Online this past week, and Enki dropped by to help one with a support ticket; left a good impression!
  11. +1 even taking it a step further and having more sounds would be nice. If there were rock textures of increasing crackage to show how far along you were with tunneling or breaking a rock wall, it would be cool to hear a shambling of rocks sound each time the texture progressed to the next "stage". It would make the game feel more alive.
  12. Love the overgrown roads idea, but there's a couple problems that might make it look funky (for the lack of a better word). What happens when the road is running through a desert, through mycelium (chaos/epic), and/or it's winter? Take those variables into consideration and the devs would have to include many more textures prevent things from looking out of place, along with detection of nearby tiles. It would be much easier if Wurm had a different system for texturing the ground, using masks or something of that sort, but as far as I know it just doesn't work like that. Though the idea is awesome in concept.
  13. For the next event, I would love to see some pictures/videos from the GM perspective (bird's eye view and such). Was a lot of fun!